Archived Reports

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Man, I completely forgot to fill you guys in on the Inlet yesterday. Sorry! Heres the digs. Several boats did go on Saturday and several more on Sunday - as we had life long parties who have thrown up on the Tuna Fever one too many times, we opted out. Instead Billy and Capt Greg of Point Runner fame headed out to the draw in Greg's little boat for some surveying. Jamie Reible of Phideaux fame (he really is too) called Billy with the wowes of coming in on an outgoing tide and the USCG's suggestion of using the fifth span to the south of the draw. Turns out there plenty of water there but the concrete pillars are only about 30 feet apart and the tide screams through at an angle for the entire "line up, gun her, and run!" Pucker factor - 1000!

Tom Forinash and his crew may have noticed going out but coming in must have been a blur with celebration. The crew had a phenominal day (told you we';d find 'em) 6 bluefin, 22 yellowfin, 3 bailers and one gaffer!!! Can you believe it!!!

Okay - I have no sizes nor location as Kate had to have "silent lunch" in her room today because she didn't finish her homeowrk because I was too involved with my life, our future, our business to do it for her (just kidding!). Well, its third grade and I don't know if it is such a struggle for everyone or just me a Kate but I definately gotta go. Details tomorrow!

Notice to mariners - if you know any boats heading our way please advise them about the Inlet. The Bodie Island Spit has become huge and has blocked off the channel during anything except high tide. Unfortunately the red and green markers on the bridge that define the draw belong to the NCDOT, not the USCG. The markers have not been moved. And DC thinks they have political problems:-) Tight Lines!


In the immortal words of Jane's Addiction...HERE WE GO!!!

And I must say its about time, I even had to take two passes on the password for this site! Lots of changes in the past two weeks - not the least of which is the Inlet but we'll get to that - the fishing, however did not change. Tuna were few and far between today but considering its only the second day anyone has fished maybe we just haven't found them yet.

Anyway, there was a limit of dolphin for Joal Barbehenn and his crew and the boys had a great time - throw one blackfin on thop and iot was a good day! Tight Lines!

Still blowing! The offshore forecast is calling for it to back off starting tomorrow IF TD 11 doesn't decide to come our way. This is crazy and wierd!! Tight Hats!

Just checking in! Its been blowing for nigh on seven days now and we are bored to say the least! The boys have been in the barn all week and Billy has been rescheduling trips and thats about it. Things will hopefully puff themselves out tonight and maybe we'll get Carl and his crew out otmoorw! Tight Lines! 


Wooowee what a weekend! In the meat babay - we love it!

Saturday it was a new crew from Thayer Masonry and the boys had a heck of a time - not a trip down memory lane like the Chisslers - but they had a good time anyway. Congratulations to Junior on his citation wahoo, tipped the scales at 41 pounds and good eatin' too! A 20 pound gaffer and 3 45 to 50 pound yellowfin rounded out the big fish - then there was a limit of bailers on top to round out the day! The crew fished the 700 line most of the day until the tide started pushing in.

Today it was Tuna Tuna Tuna! The Tuna Fever started off around the 710 and after 2 1/2 hours of no bites a white one cleamed Maxwell's clock (4 times!) and the boys hooked a barracuda and a blackfin. After the marlin incident and all the crew decided to troll north in search of some whales that were spied by the Legacy, a private boat fishing from Pirate's Cove. Well, up at the 778 Billy took a pass with nothing to show and just folloed those whales to one of the haunts on the 805 where they hooked up with a big pod and the bites started coming - 4 big ones on the first pass, then a double on spreader bars...after anothe single Maxwell moved off for some other boats and found some grarr with a limit of bailers on it. One more pass by the whales on the way home and there were 11 fat yellowfin in the box with the dolphin tucked in every nook and cranny they could find. Thanks for playing today Dave! Tight Lines!

Kevin Tesh's clients had a good day of fishing today and we send out big prayers for Kevin's Dad who had a heart attack last week - we hope he's on the mend. Anyway, the boys marked a lot of tuna today but didn't get the bites they were hoping for - signs of life though and thats a good thing - in the end there were four yellowfin in the box and Billy said they were good sized ones too so my guess would be 50 pounders and to top it off - 8 dolphin for the team! Tight Lines!

Dolphin...its the other, other white meat. All signs of life out there today but for Lewis Martin and his crew it was Dolphin if you do! A whole limit of them and one blt, I am no meteorologist and neither is Billy and I have never seen him with a Farmer's Almanac but tonight he went on and on about the yellow butterflies. Apparently they usually don't show up offshore until the end of September and they were out there today so Billy thinks we are going to have an early fall. Tuna fishing was pretty good for the boys who fished yesterday so maybe he's right (but don't tell him I said so!) Tight Lines!



Back in the blue today after TS Hannah and PNut and his crew probabaly are happy they waited to go today...733 pounds! The boys had a nice tuna bite - not too many but in the end the last one was lyingon the deck because she wouldn't fit in the box...anyway 9 yellowfin the biggest being 72 and 71 pounds (citations!) and one tat got away - a nice fat 148 pound big eye for Jason...little trivia...PNut was the one who fought the big eye that Billy swears would have come real close to 300 pounds for if memory serves about 3 1/2 hours before that one got away too...and then there were 37 bailers on top. Mighty fine fishing!!

Looks like a front is on the way (72 degrees on Thursday burrrr) but hopefully the Point will continue to produce. Signs of the times - we do have a couple days open here and there in September and October check out the oregon inlet site at and check the calendar. Tight Lines!

Back to fishing today and the Stream welcomed the Tuna Fever with open arms! Larry Gilmore and his crew enjoyed some nice yellowfin from 20 to I think Billy said 45 pounds...five in all, two wahoo and a limit of dolphin on top. Now thats what I'm talking about. Looks like tomorrow may be it for us until Hannah blow through town - that was a bit of a nail biter but as the track zeroed in on us (this afternoon they dubbed her a "Carolina Threat") she lost a lot of the umph they had forecasted. Not to doubt there will be swell but maybe we'll get out on Sunday...fingers crossed now that fishing is looking presperous! Tight Lines!


Hope everyone had a great labor day weekend! Seems strange that one without gainful employment could get so excited about a holiday enacted by congress specifically for the benefit of child labor and sweatshop workers who never got a day off. Oh well, whatever excites me these days is undoubtedly a good thing.

I am very excited about all the goings on around the house and in the barn. Billy had yesterday off which he spent cutting the grass and weed whacking and fertalizing while I took Kate to the pool (shhhh). Then today he painted the little boat BC has been building this summer while he was meant to be recooperating from his five-way bypass and then he and Junior Baum of Rebait fame worked on the new boat. Tomorrow they will set up the chine battens and I am recording everything on film and have even been working on a website for BB Boats that will launch pretty soon.

Then just in time for Hurricane Hannah he is booked for fishing. Seems like I will be doing some rescheduling tomorrow. And I have to go back and update the 29th and 30th of August as well. Tight Lines!