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Well, John Locker and his boys got their red meat today! Let me see what I remember from a quick fishing report after four hours on the road from Virginia - I want to sday it was nine of so yellowfin and two fat one in the upper 80 pound range. There may have been a big big eye in there but Billy (my Billy) definately hooked a white one that was played to a clean release and the other Billy finally got his shot a a blue marlin which was also released...sorry, John that I did not get the anglers' names but congratulations to all on a fine day of fishing!

My Mother took a turn yesterday - finally for the good this time. She is not yet out of the woods and not expected home for who knows how long but all those prayers have worked and Billy and I are so grateful for all the support. Keep 'em coming! I updated the fishing report for the days I missed last week - thanks so much for everyone's patience as I continue my commute to Norfolk. Tight Lines!


It was a great day of fishing on the Tuna fever today - unfortunately there was no red meat. A boat load of gaffer dolphin for John Locker and the boys and thats gotta be good! They are going out again tomorrow so I will fit in a prayer for some yellowfin:-) Tight Lines!



Here I am back again. Special thanks to Randy Dugan and his crew who aggreed to turn around this morning and head back home after 20 miles of getting beat uop out there. A few boats made the day - kinda - the weather got worse and the ocean got rougher..but a few boats did bail some dolphin this morning.

As for me I am just back from Virginia. Touch and go with all that. I will update the report, per day, for earlier this week tomorrow.

Tight Lines!

Mike Walls and his crew had a nice day today - a great mixed bag in the box - 2 big eyes with one tipping the scale at 107 and a limit of yellowfin to boot! The boys couldn't stop there and topped off the box with 7 nice gaffers. Tight Lines!

Now this day I do remember - Jason and his boys are new to the Tuna Fever and if memory serves they hadn't been offshore but don't quote me on that. A great day on the rip and the boys came up with a fine catch of yellowfin and two tuna (no confirmation if they were big eye or yellowfin) at 81 and 84 pounds a piece - 7 more in the box to go along with one fat gaffer and it's a mixed bag all the way around. Woooweee!

Tuna, Tuna, Tuna! Soo how fast things can change...8 yellowfin in the box and one nice big eye - unfortunatley I am updatiung this report about a week late so I don't have any sizes to report but hey, we'll take it! Congrats to Gary Harrison and the crew on a fine day of fishing! Tight Lines!

A slow day today for Lee Korbert and the crew - the water pushed out and it was 4 gaffers in the box for the boys. Ah, some days are diamonds and some are, well, like today. Tight Lines!


Catching up again!

Fishing has been feast or famine and yesterday it was famine-ish for Dan and the guys...the day before you will recall they had the feast! I spoke to Billy early and they had just released a sailfish and when I spoke to him late they had still only released a sailfish! Toward the end of the day the boys hit a couple big eye - landing one in the 100 pound range and then a yellowfin that weighed in at 50 pounds. Phew! They pulled that one out didn't they?

Today it was feast-ish again - fishing a 75 degree change all the way to the 540 they hit some birds, then bon itas then a couple gaffers then - nothing. It was a might bit rough too so they fishing a grass line at the Point and pulled out some more gaffers - a nice catch of 15 fat ones in all and hooked a yellowfin - the biggest of the day at 30 pounds. The rest of the afternoon Walter and the boys (thanks for the apple butter!) picked out 3 more yellowfin around 25 poun ds a piece right around the 670 line and that was all she wrote! Tight Lines!


Doing double duty tonight - I am home and Mom is holiding her own...keep those prayers coming!!

Okay, yesterday was day 2 of 2 for Rick Dudash and the boys and day 2 of 2 was cut short by some nasty weather. It started offshore and blew a gail - a 45 pound yellowfin and a couple gaffers was all she wrote before the Tuna Fever picked up and ran for the preverbial barn at 12:20.

Today Billy got his vengance. You must understand that springtime fishing is a funky thing. I like to look at it like driving blind - most of what you know, your skills in fact, cannot be used as the fish bite hard and fast and whoever has luck enough to land on them usually has the best catch. Well the Billies landed on them today and had a phenominal catch.

Now, Woopie's brother's friends who live in Florida, that'd be Dan Smith and the crew drove 900 miles for  two whacks at big eyes (2 in the first shot and 4 in the second most in the 65 to 83 pound range plus a 104 and a 115) and aslow but steady pick on the yellowfin - a near limit ranging between 30 and 66 pounds. Oh, 2 gaffers on top - and those days just don't come along all the time. The same crew will be heading out again tomorrow - 1800 miles is too long for one day! Tight Lines!


Great day offshore today! Things are shaping up (knock on wood). Congratulations first go out to Mike VanGeen on his 95 pound yellowfin - nice fish! The boys started out at the 230 rocks and fished up to the 530 picking out 6 nice gaffers and 9 yellowfin most between 40 and 50 pounds but one at 35 and that big ole one mentioned above.

I am out of here headed back to Virginia in the morning. Any extra prayers not used up on fishing (life does go on) could be directed toward my Mom and I would be grateful. If I am not on line with the reports for a couple days please don't be mad - call the Fishing Center at 800-272-5199 for all the latest news! Tight Lines! 


12 feet every nine seconds or 9 feet every 12 seconds..I xcan't quite remember what Billy told me the buoys read at 6 am Saturday but no matter - Dave Goyette (sorry for the spelling!) and his crew stayed safe and sound on the dock...the front was a little late and the boys made travel and I am sorry for that but sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate.

