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They Came. They Saw. They finally kicked some tuna you-know-what! Maybe terry is some kind of lucky but everything clicked today and they came home with a limit of yellowfin in the box. Unfortunately I have no other details but I will work on it.

On a sad note our hearts and prayers go out to Jimmie's crew - they were meant to go fishing tomorrow and on the way home from hunting a few of the crew had a car accident. If you can spare a prayer they could use it.

Tight Lines!


Oooooh. And Yuck! So the conditions were perfect. Better than perfect. Ideal. But where were the tuna today? Who knows - we didn't find 'em. Steve and his boys went home with one tuna in the box (my Mom says it was two but I don't think thats right). Billy said one but if Steve is out there maybe he'll correct me.

On the way in the striper bait was pushing out so there won't be any of those tomorrow either. Maybe we'll have better luck on Friday. In the meantime Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Tight Lines!

Yesterday it was no fish - today bad conditions. Carlton and his crew had rescheduled from the gale on Saturday and the Billies managed a better catch than yesterday in some nasty green blended water. The highlite, I think, was a nice 90 pound mako...thats good eating...and the tuna count went like this - 2 yellowfin and 3 blackfin. Thats okay by me! Tight Lines! 


Well, Les and Dave finally got out today after being blown out I am not sure how many times....the one day I do rememeber because Randy and the vikings went instead to prove how manly they were but that is a long story....

Anyway, like I was saying....Les and Dave were out there ready to go - but where did the fish go? Obviously Billy didn't know because the crew had a bad day - one tuna. You know what I say? It could have been worse but Maxwell was in a sad mood tonight. Looks like the forecast may hold through Wednesday so we'll be out again tomorrow and we're still available on Wednesday if you need to go - call the Fishing Center at 252-441-6301. Tight Lines!


She's still puffin out there but the forecast is coming around - looks like Sunday for certain and Monday looks wonderful - and we are open on Monday. So if you can get the boys together it'll be fresh tuna for Thanksgiving! Look at Tony and his crew from last week - they called last minute on a fine forecast and limmed the yellowfin quick, fast and in a hurry!

I am in and out over the next couple of days (when I get to be my mother's age I am planning to go to medical school so I won't have to go to the doctor every other day!) so if you can't get us at the house 252-473-1097 try the Fishing Center at 252-441-6301 and Miss Virginia will hook you up! Tight Lines!


No fishing today - she's a blowing (again!). We've got Paul Jessuino on stand by for Friday..I am hoping we'll make it.

We do have days open next week before Thanksgiving and the yellowfin have been biting. You gotta love that! Tight Lines!


We picked up a make-up today and funny thing - all six of the folks were from PA but no relation to each other - hehe. Many thanks to Miss Virginia for the trip!

So it was a great day of fishing -Dickerson was actually hunting with his dad in Maryland so Capt. Charles Haywood of Rigged Up fame went along to work the pit - I never did ask if he worked the pit or if Billy gave up the wheel but there were ten yellowfin in the box at the end of the day when the boys headed home. Mr. Bill sent some nice shots and they are up in the gallery.

Speaking of the gallery have you noticed that Billy's parties and their fish are just about the only thing in the picture - heck we have summer pictures where some women throw their kids in the shot and take pictures of our group and the Fishing Center looks positively desolate these days! Billy's calendar is open through the winter and we are mostly booking two days at a time in case weather becomes an issue.

Now, speaking of Capt. Charles, he is earnestly taking duck hunting trips this winter. I say earnestly because he always did a little but always also built houses in the off season - take it from a contractor there ain't much ado about that. So Haywood is booking duck hunting trips and I tell you - he's good. I'm not much of a hunter but he has a hell of a reputation and  provides it all. Call him or his wife, Marcie, at home for the details..252-473-1514. Tight Lines!

Billy called at 10:30 this morning to say he and his friends had caight their limit of 35 pound class yellowfin and were on the way home! How about that! It'll be blowing for the next couple days I'm afraid but the good news is we have days open next week and the tuna fishing is fine! So call us...theres nothing like fresh tuna steaks on Thanksgiving:-) Tight Lines!


There is a first time for everything and today was one of those days. I met Billy when I was a diesel engine repair service writer in Virginia Beach - that would have been in 1991 I think and I started dating him the next year (I actually said "no" many, many times) and we have been debating when we got married - but it was a while ago (so long neither of us can remember...I got stuck on our 11th anniversary for some reason..even today, when someone asks I say "eleven years") and he has never, never called to say...

"Baby, I am out here fishing in this hurricane and I just wanted to tell you I love you if I never see you again". Then he laughed huge so I didn't know if he was serious or about to die with a smile on his face - either way Chris Mounie and the boys got theirs today - nicer class of fish too. 19 yellowfin in the 30 pound class and a 30 pound wahoo. And then there was the mako that got away with Billy's favorite spreader bar.  All in all - in spite of the weather - it was a great day and big priase goes out to Chris and the boys for their Viking spirit! Tight Lines!

A limit of tuna in the box for Tony and his crew - thanks so much for booking us late yesterday - told you! That eddy did push in and everything was fine until the boys got into a pod of juvenile bluefin and had to throw 'em back...lots and lot of them! Tight Lines!  And now for the details - 5 blackfin to go with the yellowfin the boys caught and thats all I know.


