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Last day in July but a great day for tuna fishing. The kite paid off today for Dean Breedlove and his gang although there were two fat yellowfin on the spreader bar. It was a might bit breezy and too rough for the stick so up went the kite and down came the leaders - 50 to 60 pounders across the board and you gotta love that - five in the box at quttin' time! Tight Lines!

Blowin' a gale today so most everyone, including the Tuna Fever, stayed home today.
Big love goes out to my sister who took TOP Angler in the 6th Annual Boat Builders Challenge over the past weekend and she lead her team to a win for the "Easy Rider" and Spencer Yachts. Check it out at she's a hooker! Also I have to send out some to the dock love to Herb Gordon and his crew who put together a thrilling TV show on kite fishing aboard the Tuna Fever - I think you can link to a steaming video from our links page and finally, I got another house to build so somehow I have officially become a NC general contractor or as the folks in the business on the beach like to call me - that builder chick. So be sure to remind your kids that if you try hard enough you can do anything, even in a bad economy, and girls can do anything boys can do! Tight Lines!

It was tuna, tuna tuna for my buddy Jack Buchan who  made crazy at one point this year...sorry again about that, Jack. Anyway, he nad his crew headed out in some bluer water that yesterday and the kite ruled the bay! 7 fat yellowfin in the 50 pound range and one winter sixed one that came in around 25 pounds. On the bar there were 3 BLT blackfins and thats okay too. Kate and I had a great trip - got home late tonight and we got a new member in the family...a pigmy goat named Zack who can jump right over the 4 foot fence I built for him! Tight Lines!

Greener water on the Point and in the 78 degree range but no matter - the tuna were snappin' today. Spreader bars and the kite got the job done although Dickerson did scace one of the first fish to check out what they were eating (brown squid) and changed his kite baits accordingly. The final tally for Michael Trice and his crew went a little (or a lot) somthing like this... 4 yellowfin in the 50 plus range (2 on the kite and 2 on the bar) 5 yellowfin in the 25 to 35 pound range ( 3 on the bar and 2 on the kite) and 2 BLT blackfins on top...and they were on the bar too. (Kite bites were 4 for 6 today).  Nice, nice, nice! Tight Lines! 

The boys headed for the bay today and picked off 13 tuna! The blackfin were fat - well, at least fat for blackfin...two in the 20 to 30 pound range  and then it was yellowfin time for John Lilly and his kids. four of the eleven tipped the scales over 40 pounds and the other seven ranged from 35 to blt's but it's all good!! Tight Lines!

Great day for Mickey Costen and crew. Gus and Griff are crankers and thats a good thing - it was the kite and the brown spreader bar dolphin or anything else - just 5 fat yellowfin in the box. The fish are running from 45 to 60 pounds! Woooweee!
I am taking Kate to the Chincoteague pony swim tomorrow so I won't update the report until Thursday - check out for all the fishing news this week. Tight Lines!

Tuna Fever had a killer day today! One of those really lucky ones I suspect although Maxwell did do a little running - one fat 50 pounder early on the 650 then he ran for the dolphin when Fight N Lady called - a limit of bailers in the box and it was back to the tuna hunt for Steve Nolan and his crew. Now they didn't catch a limti of yellowfin but they did pick out four more in the 55 to 60 pound range! Thats my story and I'm stickin' to it! Tight Lines!

No party today but Aaron on the Outrigger called to say the whales are back! Lovely! And Billy wants to send big love out to Robert McCullough - hows your wife and kids and I really miss that safari hat, man! Now that is love! We're back in the blue tomorrow and our next open day will beAugust 8 - its a Saturday if anyone needs to fish! Call us at home 252-473-1097. Tight Lines!

