Archived Reports

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A pretty good day today on the Tuna fever but a once in a lifetime day aboard the Swordfish with Capt Justin Ringer!

Okay, first us because thats just the way I am ...not enough wind to fly the kite this morning but that changed toward afternoon...3 yellowfin the largets of which earned a citation at 73 pounds and on top of them the boys found Kate's dolphin (she's been out twice tuna fishing which are still a little too big for her) and put 22 in the box. Many thanks to Dan and the crew from Bromley Company for playing today!

Meanwhile the Swordfish raised a blue on their teaser that was big. And I mean big! Capt. Justin described the bite as mate Austin (such a sweetie) pulled dink baits away and fed her their big blue marlin bait (the one with the wire leader that sat in the corner of the pit all summer)...three hours later she came up nearly dead and the crew put her in the boat.

Well, that first time offshore angler ended up with a grander under his belt as back at the inlet she tipped the scales at 1077 pounds!!!!! Oh, man...I LOVE IT!!!

Check out the pictures at Tight Lines!


Matt Hoffman finally made it out on the Tuna Fever this year and the crew had a great day. Many thanks to Matt and Jeff for their perserverence in getting booked.

It was 6 out of 8 for the Fever today with bad luck out of the gate and a fat yellowfin that straightened out one of Billy's snap swivels! Then the kite paid off with a 63 pounder. A couple more pulled off and then five more in the box..second to the last tipped the scales at 77 and the last one...71 pounds. Technically, with two anglers the day provided a limit! Who woulda thought.

Rougher than a cob again today and Billy actually has a little vertigo know the feeling, when you almost fall out of your chair at dinner after a day offshore...85 degree water again and it looks like bad weather coming for the weekend. Tight Lines!

John Stanley and his boys were the vikings today. They stayed in the soup - and Billy said "I mean it was rough!" so you know it had to be - 85 degree water, flying the kite and in the end all that hard work paid off with 5 nice yellowfin for the crew. Rough though...I think Billy is shorter....maybe. Tight Lines!

Zero to a hero - you guessed it...Jared Fryer and the boys caught "enough" tuna first thing this morning and were off hunting blue marlin for the rest of the day. I love it! You love it? Tight Lines!


Another great day on the tuna yesterday and Mickey Costen and his crew had a fine time...crankin'!

Today was another game altogether! Friends and Family - never fails - Billy took Kate and I, Larry and Brandon from the welding shop and Brian Champlin - world renowned boat painter - out to the tuna grounds that have been so good to him lately and...nothing. I saw a turtle but everyone else missed it and that was that. Tomorrow will proably be anothet A-List day but today was stone. Tight Lines!

And a blue one this time on the right long! That was nice but the yellowfin were good too - three good sized ones around 63 pounds and a lil' 'un at 35! Tight Lines!

My boy Randy and all his duck hunting buddies from Arkansas had a nice day of tuna fishing today - see, he doesn't only Bar-B-Que! Anyway, there were four yellowfin in the box between 40 and 65 pounds and a nice big eye that tipped the scales at 101! Tight Lines!

The boys from Philly brought the fish with them today as Ed McCoy and his crew filled the box - well, just about. The Billies took them to the 650 where they stayed all day waiting for tuna bites. And they got them - in the end it was a nice yellowfin 'round 50 pounds and four single bites on big eye tipping the scales at 100, 108, 113 and 117 pounds! Tight Lines!


Billy had his old friend Brian fentress from Virginia Beach today and when he got home he turned around and headed for a cookout at Randy Wilson's house up the beach. We never even talked about his day so I will have to put and update on the catch later. You know how it goes with friends - could have been feast or famine! Tight Lines!

UPDATE: Here's the report from brian himself...

Billy & Billy
    Thanks for the great trip. Always good to have a full box plus and get in the pool by 3:00 in August. Can't wait to do it agian Oct. or Nov. Pictures are attached. Hope to see them on your site.
Thanks agian.
Brian Fentress

The boys had a great and exciting day today. Tuna Tuna - four nice yellowfin and a big eye that weighed in at 104! About 5 minutes before it was time togo home the crew hooked up to what was assumed a big eye and fought her for 2 hours! In the end it was a big eye - hooked right in the tip of her mouth which made it pretty hard to fight her....and she tipped the scales over 140! Billy was a might bit late getting home but happy just the same. Trolling bites today by the way and you gotta love that! Tight Lines!

A limit of dolphin today - thats been a long time coming and four (or was it three) nice yellowfin in the troll. MMMM! Tight Lines!

Thar she blows! It is rough offshore and forecasted to get rougher - we're off for today and tomorrow. Tight Lines!

