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And some days are wasn't one of them but a mixed bag...if not a humongous one...indeed! Slower than average fishing for Steve Miller and his family and the dolphin were not to be found. 19 bailers in the end and a couple yellowfin - one at 50 and one at 55 pounds. MMMM. To top it all off the crew had a Blue Marlin release estimated at 300 pounds. Not bad...not bad at all:-) Tight Lines!

It was a great day for Ty Shaw and his daughter - whose name escapes Billy (it's been a long summer) but she does star as one of the indians in the Lost Colony play here in Manteo. Anyway it was dolphin if you do and a lot of them - a limit early for the Shaws and then, well, not much of anything else all afternoon. Blah! But it is July...almost August actually...and you gotta love the meat, white though it is. One tuna did provide a little action before she/he pulled off. Tight Lines!


It was a very nice weekend offshore - threatened rain all weekend on the beach but it was crisp and beautiful.

Anyway, It was dolphin if you do all weekend - a limit of bailers for Wade Gohn (once again forgive the spelling!) and his crew plus they were also blessed with a 350 poundish blue one and two yellowfin - a 65 pounder and a 50 pounder. Who would have ever thought you'd see that kind of action in July?!

Today, Jimmy Anderson and his gang came fishing again - actually I think Jimmy got blown out in April - and we were glad to see him (even if he's been out of town and didn't have time to make me one of those delicious cinnamon cakes!). Bailers in the box and as there was nothing else going on and not tide today the boys did a little rare bottom bouncing and had a beautiful catch of snowy grouper and tile - the latter will be served at the Maxwell's tonight! Tight Lines!


A big ole' welcome back to Peter Friedman and his crew  and we'll see you in October now that I am thinking about it. Dolphin, Dolphin, Dolphin! Bailers and all you wanted today. Then there was the 100 pound big eye that didn't get away and just for kicks, Peter took home a 50 pound yellowfin too! Gotta love that!

Availability in early November is still looking good for phenominal tuna trips - ever had fresh tuna for thanksgiving? Well, I am not saying forget the turkey but Oh My it's good! Tight Lines!

The bailers were big today and we got our limit...nice fish caught to the south in the tide. The water shoved in just inside the Point and trolling around the grass Jackie, David and their crew from Colonial Heights, VA  plucked a 40 pound yellowfin. After that the grass got so bad there was one more 50 pounder at Omie's Stake and then off to the northern and out of the grass. A few more bites by some lazy fish and a few bonitas for dolphin bait for the Tuna Fever and our dock partners tomorrow! Good Karma, Baby! Tight Lines!

A limit of dolphin today for Mike Mehok and his gang from Florida..and they were hard coming too. Well, somedays are diamonds and last year when Mike was here it was "Let the bodies hit the floor"! Tight Lines!


Well, the northeast wind did stir things up a bit. Billfishing was fantastic today and we even saw a white one - missed her though.

Still it was a great day on the Tuna Fever - a limit of dolphin early plus two gaffers - one at 18 pounds and the other tipped the scales at 41 pounds...thats tournament material! Nigh on about 1:11 in the afternoon and right on the 798 & 682 (which Billy says is a miracle in itself) the boys got whammed and hooked 7 out of 8 yellowfin. In the end there were six in the box ranging from 38 to 58 pounds each. Special congrats to Bill who fought his fish like a champ, but she was not meant to be and pulled off just near the back of the boat. Many thanks to Jim Brekenridge and his friends for fishing with us today! Tight Lines! 


I'm sorry we have been off the grid  - the wind has been blowing...20 - 25 NE for the past few days. Me and my group cancelled our plans for fishing the Dare County Boat Builders Challenge this past weekend on Friday morning, Harry Potter's newest was delivered Saturday morning and Kate and Billy took the new puppy out early the past few mornings so I actually got a little sleep.


The Billies will be back out in the ocean tomorrow and once they find the fish all this noreast wind should turn it up a few notches. Tight Lines!


