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Letting our party tell the story today...

El capitan gave me the six shooter and after four lazy dolphin bites I was praying for 2 blanks. So the captain got an invitation to the party at the point! and we showed them how to kite fish!! 8 yellowfins in the 40- 50 # range and not a pound less. Heather, these trips get better and better and better!!! Now the wife is going to be upset cuz for yet another year, I will take a few bites of dinner abd be in the TUNAFEVER DAZE!!! We made back to Winston safely about 11:45. Next trip, I bring my brother who is a manager at CarrabbaS Italian Grill. Dickerson said he has been theere so I am asukming there is one on the isle.So its pasta and wine on me next trip, PROMISE! You guysand Gals know how to make a person dreams come true. Thanks!

Hurricane Wayne!

In English - the boys started out on the 757/636 and picked around grass beds with 5 gaffers in the box at 1 PM. Then it was off to the Point where the fish - as it turns out - were biting on the kite! The rest is history! Many Thanks to Wayne Kinnemon and his crew and Tight Lines!

18 nice Gaffers first thing for Scott Brown and his crew. After starting out on the 844 and 267 the boys picked through the grass and ended up inshore around 30 fathoms - they picked out some more gaffers for a total of 32 - a nice wahoo and then one sailfish angled expertly to a clean realease - con gratulations to Bart on his fabulous catch! For even more fun they bottom bounced some amberjacks and I hope they released them too! Tight Lines!
PS Still open this coming Tuesday and then again on June 19..thats a Friday...feel like a long weekend???

Dolphin, Dolphin, Dolphin! And two citation 35 pounders - one for Dan Talbert and one for Bill (or is it really William?)! Wow, on top of which the crew did a hell of a job picking grass today...its a lost art you know...and it was rough as a cob and there were 30 more gaffers in the box and the left long got crashed by a 350 pound blue one! Phew - the lost the blue marlin but Billy said he has never seen a prettier stricke - because everyone was watching their baits for grass everyone saw that baby come streaking through the spread from the other side of the change and because it was so rough when she crashed that bait she came greyhounding out of a wave, big huge pink mouth open and - ker-um-ph! Nice day!
Almost forgot - I never knew where my D. Talbert CM Tucker Lumber Companies hat came from that just happens to be my favorite hat and now I know...its not a camo one though!
Monday and Tuesday are open right now if you need a freezer of dolphin to take you through the winter! Call us at home 252-473-1097! Tight Lines!

The Tuna Fever stayed to the dock today - no sponsor. But heres the good news...word on the docks is that the 650 is shaping up and the yellowfin are home to roost. Now, I am no expert but when the boys make a predicition it usually comes true because they are a superstitios lot and wouldn't take the chance on a jinx. What do you think? Let us know - the phone lines are open! Tight Lines!

Oh Randy - you know I love you! Thanks for bringing your Viking hat!
A might bit rough but after hunting the Point for - well as my 8 year old would say - wutev - we found some nice gaffers on the troll. % in all and you know Dolphin is the other, other white meat. Then the real excitement a fat 43 pound citation wahoo!! Wooohooo!!! Then things slowed down a little bit so the Billies headed out of that 78 degree water and shot for the 650 where the yellowfin bite was not so bad...4 fat 40 pounders in the boxc - one broken off and one BLT. The other, other red meat. In the end a great time was had by all and Randy Wilson left my house with my last bottle of Kikkoman's spicy miso sauce - what up with that??!! Tight Lines!


Huge Dolphin and more on the way!!!!

20 to 30 pounders! Billy called them "free range" dolphin as they bit on no hard change, grass line or float. We started off in the bay at the Point and steamed 12 miles to the bite down around the 460 - the current was rollin', the water was hot and the dolphin loved us! Congrats to Mike Walls and his crew on a phenominal catch - 37 in the box (yep, its a big box!).
Open day alert...I can't tell you how many people call each year and tell me that they can never get on our calendar because we are booked - well heres your chance! Tomorrow it'll be snatchy with an east wind but Thursday we are open and the weather promises to be beautiful! We are also available on Monday June 1 and Tuesday June 2 and our last available day in June is Friday June 19th. Buddy Hopper called on the radio today and told Billy that pods of those big dolphin are cruising right up the coast so the fishing promises to be great as well. Tight Lines!

Back in the game with dolphin and yellowfin today!
A near limit of nice gaffers for Tom Tippit and his gang - you gotta love that and oh captain, my captain was in a great mood tonight! You gotta love that! There were some yellowfin today as well - I think Maxwell said four but can't be certain until I confirm it again and he had no spicy, not cool details for me either - its been a long weekend! Happy Memorial Day and Tight Lines!
Okay heres the correction - instead of  four yellowfin at 20 pounds each the tuna catch for the day was 2 yellowfin at 40 pounds each which mathmatically comes out to the same bill at the fish house but sounds like a little bit more work (and fun)!

