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Finally fishing, finally catching - and Happy Halloween!

Billy called this morning to ask me to bring some ioil down to the dock so he could change up and when I asked what time he'd be there he said in about an hour - it was 10:30!!!

A beavutiful limit of yellowfin for Peter Friedman and his crew today - Congratulatuions! Tight Lines!


So, the whole - blow for two more days - plan is shot. Billy went down this morning to meet Greg Rudiger and his crew and it seems like its blowing harder now at 8:30 than it did at 5:30! The weatherman swears it'll blow itself out today...we'll see. With the 14 days we lost in October - not to mention the 18 days lost in September, November is starting to fill up. The fishing has proven to be fantastic so if you love tuna on Thanksgiving give us a call for a blustery November fishing trip!! 252-473-1097. Tight Lines!

PS - Mom is home! Kate's soccer team is Number 1 and she's got streph throat:-)


Here we are back on the air. So sorry to you fishing report junkies for being gone so long...but when theres no fishing there no report, unfortunately the captain was a bit disapointed when he heard there were no updates. But when theres no fishing, theres really nothing to say to you folks, unless you want the 411 on Kate's soccer team or the halloween party we had this past Saturday for 40 kids. I thought I pushed it with the Mom Report... 

Today, however, there is something to say - TUNA, TUNA, TUNA! A nice limit of yellowfin for Greg Schulthers and his crew from PA. Glad we got you out for one day at least. Billy says one of his recently blown out parties headed out with Uncle Junior on the Rebait and can't remember who his other guys went with - hope they all had great days as well.

Looks like it's going to blow again (it actually already is) tomorrow and Wednesday and there should be a nice weather streak for a week or so (knock wood). So, no news is good news until Thursday, okay? Tight Lines!


Hey! We are still here - haven't blow off the face of the Earth yet! Actually it's not so bad inshore today but it is blowing up in Va Beach and offshore of course.

I had a great birthday in Annapolis and Billy fished last Wed, Thurs and Friday before it began to blow. I will get all that update as soon as possible - hopefully today.

The good news is thatr my Mom came home to spend the night last night. Can you believe it!!! Anyway, I am exhausted...following her around like she is going to fall at any second but I am totally impressed with her mobility and especially her attitude. Kate slept in the bed with her last night and this morning she got up just like a champ! Back to the nursing home today for another week of PT (pain and toture) and hopefully she'll be home for good next week.

Tight Lines!

The boys from New River Electric had a fine day today. 2 tuna, 32 big dolphin and they got bit off 5 times by wahoo on the 800 line. Nice. Tight Lines!

Four yellowfin (fat ones) and a limit of dolphin today for Mike Gosley and crew. Tight Lines!

Bert's crew had another nice day on the 830 line with 3 gaffers and 25 bailers. The cool thing was the 4 swordfish they found. You'll have to ask Bert about that one! Tight Lines!


And my good friend Bert Shaffner has come back to Oregon Inlet. Bout time, Bert! Bert and I go way back to when he was an observer and I ran the Pirate's Cove Tournament. But I digress...back to the fishing.

The boys caught 'em early today. They had a nice catch of yellowfin 15 in all and 4 blackfin - three of which where better than 30 pounds and bigger then most of the yellowfin (Thats wired in case you didn't know). 3 gaffers on top and the boys got a mixed bag but 10:30 or 11:30 was it? So theyrode around until about noon and got home around 1:30 - nice day, huh? Tight Lines!

Well fishing was good after the blow. It took a little to find 'em and the pick was slow in the cold water - fast in the hot but rougher than you-know-what. So while the Tuna Fever was right in between the boats to the north with the slow pick and the Carolinian to the south wioth the yellowfin...well, you know what happend. Mike Sullivan, our cousin Greg Rutiger and the Vikings steamed 15 miles to the 720 in 78 degree water and a lot of nasty rough to add 14 fish to the one and only they had picked out all morning. All in all...not too shabby! Tight Lines!


Another good fishing day today. Dick Martin and is crew got their limit and were home at regular time. The photo is up in the gallery.

In the meantime I had to call Toby Jones and turn half his people around this morning - the forecast at dawn was a might bit different that yesterday's at dusk and it look (now) like the weekend will be a blow out. Soryy - Toby, Jack and all the boys...Tight Lines!

Back to the barn early again today although not quite as early as yesterday. Judging by the picture - and Billy is on the phone right now returning calls - the yellowfin bite was pretty good - a limit to be sure and you gotta love that! Tight Lines!

Great tuna fishing for us - we got lucky to be quite honest - and the boys were home early enough for Billy to get his phone fixed and take Kate to her soccer game! It was a slow pick - singles and doubles for Michael Wickwire and his crew but they got a nice limit of yellowfin before the bite totally shut down at 11:30. Nice and Tight Lines!


Well, Clay - you finally got out and it was good wasn't it?! Clay alomost gave up on us this year - he got the bad weather bug and all he had to do in the end was put the trip in Greg's name! Weird. Anyway, a limit of yellowin..smaller ones today up to 30 pounds but you gatta lot the limit! The boys fished from the 660 to the 700 line.

Tomorrow looks like out only bad weather this week so Billy is taking the day off and Michael is going to go on Wednesday instead. Tight Lines!

Skip send us some pictures, Man! And he's got pictures too - Billy says when they weren't cranking they were shooting the tunas (not literally). The Tuna Fever hung right on the 650 today and it payed off pretty good...15 yellowfin (2 @ 50 pounds, 2 @ 40 pounds and the rest between 25 and 35) and rounded out their limit with blackfin. Throw two wahoo on top and you've got a kinda mixed bag. Tight Lines!


Great fishing today for Jimmie Anderson and his crew and I want to say thanks for the pound cake!!!

Now I had notes, for today and yesterday too and I can't find them. I do recall that the blackfin were snappin today - not big ones (which is rare) but plenty...I think 8 30 pounders**** and a couple yellowfin too. I will make any changes if I am wrong...but you know that rarely happens too. Tight Lines!

**** Okay found my notes and man, did I blow it! Jimmie and his crew caught a limit of tuna - three yellowfin and the rest of them were blackfin...Billy fished from the 615 up to the 630. Tight Lines!

Welcome back to John Swim and the crew from new River Electric. AND THE BOYS HAD A GOOD DAY TODAY AND DIDN'T WAIT UNTIL HAPPY HOUR TO DO IT. Oops - didn't mean to yell...The Tuna fever cruised the Bay all day today and made out pretty good with 15 yellowfin and some blackfin on top to round out a limit. And the boys ran across some wahoo - which didn't eat them off and you know how we love wahoo! Tight Lines!


Okay so the boys didn't get a limit today. And it looked like it was going to be a bad one. And I suspect that it was at least a borning one for the Seatons and their crew. Until...HAPPY HOUR!!!!

Yep, happy hour! Green water, planers and big, fat yellowfin. Well, one was on a thirty or so pounder but the other four tipped the scales at 50 plus and thats alright with me! Tight Lines!

Eddie Cassidy and the boys from the Martinsville SWAT Dept came all the way down for fishing and had a good time but I am surprised they didn't arrest Billy (and Billy). Hero to a Zero is what happened and I think in his disgust Billy mumbled something about one tuna or one dolphin or some catch that was as hideously unexciting. I'll leave it at that! Tight Lines!