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Back out in the blue after a little blow yesterday. The Billies found the tuna okay and came up with a fine catch - 3 blackfin, 9 yellowfin in the 25 to 30 pound range and 3 fat boscoes over 50 pounds each. Fun! Many Thanks to Aurthur Adkins and his family for deciding on Monday to fish and waiting until today so we could give him some nice weather!
Trip report: We are rolling into October tomorrow and thankfully our booking book looks like years past! We do have three days open October 13, 14 and 22. In November we just had a cancellation for Saturday the 7th...our only weekend until Nov 22. Theres a few other days open as well. Call, email or send a smoke signal to book your trip this fall!! Tight Lines!

Billy called to say the yellowfin fishing was good again today. Not a limit of yellowfin but fat ones again - 3 over 55 pounds. Topped off the catch with blackfin. Nice - Jeff Farlow also called to say he chickened out for tomorrow - sorry, Jeff but I thought you were man enough to take 30 knots northeast and 10 foot every 3 seconds. I don't know the forecast yet for Sunday and Monday but we'll see if we can catch Rusty and his crew before they leave Maryland (if we need to, maybe she'll blow right out!) Tight Lines!

Great tuna fishing today for Jennifer Seaton and her crew! 4 big fat lunker yellowfin (upwards of 50 pounds each) and a limit (hehe, theres no limits on blackfin) of blackfin. Love it! Love it! Heres the bad news - looks like it is going to blow by Saturday and figures as we are booked. Tight Lines!

Okay I couldn't say it better than Brian so here goes...
To the Pair of Billy's!
Thanks for the great time on Sunday!  Might have been a last minute trip but the memories will last a lifetime! I've been serving in the Coast Guard for 25 years and the professionals aboard TUNA FEVER are second to none.
Despite tough fishing, Capt Bill kept trying moving spot to spot in search of TUNA... We past the time to return, yet we didn't know it because we were still fishing. He knew they were there, and oh were they!  He found them, and BIlly didn't miss a beat getting each one in the box.  10 Blackfin and 9 Yellowfin and a lil tiny bluefin was aboard long enough for a picture prior to release.
Awesome day. Truly a lifetime experience.  THANK YOU!
Tight Lines!

I gotta say - we miss you, Billy! But thanks for sending the crew from Thayer was nice for them to have a day off - and they topped of the box (almost) with 10 nice yellowfin all upwards of 45 pounds and the fattest tipping the scales at 68!!!! Fall has fallen and WE LOVE IT! Oh, almost forgot the two blackfins as well and the super, really big news if you follow that sort of thing was Capt Arch of Pelican fame - he released 23 whites today and may have broken the unofficial East-West record with 17 releases before noon. Wow. And theres not much more to say after that.
We are open Monday through Wednesday this week so if fight, killing and eating big, fat yellowfin are on your list of things to do then give us a call at home 252-473-1097 or check in on line at Tight Lines!

The boys are definately back in town - it was boscoes toda and Billy couldn't be happier!! No limits on the yellowfin but 5 fat ones - upwards of 45 pounds and 2 blackfin in the 30 pound range is just plain nice! Break out your spreader bars for fishing the weekend - the weather is actually going to cooperate. Tight Lines!

Congrats to uncle Melivin (no relation), John and the crew who came, fished and went home with a great catch of tuna. 18 nice dolphin and 2 fat blackfin (18 pounders!) on top of 10 nice yellowfin ranging from 25 to 55 pounds! MMMM!
Maxwell sends out his apologies to Dickerson today for neglecting to tell him that its gonna blow tomorrow so Melvins party switched days just last night. Totally screwed me up too but its the first time in years (ever?) that Dickerson got the wake up/fire drill call while he was sleeping peacefully beside his bride! Melvin got the ice and McNaught got the green stick baits together and when Dickerson got to the boat it was jump on and go. Sorry, Billy! Tight Lines!

Tuna! Tuna! Tuna! And the yellowfin variety as well! Woooweee! And my baby has gone from zero to hero (yet again). Or maybe it's Mike Boyer whose the hero - ah, who cares!
The boys hit the yellowfin this afternoon around the 650 in 300 fathoms - a limit of yellowfin ranging from footballs to 35 pounders and 4 blackfin to top it all off.
Not to jinx anything but we are open this week on Tuesday (tomorrow) and Wednesday  and then next week Sunday through Wednesday - call us at home 252-473-1097 to grab one! Tight Lines!

Make up party today and we love them but I am not so sure they love us least this time! That nice change the boys found yesterday disappeared overnight. What did Billy say? not imploded but crushed I think - anyway what happened is the north wind pushed the green water over the blue water and the fish went down. The Tuna Fever fished the weed line for 16 miles and managed only a handful of bailers - the billfishing that was great yesterday also closed out overnight. Maybe the wind will blow the other way tonight?! Tight Lines!

Back in the blue - FINALLY! The Billies found a great change with a nice weed line that produced some exciting and action packed dolphin fishing for Doug Wiggins and the boys - only problem being that the dolphin were teeny...or is that tiny...maybe not quite vinegar dippers but small bailers all the same. Maxwell was so upset that I didn't even get any deets..only the shaking of the head but I gather that the crew managed to take home some meat and thats a good thing! Tight Lines!

Thar she blows!!! And blows and blows - but there is good is not raining at the moment! Gotta love that silver lining! New pictures up on the gallery - check it out! Tight Lines!

Bob Swag and the boys were the VIKINGS today - they said they had to go, they said today was the ONLY day, they said they couldn't reschedule - and they went and the are the BOMB! I wouldn't have gone today I can tell you that! For their trouble they caught a mess of blackfin (22) and two that were eaten off by sharks! Congrats to Brendan and Bob on their citations! Wooeee!

Back in the blackfin again today and there was plenty of action for PNut and the boys! He got his fever fixed out in the blue! The crew limmed the blackfin (actually there is no limit) and also boxed a yellowfin for good measure. Thanks to the crew for being salty and well see you when hunting season opens!! Tight Lines!
Oh, duh. Billy asked me to post this link that we got tonight from and oncologist friend. I know, I know its political and leans toward the right (just like me!) but contrary to our national news - this Congressman is calm, articulate and sites the facts. 4 minutes. Enjoy

Kate and I are enjoying a lazy weekend and Billy finally got out in the blue!! Yeah, woowee, wop wop wop!! It has been blowing and blowing here all week and the cool was nice but I think Maxwell was about to lose it! He got his revenge today with Jimmy Anderson (thanks for the cake, Jimmy) and his crew. One gaffer at about 18 pounds, and 3 yellowfin in the 25 pound range and 21 blackfin (5 citations!) and 10 bonitas and 5 false albecaores. So some bounty ansd some white meat and some catch and release and a lot of action!! Congrats toJimmy on his 27 pounder, Dylan on his 25 pounder, Tommy on his 25 pounder, Brooks on his 24 pounder and Martin on his big, fat 33 pounder! Tight Lines!