Archived Reports

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Great dolphin fishing today!!! A limit and you know Robert Stevenson and the whole gang are happy about that. The yellowfin pulled a no show and the tiles too but we love the other, other white meat! Its going to go northeast for the next few days so we'll be to the dock and doing honey dos! Tight Lines!

Great fishing today for Zack Trigger and his crew - they were meant to fish tomorrow but our friend Earl would make that damned near inpossible, maybe. Anyway, the crew - who were mostly Marines...Billy loves Marines! And one lone Champion Cattle Cutter - a true cowboy and I love cowboys! (and too cute Kate explaining to Billy what that cowboy does; she actually is part cowboy and is ready to come to Maryland and visit!) and they had much lock with the dolphin. I don't have any numbers but Billy says they fished south and found nice bailers and then they went to the whale hole on the 800 and found more beautiful bailer - no whales and no tuna but somebody's bailer got eaten up by a blue one - Maxwell says she was about 400 pounds and I bet that was a sight on a bailing rod!!!! She broke off, of course, but the bailer was mangled and had two spear holes through it...pretty cool, huh?!
The Tuna Fever is safe tonight up in Manteo and we want to give big THANKS to Sam Stokes on the Fight N Lady for the hospitality in the Gilbert Street Ditch. I have brought in most of the deck furniture and tied down the tomatoe cages...Kate is totally excited about missing school and the Billies will be in our barn tomorrow working on the clock for Carolina Yachts! You'd think they were mailmen.
Hold onto your hats and we will see ya on the backside! Tight Lines!

Phhhhtgh! Danny was a complete nothing for us - it did rain a bit last night which is nice...keeping with that whole flood..drought..flood..drought..flood thing; you know I am a total creature of habit. Billy is home today and tomorrow and he has some open days next week...maybe Danny will turn the fishing on if nothing else. Anyway - wed, thurs and fri are open and then a smattering of days throughout September. I have October 1, 13, 14 , 19 and 22 available too if the fall tuna run sounds good to you and, believe it or not, November is starting to fill up! Woowee! Calendars are available for your viewing pleasure at cruise the Tuna Fever page and hit "make reservation" at the'll show you all available days! Tight Lines!

Hunkered down for Danny which won't be much but enough to screw up Steve Huff's tuna fishing today - Rain Check right, Steve?! Anyway, put some extra rope on the Tuna Fever and we'll let her eat. Tight Lines and keep one hand on that hat!

Okay, so today was one of those days that Billy will talk about for a week - kids, Donna (the grandmother but one of those ladies Billy took a shine to I think) and lots of action. Turns out Donna likes actio too and there was planty of it in the form of great blackfin fishing - dolphin too and the kids got some citations to boot. On top of all that the ocean was totally alive...jellyfish fields, turtles eating them up, manta rays, whales - the whole nine yards and the kind of ocean that makes any kid want to be Jacques Cousteau (bet you didn't know I could speak French!) Haha...and hey, Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do, Baby! That float the Billies found yesterday was 18 miles from where they left it - but they eventually found it and - voila! Dolphin....the other, other white meat. Don't you love it! Thanks to Anthony and the crew for playing:-) Tight Lines!

It was one of those days that billfish crazy anglers only dream about. Word on the docks is that some boats had up to 30 shots! Now you know about the word on the docks but the flags were flying over Oregon Inlet as the sails had a day for the record books.
The Billies got in the dolphin - I am not sure if it was early or late - and put 45 nice big fat bailers in the box then they were off in search of some tuna and got eaten up by the sails. That had to be a story but I didn't get any details as Billy and I searched his bins of tackle in the garage looking for rerplacement parts for his green stick rig!
Finally succumbing to the bite the boys released 6 sails befoe the day was through - congrats to all our anglers who recieved citations for their catches today!JR Riddick,Hayden Riddick,Gage Riddick, Keith Dunn,Justin Ellis and Franklin Dowless! Many thanks as well to Randy for sending the boys our way! Tight Lines!

