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Thar she blows! Urgh!

Monday! Monday! One thing I can say for Steve Sorenson and his crew is that they are salty! It was rough as a cob today and the wind and seas forced the boys to fish south were there wasn't a whole lot of anything going on. Maxwell figures the fish had moved up to the 800 lineish area but the seas would have made it almost impossible to get home. As it was they fought 7 to 8 footers all day (no match for the Tuna Fever!) and came up with a decent catch - 7 blackfin and 3 yellowfin for the boys.
Looks like this wind will get worse before it gets better so standby! Tight Lines!

I'm back!!! The fair was great - I ate deep fried butter on a stick (just kidding but Kate did eat chocolate covered bacon yuck!)
Fishing has been OFF THE HOOK while I was gone - Thursday right on through except Saturday which was kinda slower. I am going to go back and update each day in the morning but for you crazed fishing report maniacs this has been a little taste:-) Yellowfins too....standby!

Updated report for you...Steve Sorenson and his crew had their first of five today and the ocean was teaming with life! Maxwell says there were manta rays all over the place and whales too. Cool! The boys started out on the 630 and picked off one here one there for a while. The southwest corner of the Point was full of ducky sharks so even though there was a bite there, there wasn't any point in fighting sharks for fish so it was off to the 610. The pack of boats today was a might bit smaller than yesterday but not by much. And everytime there was a good bite going on the pack moved in. The super cool news of the day came around the 785 and the 606 where the Country Girl hooked into what they thought was a manta ray but turned out to be a 200 pound big eye! A private outboard also landed one that tipped the scales at 110. Allan's fish is the first big eye caught by a member of the fleet since May (El Nino stinks) but Maxwell is heading out tomorrow to catch one...I always though the old timers said big eye bite every other day so I would think Tuesday might be better but Billy says iots going to be a lay day - too rough. Anyway, in the end Steve and his crew had a nice catch of fat blackfin and 3 beautiful yellowfin in the box. The change is moving at a record pace... 1 mile an hour so the Tuna Fever will start out a little bhind it in the morning hoping the fish haven't quite caught up. Tight Lines!

A beautiful Saturday and you know what that means...Maxwell says there were about 75 to 80- boats on the spot where he caught his tuna yesterday and there was a little mix up with Boomers crew this morning - a couple of the boys ended up looking for the Tuna Fever at Pirate's Cove and the boys got out of the inlet about an hour behind the pack. No worries though...the Billies shall prevail! After picking off two blackfin on yesterday's spot Maxwell just had to get away from the pack so he and Boomer decided to head off up to the 610 and when Dickerson pulled out the planers he made miracles happen Baby!! 15 fat Blackfin by lunchtime and the crowd moved right in so the Tuna Fever eased on off again to the north. This time they hooked a mako (about 110 pounds) on one of the blackfin they were fighting and maxwell says that fish was a monster - she rolled everytime Dickerson got the leader and about beat him to death when he gaffed her. In the end she won - got off the gaff (not a death shot obviously) and got the blackfin too! But the crew caught about 10 more smaller blackfin for a nice day and the biggest fish went to the US Marine Corps on this trip...urah!! Tight Lines!

Friday Friday Friday!! Bob Sciabica and his boys made it down and many thanks for the extra effort!! The good news today was a change making up around the Point and a fat eddy east of the Inlet - where to go with so many choices?? hehehe. Given the number of boats that ran east the Billies took Bob and the crew to the 400 line and found nothing but a bunch of baby bluefins (kinda cool anyway) so they picked up and ran north in the rough for 2 blackfin on te 580. The color changed crossed at the 590 sdo the crew paddywhacked back and forth between the 590 and the 620 where they picked off a fine catch...a 30 pound wahoo about 20 blackfin and 8 nice yellowfin between 11:30 am and time to go home at 2:30 pm. Maxwell says thanks to all who got in the pit and worked the baits like pros!! Tight Lines!

