Archived Reports

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Better fishing today after the blow - at least Billy was in the right place at the right time! So we were booked today with Dave Morris and his beautiful lettle girl Brittny but the forecast was bad so John and the boys hung out from yesterday to see if they could make it - they are a bunch of vikings and even though it was blowing 20 to 25 out of the northwest when they got up this morning they went fishing anyway! And it was good to them.
Maxwell says he may be a highliner today starting out on the 400 line in about 70 degree water and not much to it so the fleet headed north and Tom Krauss hit em on the 500 line - the Billies hit em on the 790 and the 530 and that was a good thing! The Tom hit em a little north of that and Maxwell hit em again on the tip of the Point about 786 and 547 then it was a big WHAM on the 785 and 615 where the boys got their biggest fish of the day a 45 to 50 pounder! In the end there were 10 yellowfin in the box and you gotta love that!! Tight Lines!

Kevin and his crew made it out today even though it blew a gale yesterday (go figure). Anyway the boys had a great time out in the blue even though fishing was a little slow - Maxwell turned em on to some blackfin and a couple yellowfin - they even sent home a piece for Kate and I which makes me love them very much! Yummy! Oh, I totally forgot - HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Kate and I drove up to Va Beach and had a nice luch with Billys parents today and Billy is going to have an unconventional steak tonight. Oh know he would rather be fishing than even go to Owens! She's gonna blow again tomorrow so hang on to your hats! Tight Lines!

We are off today - Maxwell had the typical list of honey dos - and he set off this morning to get some coffee and just got back at 11:30! What up with that but you know I love him too much to complain - anyway I am the CONTRACTOR I should be able to do my own honey dos right? Anyway, the Billies are back out in the blue tomorrow and booked all week - Saturday we had a cancellation so if you are up to it call us at home 252-473-1097 or email the weather is looking kind so I should have some news even on Thanksgiving! Tight Lines!

Hit or miss for the fleet today and I can't quite remember what Billy said he caught (truth be told I completely forgot to do the report this week and it is now Sunday morning and I am trying to catch up. hehe) I knw thats bad but all week its been winners or losers and Maxwell has pretty much felt like a loser. I don't think he is one but I just shut up sometimes and listen for my name. So if memory serves Chris and the boys caught some blackfin and a few yellowfin and I think they had a good time doing it. Tight Lines!

Slower on the fishing today but there were yellowfin to be had. Some of the boats hit em good and Barry Sawyer even caught a limit today (woowee) but Maxwell didn't land on just the right spot and the bite was over early. Regarless Jay and his gang had a blast and were happy to be beck - we missed you guys! Congrats go out to Steve Wilson from Hollywood Maryland on his amazing angling abilities - a sailfish fought to clean release (you don't hear that a lot in November) and to the whole crew on their 7 yellowfin in the box - the Billies fished the whole day between the 280 and the 310 - 125 to 180 fathoms. Tight Lines!

Better fishing - closer to home! Woooweee! The crew from Conbraco had a good one - I think Maxwell said 14 yellowfin in the box (could have been 17) and not a blackfin to be found. Now thats what I'm talkin' about!! Other than that I have no deets for you but stand by - the weather is going to hold for a while. Tight Lines!

Considering that the boys met Art and his crew at the dock this morning with the idea that it may have been too rough to go I think the crew had a good day. Lots of action at the Point today - lots of blackfin and lots of throwbacks but fishing is fishing and Art and the boys got to bend the pole! In the end there were 15 nice blackfin in the box - no yellowfin today. Tight Lines!

The boys spread out a bit this morning to fish a swath across the Point. Mid way acroos the bay there was a beautiful 76 degree break  and inside in 40 fathoms there was a 74 degree break. Peck, Maxwell and Swain fished in the hot while Brynner and Uncle Haywood fished the cold side, Ned set out on the 420 and fished in 76 degrees - and a big nada is what they found! Can you believe it??!! Tony was the highliner - setting out south and fishing the 280...when Creature and the boys found the bite on the 230 rock Tony picked up and ran a bit for an early morning limit of blackfin and an early run home! Lucky Tony!! Anyway, the rest of the crew picked up and ran - including the Tuna fever - Pete took a nap while the boys ran about 33 miles and picked off the last of the bite - it was totally bait oriented and once the bait was gone in 40 fathoms the fish were gone too. In the end there were 10 balcfin and one wahoo for Mike and his crew today. Tomorrow it is meant to blow a little and the forecast looks pretty good for the next few days after that. We had a cancellation for the 27th - Thanksgiving Saturday if anyone thinks they are lucky eough to find the fish - hehe. Tight Lines! 

