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Got a no show today. Very strange that, I think we have had two this year which is probably more than we have had in the past two years comined. No story on this one..certainly not the British Open! Tight Lines!


A great day offshore today for Jack Buchanan and his crew. And they came in pairs...2 sailfish released (the billfishing has gotten pretty good of late by the way) 2 yellowfin in the 25 to 35 pound range, 2 gaffers and a limit of tiles fish on top. How about a mixed bag on that one!!

Do have a bit of news: We are still open due to a cancellation for next Monday - August 4. I would very much like to fill that day (of course) so call the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center at 800-272-5199 and ask for the Tuna Fever:-) Katie is waiting for your call! Tight Lines!


And theres no better report than from the horse's mouth....

Just like to say thanks for a great time this Tuesday.  Both Billys (referred to in stories back at the house as, Billy “upper-deck” and Billy “lower-deck” so the family knew who we were talking about) went all out to make it a very memorable day.  All the boys (my sons Ryan and Shane and Kurt’s Josh and Drew) had fabulous time.  It was awesome to get each one in the chair for a fish even though poor Shane couldn’t see what he was doing (due to the sun and the fact that he was still asleep).  One of Shane’s favorite’s stories aside from the fish was getting a chance to steer the boat (thanks made a great picture and a long-lasting memory for him)  Great idea on hitting the wrecks too…it was nice to bring back a bunch of fish (we ended up with about 72 pounds of fillets).  Bottom-line we had a great time all due to your guy’s hard work.  I hope to be able to do it again next year.  As soon as I get some pictures I’ll send them to you for your website.

Take care and Good luck

Rob Stevenson


No fishing for us today - no sponsor as the saying goes. Billy is dreaming right now of battling tuna on the rip I am sure. I. on the other hand, am trying to get ready to get out of town tomorrow - Kate and I will be going to the pony penning in Chicoteague and then to my Dads on the eastern shore and we'll be back on Thursday. To get the report between now and then (we are booked the rest of the week) call the Fishing Center at 800-272-5199 or call Billy at home (he'll probably be lonely) between 7 and 9 PM at 252-473-1097.

August is filling up fast...just a few days available if fishing is on your agenda - call us quick! August 12 and 13 then 25, 26, 27 and 31. Tight Lines!


Yesterday it was dolphin if you do for Jimmy Anderson and his crew - the change pushed out a might bit and the Tuna Fever ended up running back inshore to a weed line they had crossed earlier - and then it was off the the wrecks - the current fell out just nice and it was tiles if you do. Tiles if you don't. Billy made tile fish for dinner and it was great - we had Jimmy's home made pound cake for dessert!

Today it was a bit more of the same although Doug, Paul and the boys had to pick the grass and did so with gusto! 600 fathoms on the 790- and the dolphin eventually found the boys ready Freddie! Tile on the fly - a limit in an hour and fifteen minutes, then back down the 100 to the 700 line and Billy missed a blue one (oops!). But I must say Joel did a good job teaching him - Mr. Capt is 6for 7 this year. Two miles south and the other Billy missed a thats a crying shame! No whales, no tuna but the boys got a hell of a show and a 3:15 they made a beeline for the barn. Ahhhh! Tight Lines!

And a great time was had by all! Scott Hockenberry and the boys got a true mixed bag today...dolphin, yellowfin, big eye and a blue one! Bailers, bailers, bailers and a 25 pound gaffer, one 35 pound yellowfin (congrats, Alec) then John's big eye at 147 pounds and Scott released the blue one at about 350 pounds! Woowee - they got good Karma, man! Tight Lines!


Remember Terry's lighting from yesterday - well today it was Ryan's lighting and wind, oh man there was wind. The boys were jacked up and ready to go but opted out - several of the boats that went came home pretty quick. But the crew had a great time talking fishing and examining Ryan's tackle over coffee in the parking lot and we know they'll ba back again one day.

Between the storms Billy, Brynner, Nick and Ned yanked the generator out of the Tuna Fever and actually horsed it into Billy's truck. Up the road he went and dropped it off at Ireland Electric in Chesapeake. I think we will have that sucker back pretty quick according to Billy - he was a bit blown away by the size of the joint and the amount of military equipment they were working on - or we'll be investing in a new one. Either way we are making forward motion and that always makes Billy happy. Tight Lines! 


