Archived Reports

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Special thanks have got to go out to David Vick and his crew fior putting on those viking helemts this morning and heading out into the remnants of Hurrican Fay! It was rough but the ganag had a good time tuna fishing...I didn't get any great details from Billy but I am waiting on a photo from the Fishing Center that may give a little more insight the end there were 6 yellowfin in the box rangine from a pup to a 60 thats a range! Tight Lines!


Make Up Parties! We love it!!!

Now it was rougher than you-know-what today but the Billes had their vikings and they had a great day! So says Randy Wilson and I believe him.

A limit of dolphin the first thing in the morning when the boys found a weed line on the way out - most of the action however was between the 570 and the 560 where the Tuna Fever experienced a slow pick on yellowfin - one pup, four 30 pounders and one fatso at 60 pounds! In the middle of the yellowfin bite Trophy Hunter and First Crack had a great time ribbing my boy because he got caught up fighting a blue marlin while the tuna were hungery! Now, come one boys - Billy tells a hell of a story sometimes and from classic crashing the bait (shoulders out of the water and nothing but mouth) to a fast run due east to the Tuna Fever chasing her in poursuit to the horrible moment when it was time to start backing down...a four hundred pounder on tuna gear is never great but especially not in the rough! So Billy spun her around and started backing don and the water flew...he says the group couldn't have been wetter if they had been swimming - he even got wet up on the bridge it was blowing so hard and the waves just lifted a little on the wind!

Anyway - that mayhem (wet mayhem but the kind I love!) ended up with a release.

Yep, hell of a day! Tight Lines! 


The Billies and Sean spent the day in the barn laying the keel for the boat they'll be building this winter. Which reminds me - she's for sale so if you would rather throw your money in a hole in the water than fish on the Tuna Fever next year (it has happened) please give us a call to discuss your personal preferences! Those boys, they love the smell of fresh cut juniper almost as much as the sight of tuna blood!

Heres the fishing report from the fleet - great dolphin fishing and a phenominal sailfish bite at the Point. Not bad, not bad at all!

Days open - yes, we have days open. November is looking good if you prefer fat yellowfin and freezing you butt off. October is tight as a tick - scattered weekdays for the fall tuna run and you know weekdays are the best! And a couple days a week open in September for late season dolphin. Fill the freezer, your it do it! Ah, BTW we are open this coming Sunday - August 31 (weird huh?) and our next weekend day is Saturday, November 22 and you know weekends are the best! hehe.

Brad, you made me cry! If you'd just come out of the closet I might just marry you..'cept I am married and so are you and you have children (plural) under eight which is an age I would rather not parent again after last week. What is it about the last week of summer that brings out the devil in angleic little girls anyway? Seeing Mom tomorrow. Tight Lines!


They say all dreams come to an end - try telling that to Mickey Mouse.

But it came to and end for us today - the tide pushed in overnight and the birds were sitting on the surface doing nothing and the fleet basically puttered around the surface doing nothing - some boats with several BLT's and a few more with vinager dipper dolphin like us. dave Swain on the High Return cactually caught a wahoo today and he was a highliner!

Oooooh. Unless Billy gets booked we are out of the game for a couple days - if it turns on I will let you know though. And we have a few days open in September so get your crew together - they have to come back sometime! Tight Lines!


He shoots! He scores! It's a hattrick! And the crowd goes wild!!!!!

15 fat yellowfin and FIVE nice big eye today for the Tuna Fever crew. Billy called to say he'd be back to the dock by 1:15. Scattered grass, scattered thunderstorms and rougher than...well, you get the picture but the fishing was all that! Wooweee!

Details details - First boat to slow down on the Point today and the Billies got lucky by way of finding brids and tuna working a bait ball right off - it was a lucky day too for the crew from Thayer Masonry...heres the low down: yellowfin for Allen Chisler @ 70 lbs, Matthew Carter @ 73 lbs, Michelle Chissler @ 76 lbs and a fat big eye at 103 lbs for Adam Chisler who went ot high school and did a lot of skateboarding with Billy! Trivia. Anyway, the other big eyes got bit off by sharks (pictures in the gallery) and aftrer a brief description at the grocery store Patrick Byrd (of Grander fame, he was the mate on that 1228 blue marlin last week) says the shark was a blue dog.

Okay - gotta fill these days coming up - can you imagine Billy home with me while the bite is actually on?? Call us, call the Fishing Center 800-272-5199 or book on-line at!!! Tight Lines!


