Archived Reports

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Its going to blow the dickins (who says that?) around here again tomorrow so Billy brought the Tuna Fever home today. Actually he brought her down to our old home in Manteo and plugged her right it. She'll be safe and sound there and BC can see her from his kitchen window.
I have a lot of pictures to get up on the site as soon as I get a few minutes or a couple hours of peace and quiet so check out in gallery in the coming weeks. You may see yourself. Other than that we are meeting Billy's bro and family in sunny but freezing FLA on Wednesday for a couple days and then its back to get ready for Christmas!
Maxwell and Dickerson have both gone to work for Carolina Yachts again this winter after a short foray into the woods for some hunting. You gotta love those boys...they spend more time together than a married couple and hardly ever quarrel.
We wish you a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year and I will check back in when I heard some fishing stories or good gossip.
Tight Lines and Many Thanks!