It is blowing again today so Mike Webb and the crew are taking a day off. Good News!!! The south wind overnight has shoved the change in over the 100 and conditions (at least the sat shot) are looking very good for tomorrow. maybe we will get out of this blended water rut we were in! Will see tomorrow. Tight Lines!

7 fat blackfin and a bunch of throwbacks. So Mike Webb and his boys got some action today and Maxwell called at 7 this morning - still has service running the beach just south of Buxton. He was chipper this morning but a bear tonight - poor conditions and you know it is just not fair. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel ( lets hope it is not a train) the wind is going to blow up tonight which stinks because seas are already huge in Va Beach and we won't be fishing in the morning but that south wind may blow in some good conditions and maybe up here near Oregon Inlet and not out of bounds in Hatteras country! Cross your fingers (and toes!) Tight Lines!

Finally Fishing!!!! WOOOOWEEEE!!!
Ron Whaley and his crew made it out this morning after rescheduling from a blow out last week. Actually it is been about 9 days since anyone fished and what the boys found was not too pretty. The water had blended out up north - maybe green over blue but the fleet opted to run down the beach and out of bounds to a 77 degree break on the SST map. Maxwell says that with all that northeast wind the "sand" off the beach has stirred up and pushed out offshore - sounds too far fetched to be literally sand to me but I didn't get a chance to have him explain so we will go with an interperative description for now! Anyway, today they found the birds in that collapsing finger of water which turned out to be a bad thing because they were very aggressive Gannetts and they were hell bent on eating Ron's baits up!! Not sure if the crew actually hooked any or not. They stayed with the water until it went green and fished north dragging a couple planers for a bite in the thermocline - up around the 746 and 230 they caught a fat blackfin - 28 pounds!! Congrats go out to Matthew Whaley because that by God is a citation catch! And then they actually caught a fat bluefish on the 818 and 320 - never heard of that before but I'll go with it. hehe. Anyway, that was it and the Billies where heros of the fleet! Urgh! So they are heading back out tomorrow and we'll see what hapopens they - Maxwell is convinved things will be different - I have my fingers crossed! Tight Lines! 

Just checking in - again - so you will know we are still here and still care:-) I am freezing and Billy is bored and so it is on a blowy day in November. Not sure when this is going to break - small craft through Saturday and we are cancelled across the boards till then (for now). 
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And Tight Lines of course!

It was a great day on the water for the fleet today! The yellowfin are definately (finally) around and the highliner today was Dave Swain on the High Return who picked off a limit!!
The Billies had a crew from new River Electric and it was a rough one - but they had some good action. Maxwell started out on the 800 and 680 where a finger of wather in the 74 degree range was closing out fast in a quick current. Billy says it was pretty cool to watch  and they kicked off the morning hooking a wham of gaffers - and put 6 in the box after untangling everything then there were two fat big eye which they fought for about 40 minutes - losing both. Urgh. In the meantime Swain was catching yellowfin. hehe. They also went 4 for 10 on wahoo - two citations...congrats to George Wood on his 43 pounder and to Jerey Settle on his 44 pounder - NICE! Fat Wahoo..mmmm. Anyway the rest of the day was a steady pick at yellowfin - 6 in the box and one blackfin as well. Many Thanks to Terry who had big compliments on the Tuna Fever and much love goes out to John Swim who retired this year - we missed you!!
We are booked out for the next couple days due to weather but we are open Monday and Tuesday - after that there is not much (the Billies are even booked on Thanksgiving!) Heres the open days.. 15, 22, 28, 29 and 30 Tight Lines!

Lucky Wednesday - the boys finally got out!!! Billy has spend the last several days rebuilding some reels and hunting (of course) and today the seas fell out enough for Ron Mattox and the boys to hit the Stream. Actually they ping ponged around all over the place. There were yellowfin all over - troyuble is they would pop up and bite then disappear....which means there were some excellent catches in the fleet and some no so excellent catches in the fleet. Maxwell chased the bite here and there and back over here and then out there and then back there and over...well, you get the picture. In the end the Billies pulled out a great catch - at least as far as Ron and the boys were concerned - 10 yellowfin and I think 6 or 7 blackfins; yes, the blackfin are still hanging around. Yummy!!!!
So there is life in the ocean after all! The crews are headed out tomorrow and then guess what - yep the wind is coming back and it is going to be nasty till maybe Monday. We have cancelled Friday right through Sunday and have Monday and Tuesday open next week. I will update you on the weather as we go. Tight Lines!