Archived Reports

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Checking in - it was 55 degrees here today! I could harly believe it and its due to rain again tomorrow but I saw an osprey fly over the house yesterday and thats a sure sign of spring!!
Kate and Billy have spent this most glorious afternoon at boating safety class so that Kate can get certified by the State. Looks like you folks that are young enough may be fishing with a new Capt Maxwell when the time comes but the chances of finding a mate named Kate as well are pretty slim!
Maxwell went down to the Miami boat show last week to check it out and meet a couple folks on the 57 (I put a couple new photos up in the gallery) and Kate and I had a great couple of days eating junk and riding horses. Billy always cooks and he keeps us pretty healthy.
Trips are coming in pretty steady for the coming season. Not a bad evaluator of the economy - people still gotta fish. We have a couple weekend days in April and May but booked on the "ends" the whole month of June. Early July is still good for nice yellowfin so if you need a weekend let us know and I will hook you up!
Hope everyone has dug out of the recent snows - I got some serious photos from a bunch of fishing people with big shovels! Stay in touch and Tight Lines!