Go fly a kite took on all new meaning today - there was enough breeze to put it up and enough fish to bring it down - lots of times. Last count I got from maxwell was 12 nice yellowfin in the box and the kite was still flying. You gotta love that! Tight Lines!

Slow fishing  (and I really mean slow) offshore for Anthony Tedesco and his crew today. New to fishing and not knowing what to expect the boys managed a fine catch of tiles, triggers and grouper - okay so it wasn't mounds of tuna and dolphin in the Stream but the tide fell out enough to bottom bounce and the family will be enjoying fresh fish at the cottage tonight. Tight Lines!

Not exactly the tuna fishing we had yesterday but a great day regardless. John Lytle and his crew managed a few nice yellowfin and my blue marlin (on the spreader bar of course) as well as a sailfish! Nice! Tight Lines!


Today was the tuna fishing day that I have been hearing about all these years. It's Alice Kelly ladies Only tournament day and since I no longer run the tournaments I actually got to fish it...firt time since 1991.

So it was me and Kate, Marcie Haywood and her daughter Abby of Rigged Up fame and Billy's mom Kit and daughter Cori and in a most generous fashion (also considering that it was rougher than we wanted to the northeast billfish grounds) we all decided to do something the Billies would like to do and we headed south to the whales.

5 big eyes whammed us at once...then a single...and 4 nice yellowfin - a double and two singles. We fished the whales till the box was full and headed to the scales early! Tournament rules were changed this year and our 101.6 pound big eye took first place...although that 97 pound yellowfin would have done the same. It was a phenominal day...everyone's first big eye and I never even thought about that blue one I wanted! Tight Lines!

Sorry guys, I should have updated this site before now - we have been blown out for the past couple days and food poisoninged out on Thursday...Many thanks to everyone for rebooking and much love to Keith Klien who I hope is feeling better by now!


A blue one again today - Billy is on the phone so I won't ask him about the spreader bar (anyway, I keep rubbing that in and all the boys in the fleet that are fishing Ocean City, Pirate's Cove and then the Mid Atlantic tournaments are going to get pissed!). The conditions were right and the boys flew the kite today - 13 yellowfin on the dock and nice ones too - 45 to 60 pounds I think Billy said...but you know's August and who cares!

Great to see our friend Frank on the docks yesterday - fate had him crossing the bridge while Billy was crossing the bar!

And just FYI - we have October 30 and 31 available and November is all you! Give us a call to book at trip 252-473-1097. Tight Lines!

Another great day for Elle and her crew today - with one addition...the Kleins were kind enough to take Kate with them this morning and she, well, she flat fell in love. Just like I did a million years ago. Kate caught many, many dolphin and also puked a couple times and saw a shark and a miriad of other things. Bless her heart. Anyway, it was a limit of dolphin and a few fat blackfins today. Tight Lines!

A great day offshore for Elle, Hannah, Nick and Keith - actually the Billies had a great day too - a limit of dolphin a couple groupers and a blue one...not on the spreader bar this time! Tight Lines!

A limit of dolphin early and then...nothing. It was a slow afternoon trolling the tuna hole without a strike and it was also hot!! So, Joe Staunton and his crew from the capital of the Great State of Virginia paced it in to go watch the race - you gotta love that!! Tight Lines!


Here's the report straight from Pnut Covington who fishing with Billy (and Billy) today...

Whats happnin' Billy? We sure had a fantastic trip this past Saturday. Ol' 3 Dolla came through w/ a blue one and a nice limit of dolphin too! We sure appreciate all ya'lls efforts to fill that box, year after year (five years and five limits). See ya'll next year!

And I haven't anything to add to that! Tight Lines!

Many thanks to Ron Dean and his crew for fishing today - it was dolphin if you do and if memory serves the boys had a blue one on the spreader bar - again!!! Tight Lines!


Remember all that stuff I said yesterday about downtide and wind etc.? Well, forget all that.

Dolphin if you do today and a limit to boot! Nice! Thanks to Jeff Masters for coming out today - we love ya, Buddy! Oh, the boys also threw three yellowfin over 50 pound each on top of the box. Tight Lines!


Slower fishing with a most enjoyable and much appreciative family today. Many thanks to Greg Garman and his gang for playing today! Billy says come back anytime!

heres the deal - theres a downtide and with it have gone the dolphin - the wind has died so there goes the kite fishing and things are just warm all over if you know what I mean. Billfishing has even slowed down although we caught another blue one 'round 200 pounds today. On a spreader bar no less! The other four people in the family each caught a yellowfin anywhere between 35 and 72 pounds...and thats all she wrote! Tight Lines!