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And a Happy New Year to all!

I finally got the DSL line hooked up and downloaded about 50 emails last night - and great news, the phone actually works as well!

Please be advised that we are booked on June 6, 2008. Alomost seems like half the folks I have talked to have wanted that day. Strange. Anyway, plenty of other days still available next year.

Trips for 2008 will be $1600 per day. Along with a rise in insurance (again) the fuel really knocked us out this year and I hate to say it but I suppose much of the bad weather in the late fall was a blessing for us, theres not much point in the Tuna Fever heading out if she's only breaking even.

We have been crazy since bringing the boat home after Thanksgiving. I finished the new house and we moved out of Fight N Lady's rental home about two weeks before Christmas. The phones, as most know, were intermittent at best and much love goes to our webmaster for updating the site and trying to sound like me. I am making headway still in unpacking - mos of our things were stored for 6 months and it's been like Christmas all over again in opening up bins - kinda new stuff that is not coming in on a credit card bill next month - maybe it's better than Christmas!

Billy, Vernon (Blue Devil), Junior (Rebait), Aaron (Outrigger), Dickerson (Tuna Fever) Sean Hayes, Lee Martin and Capt. BC are all working fast and furious on building the brand new Aggressor - she'll homeport in Charleston hopefully right around the first of April. As soon as I get my head screwed on straight I will try to put up some pictures.

We are holding April out right now for bookings until Billy gets a better feel for how the schedule on the new boat is coming along. He'll also take some time out to paint the Tuna's only been 6 years and she is ready for a little perfume. Tight Lines!