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Happy Halloween!
We made it through the party last night and the Tuna Fever loped it on down to the fishing grounds this morning! Keith and the boys turned out to be pretty good vikings today and even though Maxwell started out on the wrong end of the bite the crew managed 10 yellowfin and a nice wahoo in the 30 pound range (weird but good).
Shes gonna b,low again tomorrow and Monday too. Blah. and then we aren't booked until Friday the 6th. If this weather turns it looks like November will be the month the fill the freezer - we have days open so call us at home 252-473-1097, email or climb a tree and just yell...I'll keep an ear open wide! Tight Lines!

Thar she blows! AGAIN!
Oh well - we have 35 kids coming over for the halloween party and Billy needs to get me some ice so maybe that'll keep him busy long enough that he doesn't go completely insane! I'll let you know if he starts drinking or gambling on line or anything like that. hehe. Tight Lines!

Blustery to be sure but Steve, Charlie and the gang finally got a day in. Billy said it was rough and mumbled something about what a great boat he has before heading to the showers - but they caught. A limit of yellowfin in the box and lets hope we keep that goi9ng. Not too big - 25 to 30 pound range but tuna is tuna (sometimes!) tight lines!

I suspect that you will not want to believe this but I know that you will because I know that you know that I never lie (well, maybe sometimes about the cost of nice stilletos that don't hurt my feet) about fishing or on this report. 
14 days.
14 days the Tuna Fever has gotten blown out and sat to the dock this month. 
14 days. 
Heartbreaker I know.
Heres one worse - Steve and Charlie and all the boys have been booked this week since Saturday. And I am no aficianado but I don't think you can even golf when its blowing 30! I can't even imagine what those guys have been doing all week (hope noone has to stop at the detox on the way home; only we haven't actually been waiting a week for a hurricane after manditory evacuation so they are probably good) but they did stop by the boat shop and hang out one afternoon. Perhaps I jinxed them because I asked Billy to call me one day while they were on the way in so I could come to the boat and visit.
Well, they will be fishing tomorrow and I can't visit because kate has 30 kids coming over on Friday night for the Annual Halloween Big Bash at the Maxwell's! Woooweee!
So 14 days later I will have a fishing report for you tomorrow. And chocolate covered creep cakes the day after that.
Thanks for waiting:-) Tight Lines!

A limit of dolphin!? Ah, yep. A limit of dolphin. They were bailers to be sure but David Egerton and his crew managed a limit in October and I am sure it was a blast! I meant to pray that Billy wouldn't screw up and run off with a sling of cussin' today as David's pastor was in the group but they got dolphin instead! I love prayin', it is so cool how you really get what you really need despite what you ask for:-)  I didn't ask Maxwell how he did with his language but no matter - add four 30 pound yellowfin on top and the crew had a nice mixed bag! Tight Lines!

Okay, so I am checking in late with this one as Kate and I ditched school today and enjoyed the State Fair in Raleigh. First time for both of us and we had a blast! Thankfully we managed to come home without chickens or a new goat to match the old one that thinks he's a dog (long story).
Anyway, Tuna tuna tuna today for the boys from Bayer and thei clients. many thanks to Mike Webb for the nice message and to Randy for the referral. 16 yellowfin in the 30 pound range in the box today and fishing is fine!! Tight Lines!

Wahoo is on the menu for Dave LaPrade and the gang! An excellent day of fishing today for the boys with two fat 'Hoos at 32 and 38 (just shy of citation) pounds a piece. On top of that the crew managed 16 nice yellowfin in the 30 pound range and 6 blackfin as well. MMMM! Tight Lines!

They Came. They Fished. They Caught!! Oh yeah, the husband has got a job!!!
And you know what - he's pretty good at it! Billy says the water east of the inlet looks like three time filtered coffee (nasty but drinkable in a super pinch only not cold) and so the fleet headed to the Point on their first day out in quite some time. At the Point there was a nice change from 60 somthing to 831/2 degrees and thats where they found the fish!
A nice limit of yellowfin for Philip Lynch and his crew today and boy we have been waiting for them:-) Maxwell says they ran mostly in the 28 pound range and one over 35. Ah, gotta love it!
We are booked right now until November 3 but we do have some days in November - and our email/internet is working again! Tight Lines! 

Just an update so you guys don't think we have disspeared!
It is still blowing!
And blowing!
Looks like it will be next week before we get out again...bummer! Stay Tuned!! Tight Lines!

Jeff Masters is one lucky guy, we all know that. But you have got to see the picture from today to believe it! 158 and a 155 big eye in the box and even the sharks that were chasing them didn't have a chance. The yellowfin fishing dried up while Jaff and his crew were fighting big eye and so the Tuna Fever headed south for the bite on the 750 and the afternoon delight - Maxwell found the whales and added 11 yellowfin to the one loaner in the box and put put 3 blackfin on top!! Phew!! Love it! Check out the picture in the gallery - you'll love it too! Wednesday is still open for business...Tight Lines!