El Skunko! Mas Grande Skunko. And that about says it guys know I can't spell in English so I assume you get the picture there. No excuses but we were in good company...the highliner was my buddy Carolinian with two yellowfin and then I think Pelican with one bailer. Boooo but that happens after a storm. Not going back to the 650 tomorrow - we got major marks and no bites. We hope Terry and his crew will come back one day...but all the way from Seattle for a box full of (my Dad used to say "close your eyes, what do you see?) nothing and a phenominal lighting show hitting the water around the boat and I am not going to bet on them. But maybe they will!

Yestrday ( I owed you all this one) there were tuna (TOLD YOU) and they were in the 35 pound range.. two of them. And then the dolphin...40 bailers in all. See, I listen!Tight Lines!


Okay folks, this is a poor report. Not poor because the fishing was bad but poor because Billy and I are, well, we're married. And anyone who is married knows that sometimes you hear your spouse and sometimes you actually listen to your spouse and there is a difference. I remember asking Billy what they caught today and right now all I can remember is him saying a bunch of stuff that sounded just like Charlie Brown's teacher, if you know what I mean. No offense whatsoever to Billy but personally I believe that when you utter those words "I do" (I Will in our case) something creeps into your head that makes hearing and listening two different things...God's little dramatic influence if you will.

So, I will update when I listen to him tomorrow. But I do know that he caught his dolphin becayuse my friend Phil Sawyer talked to him on the phone and since Phil and I are not married I actually retain most of the conversations that he and I share. What does jump out of my memory with Billy is "wha, wha, wha, wha, tuna, wha wha wha." So I know William Watson and his crew caught tuna (maybe three???) and dolphin I also remember that the Tuna Fever was fishing along side the Point Runner today; I probabaly remember that because I am very fond of Capt Danny Wadsworth -he has always been kind to me and he published a novel once - and I am not married to him either.

Hope this makes you smile at least. Tuna and dolphin is not too bad after a meanacing tropical storm! Tight Lines!


Christobal. What a big fat joke. It did not even rain and I was out there at 9 last night with my sprinklers on after the forecast for 50 mile an hour winds and 5 inches of rain. Phew...we missed another one is how I should be looking at it I suppose.

Tuna Fever will be heading out tomorrow to see what we will see. It was a might bit too rough to go out today and yesterday so cancelling trips was the right thing to do.

Saturday - this is a good one you'll love it - Billy and Billy were waiting for their group who shall remain nameless (to protect the innocent of course) and they never showed. So Maxwell get on the horn just in case a wild night at Kelly's ended up in the county lock up and our man answer happy and jolly on the first ring. Whats happening he said and Billy said I am waiting at the dock for you - leave behind stay behind - and my man says well, I am at the British Open. A golf game in Europe...if you gotta get stood up at least you can have a good story. Tight Lines!


So Billy pulled a Haywood today. The imfamous captain of the RiggedUp is well known for his hate for (or love of) dolphin. Dolphin if you do Dolphin if you don't. Dolphin. And Haywood will go to any lengths to catch them, just like Billy will do for a tuna. Today it was Jeff Farlow and his family although I am not sure if Bessie came...and the Farlows, the Dickerson and the Maxwell went up and down, up and down, up and down the change on a mess of scattered grass and picked out a limit of dolphin...bailers and gaffers and a nice day was had by all.  Special note should be made that the catch would not have been near as good if Hunter and Fisher, Grandpa and Jeff hadn't kept picking the grass all day...they rig great ballyhoo as well!

Happy Fourteenth, Hunter! We hope you had a great birthday!

Congrats to Haywood who missed the dolphin bite but did score at least two sailfish releases in the Dare County Boat Builders Challenge today! Tight Lines!


Sorry this report is late but Kate and i went to Busch Gardens today and road roller coasters and ate junk food and didn't get home until midnight. It was a blast!

The Billies on the other hand had a slow, lazy, choppy day up to the northeat - they fished from the 650 all the way to the 875 on the 100 fathom looking for whales which they never found. In the end it was a MEAT SLAM and a good one too - 1 for 1 on yellowfin -at 45 pounds, 1 for 4 on wahoo at 35 pounds and 1 for 1 on gaffers at 20 pounds. Pheweee...many thenka to Thomas for carrying his wahoo rig from Carolina Beach (it was the only one that didn't get bit off) and thanks as well for leaving it on the Tuna Fever (we may need it!).  Tight Lines!

ps - since Billy didn't leave me his camera I put up some pictures from Jack Evanko's safari in May...he got blown out on the Tuna Fever so he and his wife jetted off to Africa!

