Archived Reports

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No fishing today - nor yesterday either for that matter. It has cooled off inshore a little bit but it's blowing offshore pretty good. At least we got the site up and running. Tight Lines!

Rough and snotty and worse as the day went one - so Wayne Kinnemon and his gang of pirates are going to pass on their second trip tomorrow and head home with coolers stuffed with dolphin. It may have been rough but not too much to catch some delicious, scrumptious Mahi. We have called off Monday's trip already - sorry Mike - but we'll get you back and not beat your brains out. And that is as nasty as it sounds! Tight Lines!


Hey I know I am missing Duncan's report from Wednesday - had a week with Mom and didn't realize I missed it until now - I will check with the man and get back to you. It was a might bit rough today for Jeff Farlow and his boys (little boys by the way) so the Fever took a pass and Billy headed for the real barn...Kate had her first horse show today. The weather and they family affairs (once in a lifetiome ones usually) never coinside (spelled that wrong) but today the gods were kind and he made it for the whole show:-)

Mom's still making progress - three stepos forward and two back this week but it's still the right direction. And she's still here in Nags Head which is a blessing. Keeps those prayers coming! Tight Lines!

Well, we tried to pull a "Fin Gaddy" today and it didn't quite work out...Now, Mike Spangler knows this boat is called Tuna Fever but he did get a blue marlin with us last year so today we tried our best for a white one. To no avail. That little sucker was elusive as they say and the boys saw one but didn't get a shot at it and that was that. Tight Lines anyway Mike and thanks for playing!


Now I don't normally start off a report talking about someone else's catch and I hope Jim Hagan and his crew won't take offense and I also know that most of our fishing report fanatics are also scale heads and I say that with this kindest regard and deep, deep respect but my friend Fin on the Qualifier had a phenominal day (with a bunch of girl anglers) and I just gotta give billfishing credit where billfishing credit is due. Bet my college lit professor would love that run on sentence!

The Qualifier had 5 whites, 1 blue and 1 sail and then came across a nice catch of dolphin on the way home. Thats a Grand Slam and you know how my brains work so now I can't remember the angler's name but she released the Slam herself and I think that is just better than great. So congrats to Fin and Amanda and the rest of the crew. Mazel Tov!!

Back to Jim and the boys who Kate and I actually got to meet - just ask him, Billy really doesn't lock me in the office with a keyboard strapped to my lap! The wind came around northeast this afternoon and cooled the beach off a bit so Kate and I brought some oil down so Billy could do a change tonight. Anyway, it was dolphin if you do and dolphin if you don't today...we didn't see the fish but by the size of the smiles and the number of handshakes going around - and the telltale fish slime all over the dock - I'd say it was a good day. Fight N Lady got slammed by the tuna early and she was the only one, I hope Sam was grateful as I know that wasn't some Karmic reaction.

And as I have touched on  the Buddha and Judaism I will close with a good ole fashioned God Bless and Tight Lines! (next thing you know I'll get quoted on Obama's website)

And we do love new people - and we love Jeff Farlow for having friends who love to fish...see you Friday, jeff. Anyway, the Tuna fever headed to the spot she left the dolphin yesterday and - well, the change had pushed out and them the monsoon headed in! Trolling against the rain until the rain let up and Billy found a piece of float to fish some gaffers off of. Down the line again to another piece of float and the two yellofin to go on top. One white marlin release later and it was bailers, gaffers, tuna and flags. many thanks, Mike for the opportunity to take you fishing and send some pictures!! Tight Lines!


Dolphin if you do, Byron. And dolphin if you don't too! Limit, baby. Limit! 8 nice yellowfin to go on top and Byron and the boys had a fine day of fishing...send me some pictures, Anthony! Tight Lines!


First special thanks to John Merrick and his crew for watching the report closely enough to know we were open and booked us today!

The crew took off for dolphin and ended up running 57 miles to hit the change and then ran a bit more to find the change - 1357 fathoms!! Big baits back to the 100 fathom curve to find that big blue one but they ended up with a great catch of dolphin and had an excellent day:-) However you found us - call us early for your day next year! Tight Lines! 


A pile of dolphin to go with a great catch of yellowfin yesterday and I would say that Scott Michaud and his team had two fine day of fishing. I haven't got any detail on the tuna yesterday but today the boys had a limit of bailers and 12 gaffers - two that were just shy of citations right over 30 pounds each! Cool!

Keep sending your pictures as I now know how to put them on the site myself - easy pie. Tight Lines!

Trey Byrum and his crew had a great time today - Billy was really haoppy to be fishing with all the boys again! In the end there were 10 fat yellowfin in the box avergaing about 60 pounds each and the crew even managed a couple dolphin - 2 bailers and 2 gaffers. I haven't got any more details but it sounds like they had a great day. Tight Lines!


Another great day offshore - Danny Moon ran down from Virginia to hit the rip with his granddaughter Annah who happens to be one of Kate's best friends so I let her blow off camp while I headed for Virginia and my Mom. The girls caught a near limit of dolphin and seven nice yellowfin - brandon and Jerry had some big uns...up to 85 pounds and then the ladies had enough of throwing up in the semi-rough and the Tuna Fever headed for the barn. Who would have though Kate would be a puker with the genes we gave her - oh well she still loves fishing!