Tonight I got the story much faster than I can type. Billy was lit up in our kitchen with as much wattage as the blue marlin who was featured in his story. So Cowboy had the rod and a nice 45 pounder on the line and just 40 feet off the stern and there she came - a 500 pounder neon purple...I wish this thing has audio so Billy could just tell the story - suffice to say, she had the tuna headfirst down her throat and then the tuna got loose, she swirled back around Billy says she took about five circles and looked like her bill and tail were touching and then pierced the tuna with her bill - water and blood flew as she shook it back and forth and in one huge gulp she threw it off, ate it and was gone. 

Lost the tuna; lost the blue one but got a story that most people won't even believe. Now thats a blessing!

For Lewis and Al and their logger buddies from Virginia it turned out to be a limit of dolphin to the souithern in some rough water - another story - Billy says it sounded like a basketball game in the cockpit with sneekers sqweeking just to hold on! And four yellowfin between 25 and 45 pounds. Love you guys - do you know you started fishing with Billy the first year I started dating him? Tight Lines!  

Shared the Eberland party with the High Return today and flipped for tuna fishing this morning. Capt Dave Swain and his crew headed south for dolphin and the Tuna Fever headed straight to the 665 for some yellowfin. The big excitement for the day was an estimated 180 pound big eye that we eventually pulled off but did manage to get a 118 pounder in the box. Tuna fishing was a little dissapointing with one yellowfin on the troll and later - two more on the kite way down in the Bay at the Point. Yellowfin today ran between 50 and 60 pounds and in the end - only four fish was plenty of meat considering their size. Little blow o the way so we'll see what tomorrow and Friday bring - Tight Lines!


It was a limit of dolphin for Chris Waldrop and his crew today. Now the tuna were there - Billy could smell them - but they weren't biting. He says there wasn't any tide and while he was in the shower we discussed the ins and outs of a tuna's eating habits and although neither of us have a degree in marine biology we figure they weren't eating because they weren't having to fight the tide and thus weren't burning fat and hence - were not hungry. TaDa! In the meantime, congrats to Randy who could never fill Egghead's shoes - try as he may - on our one and only 60 pounder! Love you, Boys! Tight Lines!

Ah, end of the season reminder - sounds like I am wishing my summer away...anyway, October is almost booked up and we do have dates for the fall tuna fishing bonaza in November. Come one come all! 252-473-1097 


Dolphin if you do!!! A near limit of bailers for the Manzer team today - sorry Mario if I butchered your spelling...I have a tendancy to do that sometimes but it's the thought that counts...and also the fact that I type with four fingers.

So the dolphin fishing kicked it all off to the southern and the bailer fishing was fine - two nice gaffers on top and the Billies got the call - the yellowfin were busting to the northern. So they picked up and ran and in the end there were fish in the blackfin at 28 pounds and I think Billy said 10 yellowfin in the 40 to 60 pound range. Tight Lines!

The rabbit out of the hat - Kenny Wells said he could do it and he did. He has actually done it before - today's fishing was a little slower than yesterday but it was nice dolphin fishing all weekend with a white released and some yellowfin on the lkite today and yesterday there were some fat - and hard earned apparently - yellowfin on top and a sailfish fought to a clean release. Plenty of meat for the crew and the "lucky charm" as well. Tight Lines!

Back in the soup after a couple days off and I tell you what it was a beautiful day on shore:-) shhhh! Anyway, many thanks to Clay Unger and his crew for fishing with us. They actually had a nice catch after two days of semi poor fishing for the boats that made it out. Sometime it's just too rough to get the job done and it was a little snatchy today but the crew put the meat in the box and all is well. Tight Lines!


It was peelin' the green when I got up this morning at 5 with the puppy. Good thing Mike Thomas and his crew booked the Rebait for tomorrow 'cause the weather offshore was way bad and the fishing was worse.

The Tuna fever will be back on the rip tomorrow - heading for the 650 first I think - the High Return caught two big eye there this morning! Tight Lines!

Blowing offshore this morning so the boys took a pass and Billy is well on his way to starting a honey do list (I had it hidden in a drawer). Tight Lines!