Big Charlie Taglorini and his boys had a great day today. Billy wants everyone to know how he has been blessed with really nice people this year. Anyway, back to the fishing...6 nice yellowfin in the box anywhere from 35 to 68 pounds. Hank Beasley drug us out over 600 fathoms...the True Grit got her dolphin and got whammed by bonitas and that was enough for us (thats 3600 feet by the way). Congrats to Brian on his sailfish release and hope everything goes well with Charlie's cardiologist after fighting those tuna! Tight Lines!


Dolphin if you do again today - 5 gaffers in all..2 big, 3 small. The tuna made a showing...they were busting the surface but the boys didn't mark anything. They got tow bites, hooked em both and pulled both of them off - then caught and released a barracuda. They always remiond me of Finding Nemo. Anyway, many thanks to Ron Feathers and his crew for heading out today.

More on the proposed bill. Officially it is called Clean Water Bill # S2766. At this point we have had a friend and charter fishermen friend that works for the state make a couple calls and he asked that we wait to hear what he finds out before I start publishing emails. As I really do repect Bob and love him to death to I will wait...but not too long. Lemme see what they got. Tight Lines!

Okay, the Lost Boys got lost somewhere outside the 730. No tuna bites today but a nice catch of gaffers including a citation that tipped the scales at 38 pounds! MMMM! Tight Lines!


There was blended 80 degree water on the 650 today (I told Billy That Mitch Roffer is the expert on SST's) anyway - the whales were there and that was good enough to help the Tuna Fever pull off an excellent day. Many thanks to Helen, Fred, Skip and Johnny (study hard boy, you really don't want to be a fisherman when you get out of college!) for playing today...Billy truly enjoyed your company. 7 yellowfin in the box and nice ones too- from 40 on the low end up to about 58 pounds. All that meat was on the way to Austin Seafood the last time Billy saw it...the DiCocco's freezer at home went bad and the new one won't be delivered till Tuesday - Mr. Austin will flash freeze that tuna and hang onto it until it's cold in Corolla! Oh what a difference a day makes!

Okay so the great catch today helped Billy with a party on Tuesday and we got a make up for tomorrow but we still have Monday the 21st and Thursday the 24th and Monday the 28th open. Sorry no weekends until August 31. And apart from these few days in July theres nothing open with us until August 12 so if you have the itch give us a call 252-473-1097!

Also, we may need your help on the Hill this week. I will be posting some news tomorrow on a bill being pushed through the Senate that would require the Tuna Fever to now comply with EPA standards set for tankers and big ships...that would mean a catalytic converter along with a bunch of other stuff we simply can't afford and it's a bit ridiculous. Anyway, I am getting the emails for the Honorable Senatros from the great state of North Carolina tomorrow and I will post with the facts. Thanks! Tight Lines! 


The day started off slow but Billy came through the door tonight sounding like a Lost Boy. Kuukookookooo!

Apparently at noon Toby, George, the White Sheep and the rest of the family had but one gaffer in the box and between then and when the boys picked up to come home things really started to come alive. The west wind died and immediately the stream started pushing back in. Tomorrow a very nice change should be right over the 650.

In the end I think Billy said six yellowfin between his crowing and I know he said the biggest was just shy of 70 pounds...a few dolphin on top and it was a fine day indeed - congrats to Uncle Haywood and Graham on the Rigged Up - they got whammed twice this afternoon south of the Point and highlined the whole fleet with 14 yellowfin (no ones done that in a while!).  Tight Lines!

PS Now that we are crowing a bit don't forget we still have a couple days open - two next week and two the week after...unfortunately I am not looking at the calendar but if I am crowing again tomorrow I will give you all the dates. TL

It was a slow day again today but the ocean is sarting to show some signs of life. At least it wasn't rough. Mel Strauss and his crew are new to us and while the Billies did the best they could, their efforts this morning to find a big eye proved unsucessful. There were a few caught in the fleet today and yesterday. Chasing yellowfin didn't work out much better and if I am not mistaken  think the boys caught three - two pups and a nice one upwards of 45 pounds. A couple dolphin as well and at least the crew got the skunk out of the box! Tight Lines!