The water shoved up overnight and the word fro the commercial boats was the 645 so thats where the Billies made a bee line for this morning. It was rough as a cob but Maxwell says Joe Shonte and his family were totally salty and up for the game and they played hard! Northwest wind and it was the stick first - and they hooked up a 50 pounder within 60 yards of letting the bird out! Cool! Unfortunately it was a precursor to nithing and the gang spent the next two hours trolling with nothing to show for it. Finially Capt BC and the Outrigger called to say they were pickin some dolphin and the Tuna Fever headed for the "bite" which turned out to be not so bag - nice gaffers 5 in the 12 to 20 pound range and 28 big bailers in the box and then it was off to the 705 to hunt more tuna. The first one crashed on the 705, the next on the 728, next on the 737 and at 3:30 they headed home - so 3 fat yellowfin in the 55 to 60 pound range and some dolphin and you gotta love that! Tight Lines!

Ran out early to catch up some tiles (18) and one fat snowy grouper and then Ryan Bone and the boys headed for the change. It was a nice change too - from the 480 in 38 fathoms all the way to the 766 and 605 the crew searched for dolphin - 14 1/2 miles with no one in front right on the weed line and 5 dolphin was all they caught - wow...where'd the dolphin go? Anyway after that the Tuna Fever headed to the Point and managed 4 yellowfin to go on top of everything else - talk about a mixed bag! 1 forty pounder and 3 yellowfin between 25 and 30 pounds. MMM! Tight Lines!

Today was a big day for Danny Moon and his crew of historians and story tellers (I am such a sucker!) The Point was green today so the boys headed out to do a little bottom dropping - Congrats to Danny on his 31 pound Grouper! Nice one - on top of that they had a 12 pounder and an 18 pounder plus a limit of tiles. The afternoon bite procved to be at Omie's Stake (you old time report readers will remember that spot) and the crew bagged a 45 pound yellowfin.
The huge news today was the billfishing to the southard. Heres the rundown...Smoker - 6 wm (white marlin) 1 sf (sailfish), Hooker - 5wm, 1 sf, Fintastic - 1wm, 2sf, Seabreeze - 6wm, 2sf, Capt Bo on the Full Draw raised a covey and released 5 for 5 (whats that a quadruple plus one header?!) plus an additional white and 2 sails - Congrats and pretty work boys! The monster catch was on the Trophy Hunter today though (as iff all those releases weren't good enough?!) Capt Kennith and crew had a double grand slam! Lemme shout it that sounds so good...DOUBLE GRAND SLAM!!! Plus 2 more whites and 2 more sails....I wonder if he's booked for Ocean City yet? Hmmmm? Tight Lines!

Chris and the boys had a great time fishing today _ I know this because he sent me an email. Truly today is Wednesday and I am "back reporting" because I was out of town. Hehe and if you understand all that I will kiss you! Fishing today for tuna was slow but so was the current so the group o[pted to catch some snowys! 2 of them to be exact after catching 1 yellowfin and two blackfin - red meat and the other white meat - lovely! Tight Lines!

Tomorrow brought Kenny and the crew back out again for another try - thats what "tomorrow brought". The Billies headed out to the 520 in 700 fathoms looking for the change and they found it and 20 nice bailers and 3 fat gaffers to go on top. Then a line of thunderstorms came through and "messed everything up" - you know Billy didn't put it that politely but there could be kids reading - anyway after the storm the grass was scattered all to - well you know where and the crew decided to head for the Point and maybe a shot at some red meat before the day was through - they found the red - wrong red though...15 bonitas released and then finally one nice yellowfin bite thet they managed to pull off. Ohhh. But it all turned out okay - 1 double and 1 single later they were just about the only boat with yellowfin on the dock. Maxwell says there was quite a nice billfish bite today too - no details of course - but he's hoping much of the fleet will go chasing them off to the deep tomorrow! Tight Lines.
Oh, we are open this coming Thursday and Friday if you want to try your luck - call us at home 252-473-1097 Tight Lines!

Tiles today for Kenny Wells and his crew - the dolphin where no where to be found this morning and the bopys just had to have some white meat so in the words of Forrest Gump - Tiles what they got! Pretty ones too. No tuna in the fleet today either but we'll see what tomorrow brings. Tight Lines!

