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Busy, Busy, Busy!
At the haul out over the weekend and got a picture up of Billy changing zincs on the shaft. He and Dickerson have powerwashed and painted the bottom and waxed the hull this week. CAT came by and cleaned the aftercooler and adjusted the valves and the Billies changed out the risers that had started to leak at the end of last summer.
Busy. Busy, Busy!!!!
And we have been busy booking trips too. The weather broke and the phone started screaming!! We did have a cancellation - Sunday, June 27...our only weekend day in June so call me! 252-473-1097. Tight Lines!

Hey Everybody!
So things are starting to happen around Tuna Fever land. Billy brought the boat home (well, over to Buddy's house) last weekend and he and Dickerson and our friend Bert (many of you may remember Bert he worked as our mate many years ago) have been having their way with her.
Maxwell sanded all the latex paint off the inside and is prepping for a nice coat of multi-spec and while that was going on the boys sanded down all the trim and applied clear coast of resin which Billy thinks is the bomb. We also have some new electronics coming for this season and Maxwell is very excited about that.
Update on trips: As I keep good logs and tallys of trips I am gonna say that we are only off about 5 days at this time from last year - not too bad at all. April is still looking good if you would like some early tuna and we also have weekends available. May, on the other hand, is filling up fast...the 2nd and the 9th (Mother's Day) are our only weekends and weekdays are few and far between...maybe everyone knows something I don't.  We have the 1st and 2nd and the 28th and 29th of June still available.  July and the rest of the summer is pretty much go as you please right now. October is starting to fill up so call us, especially if you need a weekend.
I hope everyone is starting to thaw (it was freezing again here today!). Jon Cash says it'll be in the 70's on the Outer Banks this weekend. Phew! I didn't think we would make it through:-) Tight Lines!