No fishing today...Billy met Art, Mike and the boys and it was just bad at the buoys and yesterdays storm fronts were still pushing through the fishing grounds..since these fellows have been fishing with Billy since the Va Beach Fishing Center and because its the right thing to do and Billy is that kinda guy they all decided to go fishing on another day when its not so skanky. Maybe tomorrow will bring us some luck - the late afternoon fishing report revealed some decent tuna fishing for the boats that braved the seas...fingers crossed! Tight Lines!

You know your woman loves you when she sends you on a surprize fishing trip. Thats all I have to say except it was fun being in cahoots with Michele Toms for the past six months...Sean and his crew had a good day although it got rougher by the minute and their catch wasn't the greatest..two yellowfin toward day's end and pulled one off for good measure. It was a slow and early run home in the storms and the rough and take a wild guess who was leading the pack! A scattered bite popped up along a good distance of the fishing grounds from the Point south. Congratulations to Michele and Sean on their wedding Thursday morning and it was good to see you boys again! Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do! Well, they were dolphin anyway...3 gaffers and 9 big bailers and a beautiful day but slow on the tunas. The Tuna Fever headed to the 650 where she caught those tuna yesterday but there was not much ado about nothin'. The color change pushed out and the Billies fishing south then back up again looking for Jeff's Tuna but didn't find him. Many thanks to Jeff Chester and his crew for fishing with us today. Tight Lines!


Finally! I love Mondays (well not really but they are much better in the summer.). The Boys found the fish today! Woooweeee!

Hey Diddle Diddle right down the middle is what Capt. Billy says and it was a slow pick for Brian Sullivan and his crew but pick they did and in the end they had a fine catch (picture in the gallery). Brian and his crew may not know it but they went all up and down the ocean today - from the Point to the 530 to the 480 back up to the 610 then to the 630 and as they went along they caught a dolphin, 2 wahoo (nice ones too 36 and 32 pounds repectfully and Tuna Fever's second and third of the season) and then three nice yellowfin to throw on top.

Back in the game, Baby! Those prayers must have worked:-) Tight Lines!

Oh, since we had a good day it may be time to remind everyone that we do have a couple days opeb in July... Monday and Tuesday next week and a couple days the following week as well. Call us at home 252-473-1097

No fishing today...'twas a might bit rough offshore today but maybe it'll mix things up a bit. A little prayer couldn't hurt..Tight Lines!

Slow fishing again today. Whats Up???? Anyway, it was one gaffer on the troll and then off to the wrecks where Bob and his crew cleaned up on the tiles..MMMMM. So they aren't big game but they are delicious! Tight Lines!

Happy Fourth! But not so happy fishing today...just a handful of dolphin and little ones too. Glad Byron got his tuna yesterday. Tight Lines!


So we figured out why the tuna aren't congregated right at our back bait. The Billies took a page out of Chuckie's book and cut open the first yellowfin today, meaning to dial in on what the fish were eating, and found....well, nothing. Nada, Zippo, Bupkiss (does bupkiss have one "s" or two?)

Anyway, it turned out to be a fine day on the Tuna Fever - I figure if there is no bait and you can find a fish he ought to eat a hook, right? - A box of yellowfin though not quite full. One dink around 30 pounds and 8 more from 35 to 60 all on the troll..MMMM. Congrats to Byron and the boys and if you ever get tired of doing what you do, please open a rib shop in Manteo! Tight Lines!


Better today for Joel, Jean, Grandad and the kids - some days are diamonds and sometimes you catch a 55 pound yellowfin right out of the gate. A slow pick through mid day but the afternoon - happy hour - turned on and the box was nearly full with 60 to 90 pounders - let me repeat - 60 to 90 POUNDERS there were only 5 yellowfin in all and a nice catch of tiles but that was enough! Congrats Grandad on the grandaddy of all tunas!!

Tight Lines!

Booking Report - had a party move their date week after next so we are open on Monday, July 14

Slow fishing unfortuneately today for Ron Zimmerman and his crew - and they are first timers with us too! Well my mother always says never tryust your first impression...few dolphin for the folks and that was about it. Urgh! Tight Lines!