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Fat boscoe yellowfin and the caliber of fish is phenominal. Forgot to mention that by baby Kate went fishing with her uncle yesterday and horsed a fat 42 pounder to the deck all by herself!! Must be in the blood. Anyway, Kevin and the boys from Virginia Beach had a fine day of fishing today - yellowfin, yellowfin, yellowfin. The boys had great luck with spreader bars and ballyhoo on the troll today and then put up the kite for 2 out of 4 and actually caught a gaffer on the kite too. They got some great video so we are working on maybe getting it up on the site or on you tube - you have to see the kite in action to apprecieate it. The butcher's bill was 12 45 to 55 pounders in the box with a gaffer on top.
Still open on Saturday and Sunday so give us a call and we'll hook you up! 252-473-1097 Tight Lines. ps - new great pictures in the gallery!

A great day for Niles and the boys - we popped 8 fat yellowfin pretty early and then took the man on a cruise to find the elusive snowy grouper of his dreams!! We never did find that one but got him a nice catch of tiles too. Don't you love it when the Tuna Fever reminds you of Burger King? Its a rarity but does happen sometimes! Tight Lines!

Okay - I am getting a littlw whiplash! A phenominal day out in the blue today for Dane Eure and the boys. Billy was so happy tonight I didn't get any details...I swear I think he ran around cooking and mumbling about how he's the Bomb. hehe Just kidding! Anyway, lots of boscoe yellowfin and one gaffer and one sailfish released! Filled the box baby without an inch to spare...I love it!
Open day report - Fourth of July weekend - Saturday and Sunday (can you believe it?!) and Wednesday the 8th and Friday the 10th. The following Sunday is open (the 12th) and then the 14th, 15th and 16th. So get some friends together, book a trip!! Tight Lines!

Byron and the boys had a great day today although they didn't fill the box. They caught five nice yellowfin straight away in the morning and then....nothing! Nothing, nothing, nothing!!!! Boy oh boy, Billy was fit to be tied tonight and kept mubling something about" the fish going don and never coming back up..." and shaking his head while he walked in circles and made angry faces at me (occasionaly..i.e. only when he realized he wasn't alone:-)) It really was slightly horrifying and I hope the greens savor every bite of those fattys because the Captain may have flipped his lid over getting them.
You'll just have to stay tuned to see if he's really gone round the bend! Tight Lines!

Got the stink out today and we are back to a normal - and better than average - catch! It was yellowfin and dolphin for Billy Kline and his crew today and they love it! Dolphin early as they were the priority for the family - 2 gaffers and 40 bailers made for some fun in the cockpit...and then the Tuna Fever was off on the tuna hunt. If I remember coprrectly - the boys managed 8 fat yellowfin on the trolling bite today - then things slowed down but there was enough breeze to fly the kite and I think there were three more on the "fly" hehe. Two more drifter bites and thats a total of 13 yellowfin. Now I swear Billy said something about a limit but he is MIA and I can't wake him up to ask him but if you ask me 13 boscoes is just fine too!
Saturday AM Update: Just recieved a photo of the Kilne's catch and I can now confirm that they caught 17 yellowfin! A picture is worth 1000 words! Check it out in the Gallery.
Kevin Brooks asked me to drop a note on here - he is fishing on Tuesday June 30 and 2 of his crew have dropped out unexpectedly - hes a nice guy with a good group so if you can get away for fishing next Tuesday give him a call at 757-761-3880 and he'll hook you up! And in the words of Craigs List - serious inquiries only please:-) Tight Lines!

PEW! Fishing really kinda stunk today! Billy says Kim and her crew were totally cool - I think they have prectice - but he wasn't too happy - no tuna bites today. Just couldn't get them to eat which is tough when you serve up a smorgasboard like the Tuna Fever has ready!
Dolphin if you do - bailers and some gaffers in the box and then the tuna hunt resumed - I think it was a beautiful day and maybe that made it all right for the Seesnas - good sports and great sportmen! Back to the griond tomorrow - Tight Lines!

A limit of yellowfin and home early! The fish are setting in on the cliffs and they better watch out! It was stick bites today but the wind looks like it'll be stiff enough for the kite come Friday.
Anyway, nice fat fish for Jim Hagan and his crew and they had a great time too! My baby was at the house at 5 PM and thats a miracle in itself and is a dead give away for a great day of fishing!!
Couple updates... has been updated with a new home page and a new article "Above it all" which is one of my favs about towers. Also I got an email from Capt James Fowler and he says he doesn't fish the everglades (oops, sorry James!) he fishes the west coast near Crystal River. Hey, he is still the best hunting/fishing guide I know that runs an airboat in Florida! Heres his website if you want to check it out: Send us pictures when you get home, James! Tight Lines!