Yellowfin and dolphin but fishing was definately slower than yesterday. Some of the boats ran 60 plus miles to catch the gaffers we were on yesterday but running that far wasn't in our cards! Now because the fishing was slower - El Capitain was not in the best of moods tonight - if I remember correctly Robert and his crew caught 14 gaffers today plus 4 yellowfin and I have no idea how big they were. I tell you what theres nothing like great days and nothing like fair days either! Tight Lines!

Okay, I have no details but wanted to give you what I know because we are going on a date! (can you believe it?!) Anyway, it was dolphin if you do for Clarnece Beard and his crew - and dolphin they did - beautiful gaffers (I will have a picture up tomorrow) and a near limit. Wooowee and yum! Don't forget  still have next Thursday open - wanna go fishing?! Tight Lines!


Yellowfin, Gaffers and Big Eye!!!!

Woooweee!! Chris Miles and his crew had a great day today. The gaffer fishing was great and the boys had 42 in the end...nice ones too. The yellowfin bite was scattered but good too - nice 40 pounders today but only six on the troll. The boys started out on the 782 and 680 in 4 to 500 fathoms and ended up I am not sure where. The super big excitement came at the end of the day while the crew was bringing in the baits - BAM! Big eye on. Unfortuately the Tuna Fever was in 63 degree water when it happened and after 35 minutes the fish snapped 130 pound fluorocarbon and was gone - usually they will twirl in a lazy circle sucumbing to the fight and the hiot water - today Chris's fish "black backed" which means the boys never saw his stomach i.e. no lazy circle just a mean ole' fish that didn't want to go in the fish box! Co0ngrats to Chris who pulled off some of the best angling that Maxwell has ever seen! Tight Lines! 

And the BITE IS ON!!!
Well it was today for Dan Tillery and crew who brought home a limit of yellowfin and 32 fat dolphin!
Billy says they started their 615 early and the water was still cold on the 100 fathom - heading for the Point the Tuna Fever and Carolinian hit the change at the same time - scattered dolphin down to the 575 and the gaffers got consistent - then the yellowfin showed up a little scattered. The water was pushing into the Bay so the Billies decided to head north and followed the hard change when they got whacked by the yellowfin on the 610. Choppy day so they lost a couple - and hit em two more times. A full box for the first time this season - you gotta love it!!
Don't forget I have only May 28 open now plus June1 and 2! Tight Lines!

Well, as promised it is blowing a gale this morning - cold too! Urgh!
I am pasting some URL's here for your viewing pleasure - these are buoys out near where we fish and some that give the captains a good idea of whats headed our way - they are pretty cool as they show the actual current reading - wave height, dominant period etc. Check it out!

Dolphin if you do - Dolphin if you don't. Dolphin. Its been so many years I cannot remember who used to say that on the radio - I'll have to ask Billy. In the meantime, Reyn Smith and his crew are heading home with loads of gaffers - gaffers on the scattered bite at the Point - Gaffers on the chance that lead the Tuna Fever all the way out to the 753 and 707, gaffers in 4 knots of current on the way back in and gaffers from the 710 to the 740. The front that was heading this way got us home a little early and right on time - the wind switched, picked up and the temps dropped into the low 60's while we were at the fuel dock! We know Reyn will be back for red meat but 45 nice fat dolphin ought to keep him in the kitchen for a little while! Tight Lines!

We love it! And so did Adam and the rest of the crew from Thayer Masonry in Virginia. I am detail-less but I do know that in the end there were 30 nice dolphin (I think they were gaffers, at least I heard Maxwell say "Gaffer" and he didn't make a point of saying bailers although they would be nice too) and five 40 pound plus yellowfin in the box! I think the season has finally started! (Knock wood)
Reyn and his boys are hweading out tomorrrow and then it looks like Butch and George are going to get blow out on Monday for a second time this month! We'll try to get them re-booked and speaking of which I have a few days open that need to be filled - May 27 and 28 and June 1 and 2 and we just had a cancellation for June 19 (thats a Friday) and June 23. Call us 252-473-1097 or call the Fishing Center 252-441-6301 and book your day! Tight Lines!