Today was a fine day with winds switched from the southwest - although last night on the beach road it didn't seem like anyone would be going anywhere! A great catch of "nice" dolphin for Reyn Smith and his gang. Nice meaning bigger than bailers and a mix of gaffers. MMM! They fished from the 280 to the 230 and then to the 219 - doubled back in 40 to 60 fathoms over the 230 rocks in blended water but never found the tunas. Ahhh, it's okay.

Oh and I know we have all been praying for fish (of course) and better weather but a little thought for Billy and his docking abilities would be nice. He admits that he missed his dock today and missed it good - he didn't hit any of the other boats but they did get a scare! Tight Lines!


Back in the blue - well green I suspect as the boys never found a break from 58 degrees. On top of that the bar was a mess with the swell left over from our Nor'Easter-Flood-Thunderstorms of the last two days....anyway it was "down the Sound and out Hat'ras Inlet" fro Dan Tillery and his crew. Seemed like a damn shame to me - all that extra fuel and the water that was there yesterday (two boats made it out yesterday) was gone and the tuna along with it. The extra time to get there meant the Hatteras Fleet picked the only weed line clean and the box had five gaffers in it when it was time for the long treck home. Ah, thats fishing though isn't it?

No fishing again tomorrow - considering the lack of change and the forecast which was jacked up this morning there will be no "this will only hurt for a second" jazz for George and Butch and the boys - hope they know how to make breakfast in Delaware! Tight Lines! 

Well, it has been a week for me - the report may get a little erratic as my mother is in the hospital in Virginia and I am running back a forth. But for today - I am in my own house and it is blowing a gale and meant to get worse this afternoon. No fishing today, tomorrow or yesterday for that matter. But on Saturday - Saturday was golden for Kenny Wells and the boys. The Tuna Fever headed straight for the 630 and got on the bite early in the morning - 6 for 6 in the box and fat ones too ranging between 40 and 55 pounds a piece. Then the boys hooked a big eye and we won't talk about how big that one was because they lost it - pulled the hook after an hour and 20 minutes - what a heartbreaker! By then the bite was over and the rest of the day produced 2 nice gaffers for the crew. How about that for a day!! Tight Lines and look for a new report on Wednesday - hoping to get John Dingus and his boys out in the blue.

No fishing today - or yesterday for that matter - we had a front push through and its a might bit windy out there. But the good news is this wind may churn up the fish - we'll know tomorrow - Tight Lines!

The Sorenson crew is definately going south tomorrow! Slow fishing in the tuna grounds again today - a few little ones and a few dolphin in the box so it's not like nothing happened at all but Maxwell is not pleased and they will face the rough for dolphin in the morning! I am working on Charlie's pictures (he's not a Sorenson by the way (sorry, Charlie)) - they are os some fine dolphin and Wallace's 400ish pound blue marlin. Tight Lines!

Slower fishing for the boys today - Billy headed north to the area where the tuna popped up yesterday afternoon and put a few small yellowfin in the box plus four dolphin but it wasn't anything to write home about. The Fight N Lady went back south and threw down on everyone with a nice catch of bailers. I have a disk courtesy of Charlie Sorenson with some great blue marlin shots from yesterday and will do my best to get them on the site today...disk, download, email and upload...sounds like a lot of work to me! Tight Lines!

"Twas a humdinger of a weekend - remember those diamonds and stones? Well, Billy Thayer and his crew got the stones on Saturday - 3 dolphin. Only three can you believe it. The Billies took the crew bottom dropping as the conditions were perfect and we had tilefish for dinner tonight. Today it was something else entirely for Steve Sorenson and his crew - 2 out of three on blue marlin and a fine catch of gaffers - I think Billy said the had 14 or so (I will have to confirm that) and they were big ones - the fattest topping out at 32 pounds (I think) - well, it was somewhere around there anyway. Nice!! Tight Lines!

Remember that great catch yesterday - well keep it in your minds eye because today hardly resembled it. Slow fishing as the water we were fishing yesterday pushed out - off the bottom - and moved another three miles while the boys were fishing. Four dolphin in the box and thats the way it goes sometimes. Bo Dobson on the Full Draw was the highliner today and I think Billy said he had had four or five yellowfin out of the 11 total caught by the fleet. Urgh! Charles Haywood had a nice catch of dolphim with 40 or so bailers. I will keep my fingers crossed for Billy Thayer and his crew tomorrow...Tight Lines!


In the words of Jane's Addiction...Here We Go! (This is also the song that made me think I could fall in love with Billy but thats another story).

Jared Fryer and his crew had a great day - and a great one to begin the season with. Kate and I called the Tuna Fever this morning on the way to school, just to wish some luck, and heard the skunk was out of the box - the boys had a small mako and I said MMMM, 'cause you know it is delicious. By afternoon I got the report and at Kate's soccer game I got the real deal (after weigh in).

6 gaffers, 17 tuna: 2 bluefins and 15 yellowfin - most up to 45 pounds and one boscoe tipping the scale at 72. Not bad, not too bad at all. Billy's eyeballing was a little rusty - to my great surprise - he was off on the count and called the fat one at 65ish. Glad I waited to write the report.

And one word on the report - the junkies really got on me last year when I was a couple days late so here's my goal - I used to do the report in the morning (when I wasn't building a house) because the computer was just work at night but as I am an unemployed contractor at the moment (and kinda loving it!) I don't mind this ole machine too much and I plan to get the report up at night - as soon as Kate hits the sack - every day except the weekend - that'll come Monday. I am also working on getting a database set up to put up pictures myself - but I won't be going to the dock to take them so keep sending your shots to

Last but not least - anyone booked a trip out of Kona yet? Tight Lines!