Big ole fat tuna - you gotta love it. And David and his gang from Colorado loved it today - they fished us and the "Outrigger" with capt. Aaron Wright and they had 28 people (I think thats right) waiting in Corolla for a sushi dinner - well thay got that much and so much more. Aaron out did us with 10 to our 8 yellowfin (50 pounders again) but he doesn't have a story like ours - by 11:30 wih no bites trolling Billy put the stick out which was great because that was the only way for the kids in the group to catch a 50 pounder - anyway sometime in the afternoon the boys got whammed - by bluefin!
Big bluefin - on the stick and on the five poles trolling!!! Can you believe it!? Well, its a cool thing but a bad one too because all those fish got themselves in one big fat knot - stripped everything and started chafing each other off - in the end there was one lone fish that Dickerson found still attached to the ball at the end of the mainline (which was also cut off) and he tipped the scales at 155 pounds!!!
What a day - and what a catch! And what a picture in the gallery!

Yellowfin and Gaffers today - well, only two gaffers but a gaffer is a gaffer! Capt. James Fowler and his crew from Florida hit 'em quick this morning with 10 fat yellowfin on the troll and then one drifter bite on a brown spreader bar. Then...nothing! And more nothing! Billy says they went 3 1/2 hours without a bite...urgh! Anyway, the good news is that they found the whales up on the 650 and marked some nice fish - no bites but lots of mark. The tuna were pushing squid although Billy didn't mention any black rain. Thats when they got serious and threw out the bird - they made a few passses with the stick and got ate up by two bonitas and a yellowfin - lost the tuna, caught the bonitas. Figures! Finally the boys hit one more yellowfin before they headed home for a total of 12 40 to 55 pounders and 2 gaffers...nice!
Many thanks to James who is a fishing and hunting guide on an airboat in the everglades. He's going to send us some picturtes of his catches (redfish and wild boar!() and a link to his website so I'll get it up for you adventurous types that would like to fish and hunt all in one day! Tight Lines!

Great tuna fishing again today. We're on a roll!
Trolling bites on ballyhoo and 11 yellowfin in the box for Dan Marrick and his crew. On the average the fish are running 40 to 55 pounds and thats nice! One gaffer to top it all of for the boys from TN most of whom had never been offshore before - I'd say they are hooked now! The bite for the past two days has been concentrated between the 610 and the 650 in 75 to 250 fathoms cross your fingers that it keeps up! Tight Lines!

After several blow outs last year Jack Evanko finally got his dream day!
Tuna on the kite - and big, fat monsters too. 15 overfilled the box and then where to put that gaffer we caught? I am trying to get a picture up but having some technical difficulties - this was the catch of a lifetime to be sure.
Now, Jack - it's time to get that leopard!
Available day update!!! - Wednesday, July 1 and the whole weekend of July 4 (wierd!) then July 8 (a Wednesday) and July 10 ( a Friday). Looks like tuna season got off to a late start and the fish should stay around right through July. Lets fill the freezer!! Tight Lines!

Tuna. Again. We are setting a trend or may actually have a bite going on! Yeah!!!!
5 yellowfin in the 50 pound range for Joe and the boys - plus we got in the gaffers good with 23. Then we got ate up by the bailers and topped them off for a limit of dolphin!! Scratch one white marlin release on top of everything else and I would say it was a phenominal day aboard the Tuna Fever!! Tight Lines!

Okay, when your husband starts his description of his day with describing a scene from a Hitchcock movie you know there was trouble. But the birds (must have been 200 of them!) this time where a big fat sign of big fat tuna and Billy couldn't have been happier to find then. Until..."they ate out baits!". Hehe - in the first pass John Locker and the boys were 2 for three on the yellowfin and they caught another four pretty quick - and then they were joined by about every boat in the fleet. Oh well. The bite was outside the Point today in 700 to 900 fathoms and the crew managed six nice tuna over 45 pounds each and 12 fat gaffers to go on top. Woooweee! We'll take it! Tight Lines!

My baby was home early with the boscoes today! And you know what, thats all I know except it was rough as a cob and Jason Skladan and his crew were true vikings and great anglers! Dare I say the Tuna are home?! I don't know but this week has been pretty consistant - 10 more by the looks of the picture in the Gallery and four nice gaffers on top - yellowfin look like they are 50 to 60 pounders to me. Tight Lines!

