Archived Reports

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Its been so long since I have updated this report that I pretty much forgot my password! And I owe you guys an apology but you really haven't missed much. Although the gulfstream stayed really hot all winter I haven't heard any good fishing reports at all. Some of the guys fish all winter and I am sure there were some good days...I just never heard about them.

Billy and his crew have been working on the Aggressor III and she is coming close to being finished. We are definately on the home streatch and everyone is looking forward to begining the fishing season soon. Billy is working on arrangements to take the Tuna Fever in the paint shop at Spencer Yachts and get her spruced up and it seems many of the other boats are getting the spit shine too - lots of repowers this winter and other guys getting generators and the like.

The Fishing Center has finally recieved all of our dates and we are open on they website for bookings May and June days are slim but up until mid-July for yellowfin is good fishing and there are days avaialble. Weekends in the fall are also filling up; if Saturday is a must give us a call soon! Tight Lines!