Archived Reports

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Couple tuna and a dozen dolphin.

Thats been the story for the last two days and not much else to it - the moon has been huge overhead at night and just in case it may change our luck...the Tuna Fever is taking the day off today.

More good news - theres another front coming that should change things up just slightly...and that moon? Well the phase has got to chnge sooner or later! Tight Lines!


Better fishing for Billy Thayer on Saturday but nothing like we are used to. A couple nice tuna...yep, a couple. Conditions are looking good but cutting open one yellowfin revealed - nothing. The fish had one little fish  perhaps a pilchard in its stomache. So, the "trick up Billy's sleeve" didn't help either.

On Sunday we even tried chunking some butterfish when Billy found the yellowfin again to no avail. Tim Tiller and his crew acted like true sportsman after chunking, kite flying, bottom droppeing and Maxwell said he puller out and used every type of rod on the boat (which means he tried every kind of fishing) and the gang ended up with a big goose egg.

Monday it was a little better - Kevin Grigsbys gang ran across some little bailers and put 18 dolphin in the box - there were also two yellowfin..on the small side...but tuna all the same. Billy and I had a lond discussion about the yellowfin which I believe are eating on the full moon at night but he said once again the one he cut open today was empty.

Whatttsss Uuupp?! Tight Lines!



Stay tuned for the report tonight to see if they are catching too!

Okay - theres good news and bad news...they didn't catch today - bad news especially for Jim Hobensack and his crew. The good news is that conditions were definately coming together - to get better, hopefully tomorrow. Tight Lines!

Just checking in to let you all know we haven't been blown off the face of the Earth. Its day #6 of our first Nor'easter of the fall and, well, it was refreshing the first couple days...nice temps, a little breeze inshore. Today, it is officially a menace. Most of our groups this week are here for the week and won't be able to go at all. The Billies met the Lewis family at the dock this morning and she was still peelin the green even though the forecast called for winds to start dieing out last night. The old timers say a nor'easter never falls out on an even day so that means tomorrow or Sunday we will start seeing some relief:-) I totally believe in all of that stuff...except the lady that said we were due a hurricane because of the plentiful pecans this spring...hope she had that wrong! Tight Lines and Tight Hats!

A great day today for Danny Moon and his grandson - 7 fat yellowfin in the box and Danny tipped the scales with a big ole big eye..I think Billy said it was in the 130 pound range but I am questioning myself right now. Its not the first time!! Hehe Tight Lines!


Huge congrats to our angler - ED (whose last name escapes me of course) who horsed in a foul hooked 157 pound big eye today! Right into the box and God Bless him I know it was tough. Trolling bites on yellowfin east of the Inlet and Billy actually left his "box" which would be the 1/8 of a sq mile he has fished for the last couple days...Omie used to say he put a stake down and fished around it...Billy's got a box, go figure.

Anyway, Don Ryba and his crew fished the 100 fathom curve right up to the northeast and it was a rough one - but benefitial...6 yellowfin on top of the eye. One pup and who knows where she came from and the others between 50 and 73 pounds each. WoooWeee! Tight Lines!

Trolling bites today! Spreader bars and ballyhoo got the job doen for Chuck and Lorraine. So nice to see them back! 7 yellowfin in the box 30 to 60 pounds, a dusky shark on a drifter bite which was released and the Billies missed two whites...granted one was on the spreader bar and it's much harder to catch a white one, on one, than a blue one! Tight Lines!

Turned out to be a good day after the "storm" for the Vikings from Wisconsin. But the action didn't start until 1 ish and the Behrs crew had a long one in the trough. In the end there were 3 nice yellowfin (45 to 60 pounds) and a big fat big-eye at 120 pounds. Woooweee! God Bless America and Tight Lines, Frank!


The boys have been off for a couple days - it's been blowing a bit offshore although some of the boats did get out and my good friend Charles Haywood on the Rigged Up have a grand slam today!!

The Tuna Fever is tied up safely behind our house and we are waiting for whatever Gabrielle might dish out, which I promise you won't be as bad the Thanksgiving Nor'easter last year!

We'll let you know when the swell is gone and we're back in the Stream. Tight Lines!

Tuna on the spreader bar today! And a phenominal day of fishing it was:-) 3 yellowfin and one big eye meant one fish for each of the anglers in the Whitehair party - and a load of meat - the yellowfin topped out with a 70 pounder tipping the scales as the largest and then there was the big eye - 151 pounds - oh my! Tight Lines!


I am working backwards a bit - we logged onto ToonTown and crashed the whole shooting match!

Fishing was nothing short of a phenominal miracle today. I can't remember if Billy flew the kite (which have you notice is some kind of passion these days? For someone who got his butt kicked by the thing last year he is flying more kites now than Christopher Robin!) But however they did it - they did it. 11 fat yellowfin in the box and home a little early! You gotaa love that! Tight Lines!


Happy September! And it was a happy one indeed for Lisa Diess, Rosie and the boys.

Saturday and Sunday, not so much, blew a gale offshore although it did kick up the billfish bite...more on that later.

Anyway, Lisa and I have been emailing for years. She has purchased gift certificates for her husband...whats his name? Oh, Robert...and today that ladies got their chance. And poor Robert and his friends - looks like no more boys only fun days. 3 yellowfin between 35 and 55 pounds and nine nice bailer dolphin in the box and thats all it took. Good thing! Much love to Lisa for playing and you know you are welcome back any time! Tight Lines!