There is a little known phenomina - kinda like a Florence Knightingale thing - that sometimes happens to anglers for their captains (that is not what happened to Billy and I!)  and it's never happened to one of our "beer heads" that I know of but today it happened - in reverse! The Billies managed 46 gaffers today - the change shoved out and down off the bottom so no tuna - but the gaffer fishing was excellent - pick, pick, pick and plenty of fun all day long. And all that nice fishing going on and all Billy could talk about tonight was Miss Barbara that had booked the boat for today. Retiring soon from the Secret Service she really knocked his socks off and now she's got a fan for life!  They say the sea will bring out the romantic in you...just as long as he keeps romancing the fish at the same time I am cool with it - how about you? Tight Lines!

Tuna again! Can you believe it?! I do. Some boys actually put together a group right out there on the dock yesterday afternoon and they got in 'em good today. I can't remember if Billy said they were on the troll or on the stick but he did say they caight 10 fat yellowfin for the day and they weighed out at almost 600 pounds at the fish hopuse. I love it!!! Tight Lines!

Tuna Tuna Tuna! Thats what Al would say - today it was Charles Landon and his gang doing the chant. Billy says everything is coming together fast and this morning he was trying for a big eye bite - some where caught but we didn't get our chance - while he was trolling for an eye the boys had five nice yellowfin in the box - 45  pounds up and thats just good! My buddy Aarom on the Outrigger had been killing the tuna on his stick all morning (don't catch big eye on the stick) so Billy finally threw out the bird and thats all she wrote - five more big fat yellowfin for the boys and it's awl good!
Still open on Friday - join us for yellowfin - its the other red meat! Tight Lines!

We had a great group today with Frank and the crew from WO Grubb (big cranes you know and I love cranes but thats another story) anyway, the Billies spent most of the day watching conditions shape up for a tuna bite that never came. All the fingers are pointing to the red meat but long about noon the crew decided that waiting wasn't going to get the job done so the picked up and steamed about 10 miles south. Now leave behind, stay behind has never been a truer statement when you are trolling a grass line that has already been picked over but the boys pulled it out with a nice catch of gaffers - 18 and three bailers! I got real excited about the bailers because the kids are out of school and it's the perfect thing to do with your kids - but Billy says they aren't "here" yet so I will keep you posted. Still open next Monday and Friday if you forgot to give your dad anything for Father's Day - fishing is the perfect gift!!! Tight Lines!

Just checking in! Billy has not fished in a couple days but the fleet had good yellowfin fishing and a nice catch of dolphin yesterday! Open day report (this has been quite a month for us!) Tomorrow we will be back out in the blue but we are still open on Saturday. Then next week we are open on Monday the 15th and then again on Friday the 19th. After that we are completely booked until the fourth of july so if you'd like to fish June you have a chance! Call us at home 252-473-1097 or the booking desk at 252-441-6301.
Capt Glynn Loftin is in the lead at the Big Rock - he's a great guy! Check it out at
And finally - in an effort to drive some web traffic to our tunafever site I have finally put into play - its a URL I bought years ago and never did anything with - right now it's in the first phase but we are putting up articles that I have published over the years. The current is on how smart tuna might enjoy the read so check it out! Tight Lines!

No fishing for the Tuna Fever today. But it was a productive one for Maxwell...he's actually talking to a guy about building a 40 footer to send to the Canary Islands as a charter boat. Cool Huh? And he has a gentleman in Australia interested in the 57 we have under construction so he is working on pricing among other things an anchor winch with a hatch in the windshield - apparently when you stick a grander on the Great Barrier Reef you wrap the tail with a rope that comes from that winch through the hatch and out the door into the cockpit and thats how they get them in the boat. Cool huh?
Anyway, we are open tomorrow through Friday and Saturday is on hold for our clients only - that means call me at home 252-473-1097 if you would like to go Saturday. Now heres the kicker - our party for Monday and Tuesday (15 and 16) just realized that he won't be flying in from Ohio to go fishing next week. I am so mad I am tempted to put his email on here so you guys can have your way with him...but thats not nice. And I try to be nice. My fault anyway - I didn't realize 'till last week that he hadn't sent a deposit. On top of all that we still have Friday the 19th open! If you go fishing I promise to be nice:-) Oh, BTW our Big Rock guy is doing better...hopefully working to regulate some meds and he hasn't had to go "under the knife" so thanks for the prayers - they worked! Tight Lines!

This way and that way and this way again - Happy Birthday to Byron Green who caught a fat snowy grouper and a limit of tiles today.
You can probably surmise that tuna fishing was not all that today - the boys started out around the 787 and 610  and Billy says the water was military green and 69 degrees..they headed southeast ran around the Point found some 73 degree change and all the boats lined up and headed south again looking for just about anything - when they didnt find it everyone headed for the 450 and the tile hole. Byron and the boys hadn't done it before so they had a great time. Well, while the Point Runner was trolling down for the bottom bite they saw bonitas and got whammed. So everyone headed that way - and heres the deal...Billy didn't say it but everyone had bites that didn't stick. No hookups. He said it was like the tunas were playing games...well I think it was the full moon (big believer here) 15 strikes on the Tuna fever and not one fish actually ate the hook! You tell me!
Watch all the action this week at the Big Rock tournament 155 boats in the field which is short but the purse is still over a $million! Good luck to all our friends fishing! Tight Lines!