No details at all - I do know that Jeff Farlow and his boys fished today and I totally forgot to send the thank-you card for Hunter. Anyway, the crew fished and came up with 9 tuna...I don't know anything else - yellowfin? Bluefin? small? large? I don't know...I don't know even where they were fishing but that eddy Billy has been talking about must have pushed up somewhere near the Point because that's where it was headed in the first place:-) Tight Lines!

Ahhh - I got details! 22 to 28 pound yellowfin! Thanks to Christian and his dad Dave for coming with Hunter and Fisher today!


The drama seems to be never ending this fall - so Billy calls at 7:30 this morning to tell me to find Jared Fryer who is driving down for fishing tomorrow and tell him that a)fishing ain't great and b)the Tuna Fever has a cracked fuel line.

Drama Drama Drama!!

So Scott and Rick from CAT met the boys at the dock last night. Reyn Smith's crew fished out the day but the water never shoved in and tuna fishing was about non-existant. Reyn spent the day on the couch at home dealing with his own drama and we hope he feels better soon...miss you Reyn! Anyway, it was tiles and nice fat black sea bass for the crew and thats nothing to sneeze at but it's not red meat either. The good news is that CAT got us fixed up quick. The bad news is that Jared opted to not go tomorrow but then again - theres a beautiful eddy of water pushing up the coast and it won't be here until Wednesday anyway - we have Wednesday opne if you want to go! Tight Lines!


Okay the super weirdest thing happened today. Turns out fishermen aren't the only ones who don't work when the weather is bad - being an out-of-work contractor I should know this...but it happened last night. The crew from Thayer Masonry called to say they could work today (haven't all week) and they couldn't go. Stink! But thanks for taking care of us and Billy and Kate had a nice afternoon together.

Wednesday is open and the weather is going to be beautiful so if you need to get offshore call us or send an email! Tight Lines!


Here I am and, boy, do I have a story to tell...

It all started with the mini-hurricane we had this week followed by a lot of cloud cover. That would mean no satellite images and no idea where to go and on top of which it was just about as rough today as you want and, God love 'em, George Yarberry and his crew were true Vikings today.

So the Billies ran for the 600 line and the Pirate's Cove boats went north a bit (east of the inlet) and in between was an 18 mile mistake that you couldn't run...if, that is, we landed in the wrong place. Now, having a bit faster boat and that sure is nice sometimes, Tony Tillett on the Carlolinian got to the 100 fathom on the 500 line first - 62 degree uck! and the longliner Sea Bound was in 400 fathoms on the 530 in green water. So we stopped on the 600 in 65 degree water wand nothing happened. Meanwhile the Pirate's Cove boats got a single here and there - so we strated trolling north.

Phew! So in the end we got lucky 10 singles followed by a double and then the wierest thing ever happened.

The Tuna Fever got attacked by gannets! For 4 miles George and his crew fought off birds. Hehehe.

Then the wierdest, wierdest thing happened. Dickerson was bringing in a planer when it got attacked by a mako! It got attacked so badly (now theres no hook in it at all) that George cranked it up to the boat and Dickerson free gaffed the thing. George stuick another gaff in and that was all she wrote - they horsed it over the transom and she tipped the scales at 110 pounds!! Makos don't (fiorgive me) pee through their skin so they are good to eat (they and thethreaser are actually the only sharks that are wotrth eating).  The shark had a tag too so well let you know where she was to beiging with when we get that info from NMFS.

Thats my story and I'm sticking to it. Tight Lines!


Its blowing again - theres some news. And it looks like the boys won't get out until Thursday or Friday - weekend looks nice though for Reyn and the boys. Stay tuned and don't panick if you don't hear from me.

Oh, something to do while it blows. Ryder (our esteemed webmaster) and I have been working on a new site for the boat shop. Its about to the point that I will send you guys to look if you'd like. Let me know what you think - unless you hate it and then you can keep that to yourself.

Also Wednesday is open next week if anyone would like to go fishing (no pressue on you or the fish!) and oh Captain, my captain has decided to open December up so let me know if you have any interest in that too! Tight Lines


A great SUNDAY for Bill Hartwell. The tuna fishing was good even with the pressure on the fish. Billy says the yellowfin were a good size iupwards of 25 pounds and one that hit 40 - now it's just me but when I say BIG I am thinking pounds or something. But now is not the time for that anyway, I've got summer few and far between dreams. Anyway 9 in the box and a good time was had by all.

The really big news is that Kate';s soccer team took first in the league and the final game of the tournament went into overtime then an extended sudden death shoot off! 8 year olds - can you believe it! I though Billy was going to have a stroke along with half the parents on the sidelines. Anyway - we took second place 0 to 1! Tight Lines!

Special thanks to Jack Evanko for his good spirits today - fishing was a bit slower and I will tell you why...There were more boats out there today than any day since Memorial Day weekend! I suppose people heard about the catch yesterday and the weather was beautiful and it was outboard fest. That kind of pressure (as compared to the 12 boats yesterday) makes quite a difference but the boys went home with 8 nice yellowfin and they were pretty happy about it. Mzany thanks to Jack for my Nyala! He/she is perfect but scared the crap out of Stuart! Hehe. Tight Lines!