Woowee - two days of Randy Wilson and his crew of bird hunting guides from Arkansas! By the way, if you want a great trip and a target righ duck hunting envoironment we can send you their way.
Yesterday the Tuna Fever went on a marlin hunt and boy oh boy - six for eight on sails! Thats how you win tournaments, see 'em, release 'em. Anyway - release citations for Jay, Stacey, Tony, Johnny, Larry and Jim Jim. Lucky guys!
Today we were back to the tuna grounds and my boy was back in his element. Blackfins oh my and lots of them. Citations again for Stacey Gillison at 24 pounds, Tony Wittingham at 25 pounds, Larry Carroll at 28 pounds and Johnny Carroll at 24 pounds.
Swell is coming tomorrow and Sunday, hopefully we will be able to get out the Inlet on Monday but as of yet we are not booked so call us this weekend if you have an interest in going out. 252-473-1097.  September is looking okay for bookings but we do have some availability so call us for dates of check out the calendar at  Tight Lines!

Tim OBrian and his crew have been fishing out of Oregon Inlet many times but never caught any tune - maybe because they come in August but Maxwell found the yellowfin again today and the family had a nice catch for the dog days! Congrats to Taylor on her 52 pound yellowfin...Billy calls it lady luck but a conversation with Capt. Walt Spruill of Hunter fame just tonight proves that girls make the best anglers! 7 yellowfin in the box ranging from a BLT to 52 pounds and one blue marlin that we pulled off the stick but provided a nice show - for a second!
Theres a swell coming from hurricane Bill (fitting another Billy) so we'll see what happens this weekend but we should be just fine with our trips through Friday. Tight Lines!

We found the whales and the tuna today - man thanks to Mike Fontana for coming out and we'll see you next month too! The box told the tale today with 5 nice yellowfin between 52 and 58 pounds each , 2 in the 30 pound range and 1 BLT - Stacey turned out to be the best jigger on the boat (I think he got a lesson from Dickerson) but he worked the wand like a pro! There was a little dolphin bite too today with 13 bailers and two nice gaffers that tipped the scales at 13 and 25 pounds respectively. Nice! Tight Lines!

Great marlin fishing for the fleet again today - and great tuna fishing for Bon, Aubrey and the crew. Its Maxwell's birthday today so I didn't get too many details tonight but the boys loaded the box with nice yellowfin and blackfin and you gotta love that! After the tuna bite it was time to try for a white one but it is the Tuna fever you know and while the whole fleet was hanging flags in the rigger the Billies didn't even see one. Oh well.
We just got cancelled for Saturday and we are open for Sunday but it looks like we may have some swell coming in from hurricane Bill (or is it Bob?) Monday looks good though and we are open then too. Tuna salad is a favorite on Labor Day Weeekend you know...Tight Lines!

Tuna, Tuna, Tuna - On the stick today and no trolling bites at all but in the end there were 6 blackfin and 2 yellowfin in the box for Keith Mallory and his crew. One yellowfin was a blt but the other one was about 45 pounds...on the blackfin front I am assuming they were normal as Maxwell didn't give me a list of citations, so 25 pounders or so. Keith had suck a great time he is heading for Jack's Leopard hole next! The rest of the fleet had a great day marlin fishing with lots of whites - congrats go out to the team on Sea Toy for their win at the Pirate's Cove Tournament yesterday!
On a personal note I just got the run down on the crew today and Maxwell was totally impressed to once again have a crew of military folks on board - makes us all humble and thats a good thing. Also, this was basically a 30-year reunion for the boys from Kinston...some of which hadn't seen each other since high school. Pretty cool huh. Many thanks to all the crew for serving our country, ensuring our freedom and fchoosing to fish with us today!! Tight Lines!

Great day of fishing today!  Heres the details...15 nice blackfin for Todd Slater and his crew - blackfins in the corner of the bay and then up to the 650 for yellowfin hunting - 3 on spreader bars and 2 on the stick - 55 to 60 pounders!!! Wooowee! Tight Lines!

No sponsor today so Billy worked on spit shining the boat and hung around the house a little. Love it!!! Tight Lines!

A nice catch of fat bluefin for Kennith Kim and his crew. And on top of that a 250 pound blue one that the boys were ready to put up the pole until Maxwell let them know that she was illegal and too small. Too bad - because the Lees own an asian grocery store and that blue one would have looked nice in the meat case...I'll probably go to Hell for that one. I do have a good story - Dickerson hooked that blue one on Maxwell's favorite spreader bar who then greyhounded straight for the green stick rig. What do you do?? Well, Dickerson cut the main line and let the whole rig go - then after the RELEASED the blue one they found the polyball thats attached to the bird at the end of the main line and brought the whole rig back into the boat. Pretty cool huh? Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do for Reyn Smith, Alex Fontain and the crew. Thats about all I know except the Billies said they picked off a peck of big ones up about 14 miles of grass. Nice! Tight Lines!