Fishing was great today for Mike Fleck and his crew! The boys started out on the 400 looking for the birds and slicks of yesterday and didn't find much but after a few boats spread out the Full Draw hit some birds to the east and the hunt was on. Heres where it gets good...
Billy wants to send some big love out to Laz who has got the best eyes in the crew...that dude found the birds before Maxwell twice and so Maxwell put him behind the wheel! You see there was a ton of current (I am talking trolling at 12 to 17 knots!!!) and each time they found the birds they got whammed but sent way out of position while fighting so the Billies reloaded while Laz ran the Tuna Fever for the birds again. Pretty Cool huh?
In the end they crew picked out 14 yellowfin...lemme say that one again YELLOWFIN and 4 fat blackfin. They also got in a mess of fat oceanic bonitas..neat. After the fish finally went down the Tuna Fever fished up with the current to the 783 and 590 where they found about a dozen pilot whales and picked up for home. Tight Lines!

Slow fishing for Dave LaPrade and his crew today. Who woulda thought. I am not even sure what they caught but got the jist that there wasn't a lot of action on the blackfin and the crew fished north and saw some serious signs of life but no yellowfin either. Some good news...Overnight last night a nice eddy formed I think on the 600 and the longlines had an excellent catch of yellowfin and some big eye. Now they have been out three nights and hadn't caught enough to "feed a cat" but they got smiled on overnight. What does that mean for us?? Good news, Baby! There is some action and maybe the fish are just out farther to the east than we thought.
Kate and I are off to the Fair tomorrow and then to Wilmington to see friends so there will not be a report until Sunday...Billy will write it doen for me and I will catch it up on Monday morning for ya! Tight Lines!

Excellent blackfin fishing again today and slow on the yellowfin...where are those critters? Billy always harumphs and says "highly migratory species" well thats probably it in a nutshell. Anyway, Jan Dunham and his crew came home with plenty of meat and had steady action down below. Most of the blackfin were on the 1250 rocks right on the 400 line and after they had enough of those the boys fished up looking for the yellowfin - they caught one right on the 467 in 115 fathoms. And thats all she wrote! Tight Lines!

Okay first a shout out to Robert McCullough who is green with envy and thinks we don't work for a living. I can say that I don';t actually until someone comes along that wants to build a house BUT, Robert, I want to see you manage to live with a man who can't hardly even talk when he doesn't catch enough fish for his people and comes in with take out food riding the "limit" high ocassionally when fishing is good. Actually I will settle for seeing you live with a man and just dealing with that. HEEEEHAAAA. We love you buddy and I am sorry you have to have a real job but you know by the time the governement finishes going through the small businesses in this country there will probably be a lot of slips available in Oregon Inlet and you can buy the boat we have half completed out in the barn and start your own charter business. That offer stands for everyone else too you know.
Okay - so Billy wrote down the fishing report which I am having trouble reading this morning but it looks like the water pushed out overnight so the boys started out on the 400 in 150 fathoms and found some slicks and birds. From 7:40 to 9:10 Ed Gooding and his crew wholloped the blackfin and caught keepers (good sized ones too) right through 11 AM. About that time they ran up the road to look for yellowfin. In the current on the 460 they got a surprize and Steven Brown fought a blue one to clean release...Congrats Steve!!! Maxwell says he was just a baby about 100!. By that time Tony on the Carolinian had caught some yellowfin pups and Pelican picked off two keepers but Billy and the rest of the boats that ran up didn't see much on the yellowfin.
I am wondering where the whales too huh? I will ask Maxwell whats up with the whales when I see him tomorrow night. Hey the boys also saw a white one cutting today. Neat. back in the blue tomrrow! Tight Lines!

You said its my birthday! Da da da da da da...okay enough of that. The Tuna Fever fished today from a nice finger of 72 to 70 degree change right along the 680 all the way to the 400 line. Now there were some signs up north...birds and slicks and such but no yellowfin (yet) and there were no signs down below but there were some fat (for a blackfin) blackfin. David Morris and his crew had a nice catch plus two dolphin and a citation for Gregory Wheeler at 21 pounds!! Woooweee. Booked for the rest of the month and the weather looks good for the rest of the week. Fingers are still crossed! Tight Lines!

