Archived Reports

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The weather is freezing I wish we were in Mexico - oooh, or the Dominican Republic (thats to DR to those in the know, you know). They have the coolest marina resort with a kicking equestrian village - they even play polo! Now apart from the obvious snooty (polo, really?) and the fact that most of us would have to get new clothing (Tuna Fever t-shirts are probably prohibited) it would be a nice warm place to visit.

That out of the way - the wind finally laid down enough for a cvouple boats to get out on Saturday. Kennith and Uncle Haywood headed out for some winter yellowfin and all they found was a 62 degree change and no life. They did a little bottom bouncing for tiles which worked un til their second drop and the dogfish moved in and ate their catch. Doesn't sound very promising does it?

Ah, in the words of George Michael, you gotta have faith! Spring is right around the corner and I predict an excellent season of tuna fishing. Heres my reasoning and although it is a little depressing it is based in fact and makes sense - this economic crisis and the fact that fuel seems to be creeping ever so slowly up just in time for the summertime traveler will, I am afraid, keep some boats to the dock and there will be less pressure on the fish. Thats it. TaDa. Its kinda creepy to think that all of this may have been a plan from above in order to naturally regulate fish stocks. Think about it. Personally I think God is a lot smarter than that but it is a possibility I guess.  

Anyway, we still have the new boat for sale - so if theres anyone out there that is not having an economic crisis please give us a call. Hehe. She'll be very hard to eat if it comes to that. And we have days available in May and still a few in June so check out the calendar at and call us to reserve your day out in the blue! Tight Lines!


The weather is beautiful and the fishing is fine - in Mexico! On the Outer Banks it has been cold and snowing and today it is cold and blue skies.  The crews out of Morehead have been jigging bluefin and the fish are supposedly moving in our direction but they are little and not paying much on the commercial market. The price on bigger fish is great so if we get any of those in the area I may have an actual "fishing" report for you folks!

The boys are still piddling on the new boat visit to check out the progress and if you want to buy her please call us!

I do have a couple housekeeping chores: Lisa Diess and Eddie Cassady, I have you both booked for your days but your emails are bouncing back. Please call me at home 252-473-1097 or email again! Tight Lines!