A great day of tuna fishing for the Tuna Fever today - Chris Martin and his gang got ate up by the fat gaffers early and then it was kite flying in the tuna hole (one of them anyway) Maxwell says the blackfin were snappin'. They caught everything from blts to fat blackfin (they run small even when fat 30 pounds is BIG) and had a lot of action. You gotta love that! Tight Lines!
Update - Billy dropped off a note with the following citations: Shane Martin at 37 pounds, Eric Martin at 24 pounds and Luke Martin at 22 pounds - told you they were big blackfins!!

Today we had a make up group and the tuna fishing was not so good - but there was a limit of fat snowys and tiles on top - everyone went home with something great to eat and everyone was happy (I think). Tight Lines!

Hero to a Zero. Just like that. And wouldn't you know that the Billies had frineds today - it was a long morning of trolling for tuna for Danny and his crowd from Carl Worsley Co. and after that it was a long afternoon of bottom dropping for tiles - they didn't show us much either. Figures...but thats fishing sometimes! Tight Lines!

Good things come...and they came today. I don't exactly have all the details as Billy has been on the phone since he walked in the door but I know they got covered up with dolphin just trolling around and put 38 in the box. Then they headed for the whale hole and caught a yellowfin not sue how big and then, then oh boy!! They hooked up a big eye that tipped the scales at 210 pounds wooweee! I don't even have the anglers name but will update tomorrow. Then I swear he told me they caught three more yellowfin. What a day!! Tight Lines! PS Picture in the gallery!

Hot again today but Jason and his crew amanged to box a couple yellowfin on the troll - spreader bar bites and 2 50 pounders. They had a suicidal 10 pound gaffer and a forschner. After that it was the exhaust hose that srung a leak last week that had to be replaced - as Omie would say when you put a patch on a patch you end up with junk - so Billy ordered some new hose and replaced the patch he had put in.  Tight Lines!

Well, it was a day. The big excitement was not the fishing but what happened when Billy tried to tell one of his friends (Chuckie Midgette who is Charlie's dad if you remember Charlie) a secret that was not to be said over the radio. They locked riggers. I have a parts list to order and Chuckie pulled his rigger clean off his boat - I bet there was a lot of hollerin' and cussin'!! Fun. hehe.
Anyway - surface temps heated up good today and Mike and his boys managed a couple yellowfin trolling..a 50 and a 30 pounder and then it was off to find the other white meat - a limit of tiles in the box. Yummy! Tight Lines!

Ah, forgot the update yesterday - Billy booked out so he could spend the day with his Dad. Nice boy, huh? Anyway, fishing today was a pick but the tuna are still here - it was the stick all the way and six nice yellowfin to show for the effort. Thae Park and his crew had a great time and Maxwell made a special point of telling me what super great and smart (several PHD's in the crew today) they all were. Sometimes its love at first sight you know.
Yellowfin ranged today from 25 pounds up to a couple that topped out over 50...nice...and you gotta love that! Still open for Saturday - special thanks to Chris for booking Sunday - and if the tuna keep biting you know you want to go so just give us a call. Additional update - we have October 18 open...thats our only open weekend day in October so if you need a Sunday for the fall tuna run call us at home 252-473-1097!

And a lovely Saturday it was - except it was really overcast and hot inshore until the skies opened up and it started raining which it has done for the past two hours! Anyway, Billy proved he fished until the last minute today when one of the folks in his party had to reach out and grab the kite out of the air while Dickerson and Maxwell where fighting a thunderstorm for the thing!
Five yellowfin in the box for Wamhoss' and Moyers  (three generations of fishermen and we missed you Lloyd and hi Terri) and it was kinda wierd because the fish ran from 25 pounds right up to 55 pounds. But hey, we'll take 'em, right? RIGHT!
Open report - we are open next weekend (sat and sun) and then Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Should be pretty good tuna days as a lot of the boats will be fishing the Pirate's Cove Tournament and the tuna grounds will be all ours!! Tight Lines!