You know I love writing this report..I even got called a "blogger" the other day as in "Oh yeah, you're that Tuna Fever Blogger" somehow I don't think it was meant as a compliment but I took it that way anyway:-)
And sometimes I get a chance to turn the floor over to someone who actually went on the charter and thats what we got today. The Billies had a make up and Robert and all his new friends enjoyed a lot of blackfin action and 4 yellowfin picked off on the 690 (They started on the 400!). The group even made sushi for the Billies and they loved it!! Heres what Robert had to say...
Today was one of the best charters I have ever been on. From the time the first line hit the water to the time the Billy said it was time to quit. It was nice to be on a charter were they encouraged the patrons to get involved in everything from rigging the baits to helping get the fish in the boat. I would definitely encourage anyone and everyone to definitely check the availability of the Tuna Fever for there charter if they want the experience of a life time.
Thanks for everything
Robert Stanton
Charlotte NC     
She'll be blowing for the next few days so hang onto your hats!! Tight Lines!

Slower fishing on the blackfins today - but bigger fish so not so many throwbacks. My mother would have said thats 6 in one hand and a half dozen in the other - I say bring on some fat red meat!! Many thenks to John Lee and his crew for fishing today - the Billies have a couple days off this week - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday unless you want to go fishing and get Maxwell out of my hair...just a thought! Tight Lines!

Great blackfin fishing today for jared and his boys. They had a blast and a good catch too - plus lots of throwback releases. One yellowfin today and three was a highliner. See what happens tomorrow..fingers and toes, baby! fingers and toes! Tight Lines!

They Came. They Saw. They Caught - YELLOWFIN!!!
Finally!! Maxwell says they are scouts but that means the pack is on the way and not a day too late either! Dick Martin and his boys spent the whole day on the Point and had action all day long. In the end there were plenty of blackfin throwbacks - about 15 - but 2 18 pounders in the box. Then the yellowfin 10 of 'em and they ranged from BLTs up to 35 pounders. One big fat wahoo at 55 pounds (WOW) and one lone dolphin!!! Maxwell says the fish were moving in from the east all day - nice.
We still have next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday available so if they are in fact coming this way fishing should be great! Tight Lines!

Better fishing today but still no yellowfin. Billy says they will show up somewhere eventually - I sure hope he is right!
Anyway, a limit of dolphin for Mitch and his boys today and 3 18 pounder and a couple little guys. Tight Lines!

Many Thanks to Chris and David and the rest of Bert's crew for fishing today. You know I am always honest except when I tell you I think...because I didn't listen to what my husband said when I asked him what he caught and tonight I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen so It would go in one ear and...well, you know...and I really didn't need it because fishing kinda stunk today. The boys headed home early today for scallops at Wanchese Fish Co. and in the box there were 2 gaffers and six blackfin - BLTs to boot.
Maxwell said he, Trophy Hunter and Rigged Up spread out at 85, 100 and 150 fathoms and mowed the grass from the 950 to the 630 - nada. And that aint good - I am keeping my toes crossed now. Stand By - Tight Lines!

We are here - we are back - we actually fished today!!!
Special thanks go out to Bert Shaffner and his crew for donning their viking hats and heading out in the blue today to see what they could see.
No one has fished in days and so the boys were not sure what they would find. The satelitte shots showed some good water on the 400 line but with the wind and left over seas the Tuna Fever just couldn't get there (or was it a fear of not getting back??) and so they started their day at the Point in 70 1/2 degree water. Maxwell fished south to the 560 and then up to the 780 where he ended the day and all along the water was a clear green - beautiful he said - but a flat 70 degrees the whole time.
It wasn't all bad though - the crew ended up with a cool - although not huge - mixed bag...they got popped twice by super small dolphin on the 560 and managed to hook 2 - I think the hooks were bigger than the fish - 2 bailers in the box. Then they got an 18 pound gaffer on the fly. Next there was about a 14 pounder who actually jumped out of the fish box back to freedom before the boys could shut the lid - bummer but interesting story - after that there were 2 small blackfin on the tip of the 630 and Dickerson threw one back. 3 more blackfin on the 680 and a nice (and perhaps lost) 50 pound yellowfin on the 722! This one did not jump out of the boat!!
The day rounded out with 3 blackfin on the 744 (all throwbacks this time) and a fat bonita.
Rough, slow and beautiful - interesting combination! The Shaffner crew heads out again tomorrow and lets hope they see some more action. Affie says there are quote a few boats booked and the buoy reports say the seas are settling down so maybe they will cover some ground (so the speak) and find the fish!! Fingers crossed. Tight Lines!