The Billies stayed in the whales all day and pulled off a great catch for the dog days of summer. Pick-Pick-Pick, typical yellowfin fishing for July but in the end there were 14 fine tuna in the box in a myriad of sizes, from 30 pounds to big fat boscoes. Stitch and his crew came home a little early after battling the pich and roll on the current all day...rough was the word!

Oh, we named the puppy - Shadow! Tight Lines!

I am a little late in updating this report and for the life of me - right now I cannot remember what Gary Rudolph and his crew caught today. My intuition tells me that it was dolphin if you do and maybe some yellowfin on top but the mind, well, she is totally blank. Sorry, Gary! I am going to have to catch up with Billy and give you all an update later. Pitiful. Tight Lines!


We had a great weekend!

Now, I know that Dr Espada loves his tuna but on Saturday he got - dolphin. And lots of 'em too and you know what, he was pleased. One tuna on top at the end of the day and it's going to be beautiful, white, yummy dolphin filets at the Espada house this fall!!

On Sunday the yellowfin came back home for Byron Green - beautiful fat ones I think there were 8 but maybe a few more - then a limit of dolphin to go with. Woowee! The boys were home early, Kate and I went swimming with Capt. Vernon Gilbert on the Blue Devil and Capt. Jr Baum on the Rebait (and their families) and Billy tuned up the ole' waverunner for some evening fast cruising on Shallowbag Bay. Didn't I say it was a great weekend!

Oh, Billy and Kate went to Virginia on Friday and came home with a new puppy! Stuart is none too happy, I am not getting much sleep and she is the cutest little thing, an australian shepherd still without a name. If you have any ideas let us know:-) Tight Lines!

That "might bit rough" yesterday turned into "too rough for fishing" today. The Tuna Fever is getting a well deserved rest and oh Captain, my Captain is spending some quality time with his girls. Fair trade I think and we hope Glenn won't take the weather personally and will be back soon! Tight Lines and hold onto your hats!

It was dolphin if you do today and great bailer fishing. A limit in the box and the the hunt was on for those yellowfin who...disapeared. On top of the fact that the tuna ran and hid from everyone today is was a might bit rough for Eric, his crew, Billy and Billy. Congrats to the Vikings on a great catch! Tight Lines!


Happy Fourth! Its definately summer, summer, summertime - the bailers are back!

A limit of dolphin for Byron and the boys and some boscoes on top. Now I think Billy said there were 8 fat yellowfin (60 pounders again!) but I was concentrating so hard on those baby back ribs he was cooking for dinner that between you and me, I really didn't "hear" him if you know what I mean...and if you're married you know.

So lets say a limit of dolphin and 8 fine tuna for the Fourth! Tight Lines!

Fishing was great today and thankfully the day wasn't quite as interesting! The boys had 11 big a&* tunas and Eric Tate and his gang were pleased! A couple gaffers on the fly and you gotta love that! Ain't it nice when the fish come around. Billy says they are still eating krill which is a little odd but hey, eat the krill and some ballyhoo on the side. Happy Fourth to everyone and God Bless America all the way out to 200 miles! Tight Lines! 

A phenominal and interesting day for Brian Betonneau (Sorry Brian for butchering that one) and interesting as well for the Billies. I got the call at 12:30 - "We'll be in at 1:15" and that was great! The box was full...beautiful fat yellowfin in the 60 plus pound range and a sialfish released in good condition (two gaffers too) and heres where it got interesting. Billy (Capt that is) had Dave from CAT coming to meet the boat to adjust his valves, he had me run to Wanchese Trawl to get oil for a change and then he lost a filling. Then they got stuck behind the Snell who is, thankfully, in Walter's Slough dredging the hot spots. By 4 he had his filling, adjusted valves, and oil change, Brian and his gang were on the way to a fresh tuna dinner somplace. Phew and Tight Lines! 

Back to the dog days of summer it seems today. Much love to Rob Seibert and his crew (sans Melvin) for playing today - one nice 72 pounder to top off a slow days of fishing. If you ended up with one per person you were doing good today and in the end it was 8 in the box - didn't quite fill it today but they were all big fish 60 pound range. Tight Lines!