A little on the rough side again today but Ron and the boys took it like men! Fishing was a little better too today - no duskies - and a nicer catch - 8 and 8 - yellowfin and blackfin that is. The fish must still be running in the 35 pound range as Billy didn't tell me otherwise.
Great news for everyone - Dickerson and Megan are getting married on Tuesday! The Tuna Fever is booked out for the occasion and the honeymooners are headed out of town overnight but thats not so bad of news either as Uncle Haywood of "Rigged Up" fame has offered to mate should we book a trip for Wednesday. The good thing about that is the combination of captains (egos) somehow always turns up a lucky day and a catch that has to be stopped before we all go to fish jail!
Call us at home if you are interested in trying your luck on Wednesday. 252-473-1097
Billy has kicked into his October gratitude and wanted me to convey how grateful we are for all of the patronage this year. There are a few boats suffering this season and we truly appreciate everyone who has fished with us - on the boat or right here on-line!
I also have some news from Florida sailfish country and I am trying to figure out how to get the info here on the site (a little luck and a little website guru ought to get it done in a couple days).
Tight Lines!

A little snatchy again today but the fishing was better and we hope that trend continues! 7 1/2 yellowfin in the box for Mark Egan and his gang. The "half" a yellowfin was courtesy a nice dusky that came up and snapped that fish right in two! Billy says the shark was about 150 pounds which had to be a sight to see and may have been work half a fish although I don't know how our angler really felt about it! The wind looks like it'll be kicvking up again for tomorrow (October may just be borderline rough) but we'll see what tomorrow brings when it gets here.
We are open for next Wednesday (October 14) if you feel like a bite! Tight Lines!

We had a couple days of wind this week but Clay Unger and his crew timed the wind and hit the forecast perfectly for a semi-rough but enjoyable day today. Fishing unfortunately was a little bit slow for the boys but they are salty and know the drill! Pelican was the top boat today - running north to the 800 lin e Arch got the sweet bite early and the water had pretty much closed out by the time the pack (Tuna Fever included) descended on the bite - in the box? 3 yellowfin and one blackfin for the day. Not 800 pounds of meat but a pretty good snakc for Clay and the boys and anyday out in the ocean is a good one! Tight Lines!

Better news from the gulf stream today (thank goodness!). It could be Karma for all that truthful bad news I have given in the past two days...I'll try to keep it up - the truthful part anyway. The boats headed south today with not much ado about nothing so Maxwell and the Carolinian started a slow troll north and finally found some yellowfin...major scattered bite and Capt Tony got the lions share but we had a nice catch in the box with 3 tuna 25 to 35 and another 4 in the 45 to 70 pound range. Congratulations go out to James Carrello or North Beach Maryland for his outstanding catch - a 70 pound citation yellowfin!! Congrats also go out to Capt Brynner of Smoker fame - no yellowfin today but they whammed 3 nice big eye! Cool! Tight Lines!

Blackfin again today for Michael Wickwire and his crew. The boys had a fair catch but couldn't find the yellowfin (again!) - the big news of the day was a 45 minute fight on a big eye which unfortuately never got boated. Now you know I never lie on this fishing report - pew! Tight Lines!

Hero to a Zero today for Reyn Smith and his gang, but hey at least Reyn has been enough that he understands its fishing and not always catching. The yellowfin headed somewhere today and we just couldn't find 'em try as the Billies might. It was blackfin all the way but thats okay too. Tight Lines!

Chinese fire drill this morning at the Maxwell House - but when Billy got to the boat there was a huge thunder storm that had kept everyone in untill he got there - and then the crushing news...that storm collapsed the nice water up north and we all know what that means - no marks, no bites (or so they say sometimes!). The boys stayed ahead of the pack and came up with a fine catch of yellowfin (15 between 25 and 65 pounds) and blackfin (5) and a big eye...126 pounds, Baby and we are sending out some big love.. and envy.. to Harry Clingenpeel from Hardy Virginia for his angling prowessness!
The Tuna Fever took a reroute by the haul out after dropping Harry, James and the crew off as they hit a sunfish or something on the way out this morning and caught a bad virbration. Kate and I took a spare wheeel down the the yard and boy, that prop had a good ding in could actually see where whatever they hit smacked the bopttom of the boat forward of the windshield and skidded aft, smacked the shaft and hit the prop. The reason we could see that is the slime that has found a home on the Tuna Fever's bottom (thats this new economy for you!).
After all that I am even tired! Tight Lines!

No blackfin today - only yellowbirds! Fished from the 800 line north staying ahead of the pack and the fishing was fine but a late day was had by all! Nice yellowfin in the 25 to 35 pound range and a few fat ones on top! Looks like fall is here! Tight Lines!

Hey Steve - we love you, man but I totally flubbed and skipped your report - it's been a couple days now but if memory serves Billy came home late that night so I say you fished late but got 'em anyway! Blackfins and one fat yellowfin (I checked the crystal ball) and thats pretty good. The boys headed down south but it must have been closing out 'cause they headed north tomorrow - wierd huh? Tight Lines!