"TELL ME HOW YOU DO IT..." I love that song and the Billies love William (is it Bill) and the boys for doing the dolphin like few have ever done. Nice bailers today and a limit in the box - the crew danced around the cockpit in that strange dolphin kind of waltz and they had it going on! I love it!!! Tight Lines!

My boys had Danny Moon and his boys out in the blue today and Billy said they had an okay catch for as hard as they were to catch - its deja view all over again! Six nice yellowfin in the box and I bet the boys were glad they were on a big (er) boat at least. Maxwell says the tuna are chocked full of squid and maybe just eating at night but at least he know what to drag tomorrow! Tight Lines!

Hard fishing today! The Billies had a make up this morning so they headed out to the dolphin grounds first - didn't find any of those! After that they headed for the tuna grounds and those little (well big) suckers were hard to get in the box. In the end there were five which ios good - unless the make up was made up of six strangers! I'd say in the end everyone got something to eat and thats good! Tight Lines!

Super slow today - I really  mean we didn't have a sponsor today so Billy was off to the boat (of course) to fix something (I assume) and I was off to horse camp (yes, CAMP but only a day camp) and then to work. I haven't spoken with anyone who did fish but Fin gaddy had a nice day marlin fishing a couple days ago so they are around as well as the tuna and dolphin.
We did however book some trips today - much loves goes out to Chris and John who love Mondays and we (wellI at least) love you boys!
If the weather is good the Billies will be fishing through next Wednesday and then get a couple days off if I don't book them up (Wed, Thurs and Fri are open right now) - we're not in Kansas anymore! I did manage to use points to send Kate to Tennesee next week so thats kinda the same thing:-)
And we have gotten some really great pictures in the past few days but I have been slammed this week so I will get them up as soon as I can - keep an eye on the gallery! Tight Lines!

A mixed bag today for Richard Healey and his crew of podiatrists (did I spell that right?). Anyway, no problem getting around for the Tuna Fever crew - it was dolphin if you do in the morning - and when they got finished picking the grass line they where 16 miles to the northeast of the 650 and in 10 knots of current! Billy picked up and ran for the tuna grounds and got there just in time to pick off a few on the pink spreader bar and then a few more on the stick - interesting group of fish - they tipped the scales from one 70 pouinder to 2 the crew had to throw back! 4 - 50 pounders, one BLT, 29 fat bailers and 1 nice gaffer all in the box and a great catch in time for the squals to move in and the Tuna Fever to lead the opack home a little early!
We are open for Wednesday and Monday, Wednesday, Thuesday and Friday next week so call us to get out in the blue!! Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do! Jimmy Anderson and his crew wanted white meat today and considering he brought me a homemade pound cake (and Billy didn't eat it!) Jimmy was going to get what Jimmy wanted!
Considering the issue with the moon it was a good thing - the Billies beat up and down the change and the birds were a nightmare for Dickerson but Jimmy got 40 big bailers in the box - plus three gaffers! MMMM!
And thats not all, theres more.
Then the gang left those birds and did a little bottom droppin'. Tiles, oh my! 12 in the box on top of those dolphin!
And thats not all, theres even more - back to the dolphin ground and the crew fought the birds for 10 more dolphin. Then it was off for a fat tuna on top which they never caught. On the way home Maxwell saw a pallett and topped of their dolphin limit and caught a nice 2lb trigger! Talk about white meat! Tight Lines!

6 in the box and nice ones too! It was a mish mash of a bite today and the Billies earned those fish - 2 on the spreader bars, 1 out of 4 on the kite, 3 on the stick ! Kate would say shes totally down with that! Anyway, Maxwell finally got in the whales on the 650 and it was a beautiful thing and he said at 12:30 it was like someone threw a switch - whales gone. Yellowfin gone. Poof! Must be the moon.
Anyway, Mike and his crew had a great time and the fish tipped the scales at all 50 pounders and one 40 pounder. Nice!! Still open on Sunday if you want to go - the phase of the moon should be over by then. Tight Lines!

