Archived Reports

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Oh Jimmie! I told you not to bring me one of those delicious pound cakes!
But he did - I tell you what, every time Jimmie Anderson and his crew goes fishing I gain about 10 pounds - and it's ugly too...have you ever seen a mother bear protecting her cubs? Well, I look a little like that with one of Jimmie's pound cakes in my kitchen...but let me get back to fishing.
Great yellowfin fishing today - lots of strikes and a very near limit for the boys from Roanoke. Congrats and thanks for playing.
Looks like the weather might just cooperate for our trips at the end of the week and then it looks like we'll be wrapped up for the year. We are taking bookings for next year and I plan to open the book with the Fishing Center by the end of the week so email, call or send up a smoke signal...lets get you booked for 2010! Tight Lines!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Turkey Day yesterday - Maxwell definately did - little sucker made me cancel my reservations at Owens and he took three generations of Duvalls fishing! And a limit was had by all!
The water to the northeast was definately closing out so I believe the boys went east and caught 'em up without having to be thanksful that they got home in one piece! Tight Lines!

Our last make up of the year today and they were definately hardy!! It was rough as a cob and a foggy soup from 3 miles to 36 miles out! Billy called early to ask if it was foggy here too and it wasn't quite what they had offshore.
The Billies found the water in the fog and then they found the fish too - nice yellowfin and a limit of them! And on top of them a nice fat bull dolphin (was he lost?).
Maxwell is back out on Thursday but looks like the weekend may be a wash. We have also made a few bookings for the first week in December so if you're in call us at home - Monday, Tuesday and Wed are available...252-473-1097 Tight Lines!

The good water is closing out up on the north end which means we will be back in the gulfstream on Tuesday - I think Billy is going hunting tomorrow. Many Thanks to Jeff Farlow and the crew for gritting their teeth and bearing the rough and the limits of yellowfin today - I LOVE IT!! Tight Lines!

Limits baby! Rough as snot for Byron Green and the boys but they are VIKINGS and didn't whine at all! Great job on the yellowfin, boys! Tight Lines!

Back in the blue and a great day was had by all! Woooweee!
Our buddy Sam of Fight N Lady fame had the best day of all - his limit of yellowfin by 9:30 and he got home before the wind kicked up. Billy, Pelican and Rigged Up headed south instead and ended up with a great catch albeit not in record "Sam" time!
A nice catch of 12 yellowfin for Bob Sciabica and the boys - and two blackfin that were citations! Congrats to Kent Wilhelmi and Richard Robinson who tipped the scales at 29 lbs and 34 lbs respectively...nice and fat for blackfin you know.
Back out again tomorrow and hopefully on Sunday. We are taking bookings right now through December 3 and Maxwell could probably be swayed to fish right up until next year!! We are open on Monday through Thursday and Sunday next week (29th). Call us - 252-473-1097. Tight Lines! 

Fitting that its Friday the 13th and instead of watching 8 inches of rain fall and the wind howl (no disrespect to friends and family in Hampton Roads that got it much worse than the Outer Banks!) I am now watching the Sound creep its way into (and across) my yard. Creeping is good - I don't mind creeping...just please don't shift to west winds and we'll be just fine. West winds is when the Sound drives its way up in, over and across the yard, the driveway, the rabbitt hutch and anything else in the way!
Observations at the Duck pier show the waves have driopped to 14 feet - yesterday they were 17.5 every 10 seconds and Diamond Shoals buoy is down the 8.5 feet (from 17 as well) so maybe this thing will move on out without going northwest:-)
Other than our hatches battened and the make up school day being cancelled for tomorrow everything is just fine.
Hopefully we will be out in the blue by Tuesday! Oh, put a bunch of shots on the gallery courtesy of Charlie from Steve Sorenson's gang that got blown out for five days in October - anyway, he's pretty gifted with the lens so check 'em out! Tight Lines!

Another great fall day in the blue - so great in fact that Ed and the boys were home sometime shortly after lunch with a limit of yellowfin!
So heres the deal - its going to blow again tomorrow and apparently we are in for a hurricane or something (sounds like it anyway) 45 MPH winds and 8 inches or rain before Sunday - oh great! My point is - the fishing is great when we go so we are going to keep going and we have days on the calendar open right through Thanksgiving - so CALL. Book a day. Book two! Call us at home 252-473-1097 Tight Lines!

Back in the blue! With about 100 other boats Billy said!
Anyway, it was a great day for Bryan Carson and his crew - they have been fishing out of Oregon Inlet for about 25 years and never got an invite up in the bridge before - well, thats what happens on the Tuna Fever! Right off the bat Jim Lamb hooked a sailfish and fought her to a clean release - sailfish in November. hehe. Maxwell says it was a big one maybe a little over 50 pounds! Nice! And after that it was tuna tuna tuna! Not a limit today with 99 other boats prowling around but the boys managed a nice catch of 12 in the 30 pound range maybe one that topped 35! Fresh tuna for Thanksgiving - don't you love it!
We are open on Thursday and Friday this week and we are going to take trips right through Thanksgiving weekend (maybe later if the weather allows) so give us a call to book your day! 252-473-1097 Tight Lines!

Blowing again today. We are open and available tomorrow through Thursday and it looks like this low will be moving out of here today. We also have Saturday available if you actually have a job and can't get a day off mid-week:-) Tight Lines!