Fishing was a little slower for the fleet today. Special thanks to John O'Brien and his crew - four folks in the group, for fish in the box. I am not sure on details - this evening was a flurry! But I will get square with Billy on sizes etc tomorrow. I know Uncle Junior and Uncle Haywood got whammed - Junior twice I think - and made their day but four was a highliner for just about everyone else:-( Tight Lines!

Great tuna fishing today! Tore you-know-what to right where we caught that big-eye yesterday and the 73 degree beautiful blue sparkly water was gone...replace by 69 degree water colored somewhere between olive drab and earwax (yuck!). Headed out to the 780 and 625 and set out no tot too far from  the change. The temps crept up and then WHAM!!! five on and four in the box - 45 to 50 pounders. Woooweee!  After riding around for a bit we got back on the 780- and fished down picking off a dolphin, a single (this one around 35 pounds) and then about the 570 WHAM!!!! wIERD BUT TRUE THESE FISH STARTED ON THE LONG RIGGERS AND WORKED THEIR WAY UP TO THE FLAT LINES. tHEY HIT IT ALL we hooked six and missed two (sorry about those caps, I wasn't yelling). Scott Michaud and his crew did a super job of moving around and not getting tangled in a very rough sea...another four in the box (50 to 60 pounders this time!)! After that we fished down to the 540 with no current and rambled around in the deep - where by the way all the bites were found today - and two more gaffers on the troll. 10 yellowfin and three gaffers in the rain and rough. The boys had to do it because the last time Scott got the option to bow out for rough he caught a 242 pound big-eye. Oh Scott, you viking! 
Still trying to fill next week and you know the tunas are here...or so it seems! I did have one nice offer of a dinner at Owens (with my husband of course) by my good friend Randy whom I love enough to take to dinner and leave Billy home! Call us - we need to fish! 252-473-1097 

Big Eye, Baby! 109 pounds and congratulations to Butch Pearce on a fabulous catch!
We set out on the 630 today and after yesterday's "do anything you can do to get a bite" the boys went about 100 yards after setting out and hooked four out of five yellowfin...what'd I say yesterday some days are diamonds? Well, they were totally fat daddys averaging 45 pounds to 50 pounds except for one little 25 pounder. Picked it out for the day between the 630 and 650 and in the end there were 10 big ones in the box. Throw that big eye on top (gently, Dickerson!) and Nubby, Butch and  Hunter had a hell of a day!
We still have the 8th through the 11th and the 14th open...if I book 'em all Maxwell says he'll take me to Owens for dinner! Tight Lines!

Tuna and dolphin for the fleet - we had a slower day on the Tuna Fever than some but pulled out several yellowfin and a few dolphin. My apologies to Bill Watson and his crew for the general reference to his catch but Billy lost his voice today and I hardly got to speak to him at all tonight! I will get some real numbers up tomorrow when I see him. Fishing was shaping up at the 650, I know that, but the bite was fast, furious and early...Billy did say that a couple big-eye were caught right around him and he and the other Billy tried the kite, the stick and everything else they could think of - of course in fishing some days are diamonds.
We are still open mid-week next week due to the Big Rock cancellation and we have had a lot of calls and emails so thanks for the support! Tight Lines!

Okay - need some immediate help. Our friend Billy who has fished us for years in the Big Rock Tournament has fallen pretty ill and needs some prayers. Any you can spare will be greatly appreciated. The Billies are on their way up to Virginia to see him today.
Because of all that we are now open for the week of June 6 through 14 as we will not be going to Hatteras for the tournament. Call us at home for day 252-473-1097 and keep the prayers coming! Tight Lines!

Make up parties rule! At least they did today - the water was green (no kite flying) and there was a 74 degree blend but the Tuna Fever crew got in the yellowfin today! 8 nice 40+ pounders in the box and one around 25 pounds or so - on top of which we managed the occasional gaffer bite and added 5 nice ones to the catch. All this happened from the 490 up to the 650 where a really cool thing happened. No bites (as of yet) up there but the whales have come home (we hope). At least Billy thinks so - over about 2 miles he figured there were over 200 and he saw Nubby, his favorite pilot whale too! After much discussion of whales on the boat Dickerson had to do the Google and found out a pilot whale can live over 70 years! Cool huh? Well, where ther are whales the tuna are sure to go - looks like summer may just be here after all! Tight Lines!