Back in the blue today - well, maybe not blue, maybe kinda greenish cold. So the Tuna Fever picked up and ran from the 780 down to the 650 where Stuart Noland and his crew got in the gaffers - and big fat ones too. 15 to 25 pounders and that nice - in the end there were 24 in the box and thats nice too. One out of four on yellowfin bites and he was on the medium size - 30 pounds of red meat down near the 600 line. The word from the longliners is that the bite is trickling in so we're waiting for the yellowfin to move home and take up residency for the summer. Tight Lines!



The Tuna Fever was not fishing today (just our luck) but the few boats that went fished were we left off yesterday and most were home with yellowfin limits by lunch. The bite is on!
Call us at home tonight to fish tomorrow - 252-473-1097 - the forecast is good and our next open day after tomrrow is the 27th! Tight Lines!

Halleluhia! (I still don't know how to spell that, but the point is...) The Tuna Fever caught today!
I don't know if it was Jared Fryer's good luck (although Toby is pretty lucky too) or if we just got blessed or if the Billies just landed in the right spot - I suspect it was a combinatiopn of the three. The nasty 69 degree blended green water that we landed in yesterday pushed out and a nice 73 degree change eased out over 500 fathoms between the 650 and the 700. There was no weed line and no signs of fish in residency but Jared and his crew ended up with 10 nice gaffers (12 to 25 pounds) in the box and 11 yellowfin on top. The tuna whammed the Tuna Fever once and then the boys picked off a few more for 11 out of 15 in the 25 to 40 pound range.
You gotta love that! Oh, it was rough as a cobb today but Wednesday and Thursday are meant to be beautiful - we are open! Call us at home 252-473-1097 or the fishing center 800-272-5199 if you gotta go fishing this week! Tight Lines!

Sending out some big love to Toby and his family. They had a semi rough day for Mother's Day and a semi poor day of fishing.  We got on the back end of the line in some 69 degree nasty water and the rest of the crowd went on up the line in front. You can guess what happened next - a few gaffers in the box and one grump Captain at home:-) Tight Lines!

We opted out of fishing today with Butch and his gang driving down from PA and the forecast soooo bad. Anyway, Billy woke up this morning to not a breath of wind and he thought that he had made a bid mistake (not such a good thing in a year like this one). Anyway, turns out that he didn't because it was a mess offshore - not much to catch - probably had something to do with the fact that it was so rough the baits wouldn't stay in the water! Word on the docks was the boys that went were just happy to be home.
Toby and the boys are coming in for fishing tomorrow and hopefully this wind will die out overnight like it is meant to. Tight Lines!

Feast or Famine. Unfortunately we were on the famine side of things today. A few of the boats had great days - falling on the change in just the right place or coming upon some floatsum with plenty of dolphin. The Tuna Fever landed in the wrong place and stayed there - sorry Peter!
Things were coming together near days end at the Point and - heres the heartbreaker - Sea Toy and the Tuna fever spent some time circling and circling looking for the tuna bite that would make the day (Capt. Bull was a "famine" too) - here comes 'ole Carolinian to check it all out and while hetrolled down between us he got whammed! Whammed I tell you! 7 big fat boscoes on and I think Billy told me he got five in the box! Ahhhh....thats fishing I suppose but sometimes it just hurts! Tight Lines!

So I am half asleep writing this the following morning (I can also jimmy the dates!) so forgive the spelling.
Tuna fever had a make up today! And you know what? It was great! All six guys had never met befiore and for six strangers they sure had something in common - a big, fat love of the chase!
Maxwell started at the 280 and fished anice color change up to the 580 and there was a scattered dolphin bite but nothing concentrated. The gaffers have gotten bigger in the last few days though - 12 to 23 pounds and 9 nice ones in the box. Then it was on to the bottom where the depths produced 7 snowy groupers 8 to 15 poound range and a limit of tile fish.
I know lots of folks thing bottom fishing is not the same as chasing pelagics and - they are right - but there is nothing like a fat, slow grilled piece of snowy grouper or tile on your plate either!
Tight lines and many thanks to our crew who took turns rigging baits, watching the bottom machine for m arks and all around keeping Dickerson on his toes today!
Weather going down tomorrow but should be better by Friday! Tight Lines!

Tight Lines!


We headed to the 480 this morning and found the change that ran up to the Point. The Skiligal and a couple other boats were ahead of us on the tideline so Ted Colna and his crew stuick with us on the cliffs a little bit.

In the end we picked off a couple yellowfin  - 35 and 40 pounds respectively and 15 more gaffers in the box - Billy says they are the scouts coming up from the south to check things out ahead of the pack. See - we had that report from Charleston last week aboput the gaffers moving north.

The weather is going to keep us home for the weekend but if I hear anything of importance from anywhere good I will let you know - Tight Lines!