They did it again! The Billies are setting a trend! baby is not home so I have no details but I did get a photo from Mr. Bill at the Fishing Center and it looks like 17 yellowfin - two pups and the rest in the 45 to 50 pound class. Details to follow - check out the picture and don't forget we've got Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday open! 252-473-1097 at home. Tight Lines!

Okay this is what Billy calls "perfume on the pig" but I say if the shoe fits...

First lets get one thing straight - it was rough today. Rough as a cob...we have a BC boat so there was no rolling the dough out of the doughnut but man oh man - the Billies only made 15 knots this morning and it took 2 1/2 hours to reach the fishing grounds. Thats why we asked David Wilson, Les Williams and Fred Slick and their respective childern not to drive all the way from was no day for kids but it was a day for the Ahoskie Vikings who went with us yesterday (never got a puke report BTW).

Second, the fishing yesterday was directlty relative to the birds. Yep, birds. The Tuna Fever is usually chasing whales so this surprised me but everytime they found the fish there were birds on the surface and today was no exception. The boys started out at the Point which just so happens to be the most productive fishing grounds in the Altantic right now (as evidenced by the longliners there and on the way..the Yankees are coming and I hope it won't be another war of northern aggression) and when the boys set out the Outrigger had two bites and the Trophy Hunter caught two small big eye - the Tuna Fever missed a big eye. And the birds flew south.

The Fight N Lady meanwhile ran to the 500 line - shes a little smaller and the angle coming out was better (remember rough). The birds showed up and there was a 2 acre slick - the Tuna Fever picked up and ran 3 miles to the bite - it was a slow pick down to the 440, one or two at a time, but in the end they made the day..all without puking says Billy. They stiffened up after yesterday and had an early night last night in preparation for the ROUGH!

Third, the tuna took a turn at the end of the day and headed back to the northeast. Hallelujia! (how do you spell that)! Tight Lines! 


Tuna, Tuna, Tuna! Its been so long since I said that I am going to say it again - TUNA, TUNA, TUNA!

I don't have any real detail as Kate and I just got back from two nights in Wilmington - the last summer get away - but I got the gist of it - Bayer Crop Science, trolling bites at the Point and 18 nice yellowfin averaging 46 pounds each! I was on the phone with Billy during one wham and it sounded like heaven! There is a picture!!! Tight Lines!

PS: I almost forgot, caught up as I am in getting the most out of these last few days before school starts on Monday (URGH!), Billy has a couple days open next week..Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the last Sunday open before the 23rd of November - that'd be August 31. So please call us to book one of these days!!

Dolphin if you do... for John Lytle and his crew. It was tuna he was craving but the tide was strong in the bay and after 9 or so alberts up in the corner it was all but done. But the grass provided and the meat was in the box! Tight Lines!

Eric, I am sorry I thought I did your report before I left town...well here it is but Eric and the boys are in the gallery and you know what they say about a was mixed bag of goodies for the boys today...a fine gaffer approaching 25 pounds, bailers, tiles and three 55 pound yellowfin to go on top...but I bet Dickerson didn't put them on top cause they'd bruise the rest of the fish! hehehe! Thanks for coming back to fish, Boys! Tight Lines!


This is a long one...I can already grab a coffee or a scotch and sit back and relax - promise you'll enjoy it!

It all started on Saturday when one of the tournament boats fishing back to Moorhead came across some yellowfin breaking the surface. On the same day an outboard fishing out of Pirate's Cove got whammed twice at the Point and ended up with an excellent catch of yellowfin. On Sunday Jared really wanted his white one so the Tuna Fever went north, as you know. My buddy Brynner Parks of Smoker fame beelined it to the Point and came up whammed and held on a couple times from what I hear - yellowfin and big eye too!

In the meantime, my good friend Joe Perez was running the Fight N Lady and ran five miles to get down to the Point. When he got there he found a dive boat and a diver down with an iron lung...they were filming what turned out to be a bait ball...a big one. The dive boat reported big eye, bonita, yellowfin, sharks and dolphin feeding on the ball and when they had enough footage they got the diver out and called Joe in for a pass - he got 'em good. Big eye and yellowfin.

So this morning the question was put to Dave, Sally, Todd and the crew...Door Number One: Billfish, Door Number Two: Tile Fish and finally Door Number Three: Chase Yesterday's Fish. 

Now you know about stay behind leave behind, always kiss your wife when you leave in the morning and my personal fav...go out the door you came in (thats Deepwater's not mine). Well right up there on top ios some little ditty about chasing yesterday's fish and well...turned out that way - when Joe left 'em there was 2 knots of tide and when Billy (and 12 other boats) got to where they should have been there was a whopping five - so the crew fished up to the 650 caught a fine 22 pound wahoo and then headed for the tile hole - Door Number Two! Phew! A Whopper!