TUNA ON THE TROLL! Well, technically it was tuna on the stick and tuna on a ballyhoo and tuna on the spreader bar but thats the thing you gotta love about Maxwell - if theres tuna he's got the right bait! We can talk about how he got me to marry him another day!
Anyway, no kite flying today becasue there was not a breath of wind offshore but Doug Folsom and his gang (from Monday's blow out) had a great time and put 6 fat yellowfin in the box. Then they turned around and released a white marlin. Cool. 
Still open for Friday so call us at home if you want to fill your freezer with 50 pound yellowfin and fill your wall (or a corner) with pictures of release flags! 252-473-1097! Tight Lines! 

Excellent fishing today for Kurk and his crew. After one bite trolling the boys flew the kite and had a blast - also much sucess with 9 fat yellowfin in the box. You gotta love that!! Still open for this Friday and Sunday - call us at home 252-473-1097 or the Fishing Center at 252-441-6301 to book your day out in the blue - also to fill your freezer with yellowfin and you know how delicious tuna steaks are on the grill in December!! Tight Lines!

Got the blow out today. But thats okay because Doug Folsen and his crew are here all week and we were open on Wednesday, so we'll take them out then.
Billy wants to get some comments on the Kikoman's sauce from anyone who wants to share. Shoot him your favorite recepies at! I would like you all to know that I have updated the reports I missed last week and we had a great day on Saturday hanging out and experimenting with the Big Green Egg a gift from our new best friend Ron Englander and that thing is the bomb! Ribs that you could mistake for the Rendevous in Memphis TN!!  We have a new article ready to go on - a little boat building for you this time. Send us an email and let us know if you are checking out the site. Finally, open days coming up: Friday the 10th, Saturday the 12th (last weekend day 'till August) and several days open the following week 14th, 15th and 16th.
Sometimes I think about this economy and the effect it is having on our calendar and I am just grateful we have what we have. many thanks to everyone! My Dad sells antique furniture..that'll make you think! Tight Lines!

A great day of fishing today for Uncle Melvin, Herb Gordon and The Weekend Fisherman! Yes, we are now on the TV! Link your way to the website at - boy, Billy says the water was beautiful but the trolling bite didn't produce but one fat fish. Up went the kite and all you-know-what broke loose - should be cool on video! 9 fat ones in the box and I mean fat - 45 to 58 pound yellowfin - and the boys went home early after a long weekend for everyone! Tight Lines!

Hope everyone is having a happy Fourth!
Billy is home today..first time we have ever spent a Fourth of July day together. Hope it goes well.
Anyway, I haven't updated the site for two days - have no idea what Billy caught or where I have been. I will get it all updated tomorrow! Tight Lines!

Happy 50th Anniversary to Brian Martin's dad who was kind enough to send all the boys and kids fishing with the Billies and Uncle Haywood on the Rigged Up today - wish he was my dad (sorry Dad). Anyway, the kids had a blast - the grown ups had a blast and the billies (and Charles and Graham) had a big menu to fill...40 folks waiting at the north end to celebrate the momentous occasion with tuna! Well, I think they got their wish - in the end we had 7 fat yellowfin in the box and a 45 pound dolphin! Woowee...fat fish! If I had to bet I would say Haywood had more dolphin but I think I know he had 7 yellowfin too - should have fed 40 folks nicely! Tight Lines!

Kevin Powers and his crew had a day today. The yellowfin are still running in the 45 pound and up range  and Kevin got 9 in the box! Would anything else fit? Well, four gaffers went in there at least and I don't know nothing else! Tight Lines!

Well Todd Betts and his crew had a great day today. Lots of action for the boys and the kids - the Billies started out on the 650 and pulled off 3 out of the four trolling bites they got - One in the box (I don't know if that was a spreader bar bite or a flat line bite) and they headed for the edge for some dolphin for the kids - the dolphin turned up way south so they headed back to the bay and put up the kite - thats wha=en the real action started - 17 bites and do you want to believe that they put 3 in the box?!? Crazy and Billy is fishing a secret (more expensive than fluorocarbon) secret on his kite so he says they must have been lazy fish! Yeah. Well, Todd and the gang had a blast and had some fish to eat too. Tight Lines!