Mom is well enough to be transferred to a rehab facility on the outer banks tomorrow - it's Britthaven in Nags Head and about 15 minutes from the house. 15 weeks running up and down the road and I can almost do it in my sleep! Mom has already put in her order for Stone Oven Pizza tomorrow for dinner so, Ivey, get the oven warmed up! Everyone's thoughts and prayers have kept all of us going and other than the day the fleet prayed for "patience" for me (I told Billy to make them take that one back!) they seem to have worked wonders on everyone - so THANKS! and TIGHT LINES!


A great day offshore with Uncle Melivin, John Queensberry and the crew from Virginia Beach. There was a limit of dolphin early and yellowfin in the afternoon - 30 to 40 pound range. The whales were home on the 500 and the stick made the day. See Melvy,  told you banana bread was bad luck and you know, he's not really my uncle.

This Saturday is still open so if you have the itch call us at home (but not if it hits you at 2 AM) or call the Fishing Center 252-441-6301. This is our only weekend day until the 31st of August so if you gotta work hard during the week and you can play hard on the weekend, this just may be your lucky day! Tight Lines!


We are back! And Kate and I had a glorious week - the boys did not win a million dollars but I think they had a great time anyway. That million bucks would have been cool though.

Thanks for the well wishes from everyobne watching the action on the Big Rock site - I will have to go look in a minute and see who won.

So heres the news - while I was gone we had two cancellations...this coming Saturday which is the 21st. And the following Thursday which is the 26th. If you want to go on either day call us at home 252-473-1097 and I will book you - if it is at 2 AM you can go on the Fishing Center site and book with a credit card. As far as I know everyone is booked for next Saturday so this day will not last! :-) Tight Lines!


Catching up again. The boys are in Hatteras today - ran down last night after a horrible day of fishing for Scott Brown and his crew - hope it's not a sign. Glenn Taylor and his bouys, on the other hand, had a good day if memory serves on Thursday. Glenn is I am wrong let me know as the brains are toast and I just don't remember Billy being in a not-so-great mood on Thursday night. Fishing has been slow today but today doesn't count.

They are in it for the big bucks (and fun of course) starting tomorrow and you can follow all the action at Crystal Watters website - and I know form experience - is one of the best on the tournament circuit so you should enjoy it. Kate and I are headed to Hatteras tomorrow for some family fun and relaxation..although its like 100 degrees outside! Tight Lines!


No fishing today - it was a might bit rough out there for Robert McCullough who is a great dad for bringing his kids. We love kids - but southwesters don't!

The Billies are rigging for the Big Rock tournament today. Fishing starts on Tuesday and goes through Saturday. two lay days - captains choice. We will be fishing out of Oden's Docks in Hatteras and special thanks to Dan Oden for finding us a spot. That 2 hour commute to my mom just went back to four but Kate and I are planning to spend the better part of the week in Hatteras Village which means I won't be updating this report next week.

But you can go onto and follow all the action of North Carolina's 50 year-old tournament! Tight Lines!


Tonight I got home from seeing Mom around 9 and Billy was, well he just wasn't. Only one thing could do that and it's bad fishing. Another stone today and he felt horribl;e about it. Now Julian and his crew have been enough times to know fishing is fishing but 2 yellowfin and 2 gaffers just didn't do for oh, captain my captain.

Mom should be moved to a theraputic rehab soon - cuts the round trip down to two hours instead of four so thats good - but I think we will all feel better when the box is full! Tight Lines!


I am catching up again. Remember all that "before 9 PM" junk I was spouting about the fishing report. Well, you see how well that worked out.

So today I am giving the report for yesterday and today as the crew from Hampton Roads Rubber - who also sell us some kind of very important hose for building boats (thats my winter job can't be bothered to remember right now) anyway, I do remember they are a pleasure to work with - fished with us both days. Here comes some of that diamonds and stone stuff.

Today - diamonds. Yesterday - stone. Lets start with that. The Tuna Fever fished from the 650 to the 750 looking for something - anything - and never came up with much . All the signs were there - whales feeding, squid, color blah, blah blah - no tuna. Steve and his boys ended the day with 2 yellowfin and 2 gaffers in the box and I recall Billy had a headache.

Today it was a horse of a different color (I always thought that horse was the coolest...made up for the flying monkeys). The boys headed for the grass line that was apparently picked clean by our friends in Hatteras the day before and the color change turned up in 16 fathoms (bad) and no dolphin at all. ad again. Also no current at all which happens perhaps one out of every 90 days of fishing so the Fever and her crew headed for the grouper honey hole. And they hit 'e,. Tiles, sea bass and four snoweys from 12 to 25 pounds. Heaven sent. After that low and bhold the tuna popped up for some afternoon delight and the crew got their wite meat and their red meat and they must be loved by somebody upstairs! Tight Lines!


When I was 11 my mother packed me in the car and we drove across country (and back). In Colorado (or so) she opted for the "scenic boat ride and wildlife ride" as opposed to "white water rafting that could kill you ride" on the Snake river. The moral of the story is you never know what you're going to get...there was only one Snake and our "scenic" boat followed the "thrill ride" boat right through the rapids.

Billy likens his day to Capt. Sig and the crew on the "Northwestern" but I like my story better. Whatever it was Tom Mergner and his son were instructed to "hollar if they had to use the head so I can slow the boat down" and the Tuna Fever beat her down to the southern for what turned out to be a rough and prosperous day of fishing. Hey, they made it to the change and the gaffers were thick - they boys brought home a limit and had a fabulous time. (Tom's son is 11 too!) Only on the Discovery Channel and outside the Point. Tight Lines!