And finally I'd like to tell Brad that it's okay to be a closet scalehead and thanks so much for caring about my Mom. You know prayers do reciprocate and you know they work! Tight Lines!



Woooweee, what a weekend!! I have definately not been near the computer and the one time I tried to ask my buddy Maxwell about his fishing in the last two days he was sleeping - upright, sitting on the couch. Its a shame when you get angry because your spouse isn't listenting or answering (now thats the pot calling the kettle black) and when you go over and tap him on the shoulder and find him...well, sleeping you know it almost makes you want to feel bad. Thankfully I didn't. Have no room for guilt in my life my friends.

Anyway, on Friday Jim Cox and his crew headed out on their reschedule and had a blast and a half! Never been bottom bouncing before and Billy says the boys really enjoyed it. 'Twas not too long after that the Tuna Fever headed up to the 795 and 750 and came across some life. One yellowfin bite and you'd think Fall was here - anyway they got a 55 pounder in the boat and he was chocked full of squid. Mmmmm, makes me think theres life out there after all! The big news of the day was of course the Mimi's blue marlin - captured on the final day of the Pirate's Cove tournament and pending confirmation of beating the state record Junior Baum's dad, Harry, set in 1974. She weighed in at 1228 pounds and just 20 pounds shy of a world record. Figures after 7 years in the hot seat over there the new guy got my grander and all I have for Trey Irvine, Patrick Byrd, Paul Spencer and the rest of the crew is love and admiration!

Saturday: Happy Birthday Billy! He's 102 by the way. The boys from Straight Line Masonry headed out for table fare and bagged a fine limit of tiles to start then it was south to the other 800 line to look for dolphin and the boys hooked 3 yellowfin after spotting bonitas busting the surface back up on the 650. Two in the box after a good fight (once again chocked full of squid) and they tipped the scales right at 55 pounds a piece. Table fare to be sure!

Today it was marlin fishing all the way up in Virginia for the Tuna Fever! Jared Fryer got his white marlin and the boys stumbled across some float and managed a limit of dolphin on top. Tight Lines!


Sometimes you just get that little extra push of amazememnt at your spouse - you know. Someone you sleep with every night, know right down to your toes and then, poof, they do some little thing and you say "hey, cool"! Well I got that for Billy today, my boy...smarter than the average bear. Heres the story...

The boys ran out this morning with Timothy O'Brien and crew striaght to one of the tilefish holes and it was cloudy. Thats right, cloudy. And the tiles weren't biting (more on that after I ask Billy what it means) anyway - the Pirate's Cove Tournament boats were starting to head out for a day of billfishing and My Man did what any super, duper smart guy would do - he positioned the Tuna Fever midway between the boats heading north and the ones going south and he waited, tuned into the tournament channel. Not too long after he got what he wanted...the Oh Lucky Me (I think) reported a pallett with dolphin that he ran past on the way to finind a nice billfish spot to set out at lines-in. The Tuna Fever ran three miles to the pallett and picked up a limit of dolphin!

Woooweee - I just love it when Billy is smart!

Anyway, the boys got their tiles later in the day and it was good. Tight Lines!

PS: no fishing tomorrow - terrible forecast. Jim Cox and his crew are heading out Friday instead.

Dolphin if you do! Woooweeee, the boys went out today and had a catch - they ghot their tiles and their dolphin and my baby is actually happy tonight! Now the question for Pat Sheckles and his crew is - which one is better on the grill? Tight Lines!

No fishing for the Tuna Fever today...the thunderstorms were all over the fishing grounds and socked in to the Inlet this morning and behind them? A crisp northeast wind. So, Mickey Costen and his grandkids stayed in bed again today (this is their second blow out this summer) and they will be back to try again in September. Turns out that it wasn't such a bad day offshore - that north east wind ought to stir things up a bit although it's meant to pick up to a pretty good blow by Thursday. Pirate's Cove tournament is going on this week and you can check out the action (I hope) at the billfish will come home for all the boys fishing. We'll be back in the ocean tomorrow! Tight Lines!


Well, today was the Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament and since I not longer run the tournaments I can fish it - last year we took first place tuna - but this year my team fell apart. Kate decided earlier this week to go up to Vuirginia with our friend Danny Moon and his family and that left Billy Dickerson's daughter Cori and me and so...I went with the Ohana a new 66 foot Spencer and her crew and Cori and the Billies stayed home.

The Billies did put the generator back in the boat today and she is up and running fine - so is the air conditioner! I ran out the Inlet with Capt. Eddie Wheeler and his wife Julie and their kids and my sister and my niece and some of ther friends and dodged waterspouts and thunderstorms and lighting all day! It was a blast and our fishing was pretty good - 2 for 2 and white and a sail and special congrats go to Rachel Wheeler age 9 who caught her first sail today! Tight Lines!

Congratulations to Adam Mostoller who picked the right day to come back to fishing after ten years doing something else! The boys headed out for tiles early and came up with 6 nice sea bass as well. (Wish I had some of that) and then the tiles 13 in all. After that it was trolling time and the Tuna Fever came across 60 nice bailers and fought a sailfish to a clean release! Now that sound like a little life out there yet! Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do, Dolphin if you don't. Dolphin. A near limit today for Shane and his crew and you gotta love that. My boy got in a bit of trouble by clamming but he swears that he caught all the dolphin that he found and calling the fleet in would just burn a lot of fuel. Oh well...I believe him!  Oh, almost forgot 2 fat gaffers as well - 18 and 32 pounds respectively and a limit of tiles for a delicious sprinklin' on top. Tight Lines!

Well, the Billies pulled out the big guns today and spent the whole thing trolling with Joseph Carroll and his crew for the "devil in the blue dress" - that is to say they were trolling for blue marlin and unfortunately didn't get their chance. I can tell you, that'll happen sometimes with marlin fishing. So we'll hope for better luck next time! Tight Lines!


Ah, some semblance of normal this afternoon. Gotta love that and my head is better too. Anyway, The Lone Ranger and Tonto (not Tedo, he was a Jackson 5) headed out with Pat Hughes and crew today and wooped up big time! One Yellowfin. One fat 40 pound yellowfin. One lone yellowfin (poor thing must have been lost) and the only one in the fleet and you know Billy he slapped that thing down and got Dickerson to gut 'er and you know what spilled out? Funny; no it wasn't Obama. It was Nothing. A big fat NOTHING! As in my Dad...what will I get for my birthday? Close your eyes, Honey, what do you see? NOTHING. I have never seen a patch of ocean so lifeless (now that I am paying attention again) and the boys trolled around all day and long enough to head for the wrecks. A limit of delicious tiles in the box and you have to admit that bottom bouncing with those old window sash weights on your rig for a sinker is a lot of fun but we are all ready for a little weather, a litttle break, a little grass line, or sulpher slick or an old nasty pallett with a ton of dolphin on it. Well, I am ready at least.

The boys are going blue marlin fishing tomorrow and I tell you what, Billy was putting the smooch on a lure that kevin nakamaru sent him from Hawaii tonight...if theres a fat blue one anywhere close to that thing tomorrow it'll be irresistable! Tight Lines!


Its been another couple of those days. Mom days. Anyway, the boys had a make up today and everyone got thier tiles - I think there were some dolphin too but I have to check with Billy and give you all an update. Unfortuately I have no idea what Steve Miller (no relation to the band) and his crew caught yesterday so I will update that one tonight as well. Sorry, Steve I will get ya though. Crazy life and a big fat headache to top it off! Tight lines! 

Thank God for the tilefish - thats all I have to say. The ocean isn't providing much by way of peliagics today and a limit of tiles - fat ones too - is some good eating. Thansk to Steve and his crew for being patient in my getting the report up for today! Tight Lines!


Well the Tuna Fever ran from one end of the ocean to the other - well, not quite that much but really about 12 miles - for a limit of tiles to go with a fat 40 pound yellowfin caught on the 788 and 634 (320 fathoms). Ah, what a day but at least we didn't stay inside with the pack and come up with nothing - the Billies are learning enough about bottom bouncing to make a difference. You gotta love a captain that goes the extra mile..and we know you do! Tight Lines!

PS: Monday is still open and our next day after that is the 25th so if you gotta go before school starts lets go MONDAY!! Call us at 252-473-1097

Oh Lucky Marty. Butch Pierce and his boys made out like a champ again today. six yellowfin in the 25 to 35 pound range 2 nice dolphin and 22 tiles on the slack tide. MM MM MMM! I LOVE IT! You love it? Monday is still open you know and it is also a Canadian holiday which could be double lucky for any Kanucks out there....I dug that up from the recesses of my mind and am now thinking it might be a bad thing but I don't think so. Oh what the heck...Tight Lines!