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So heres the deal - if you ever need anglers for a big money tuna tournament - Frank Underdue and his buddies from Richmond are your best bet. Crank? those boys can crank!

Slow pick through the morning and I bet Frank thought he finally got a bad trip 'cause there were two in the box at 1 PM...oooh. Billy brought out the russian roulette box again  - they picked up and ran to the northeast for the afternoon delight - in the end the crew pulled it out with a box ful...not a limit but these were boscoes and they wouldn't fit (we have an exceptionally big fish box too). Tight Lines!

Bob Mitcheltree and his crew enever got that huge WHAM they were looking for today. Slow pick for the gang but in the end they had a pretty good day - fat gaffer, some fat yellowfin and I think there was a wahoo or something but now my memory is not feeling too reliable! Tight Lines!


Danny Moon - our good neighbor and friend - and his boys had a great day today - they didn't catch a limit but they filled the box with 10 (or was it 11) big, fat, huge boscoes!!!! You gotta love it. I love it!

Hey, big thanks to everyone who has filled the book in the past few days - Fall fishing is now starting to fill up so get with your people, pick a date...lets go fishin', Baby!!! 252-473-1097 at home. Tight Lines!

Good and rough today for Bob and the crew. I talked to Billy around 1 again and it was turning out to be an okay day..that got even better. Fat yellowfin..yum, yum, yum! Tight Lines!

Well, today was the day. And when I talked to Billy around 1 I really thought he had finally snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. But no! No I say! The "friend since I can't remember" curse would not be fulfilled today aboard the Tuna Fever. (Maybe I should go try out for the Lost Colony this summer?) John Queensbury and his boys found a new casino - stayed for happy hour  and monked up the yellowfin. 14 fat fish in the box and a few small ones we caught this morning. Good to see you, John! Tight Lines!


Richard Sprayberry and his crew had a glorious day today - big, fat boscoes! Yeah!! And in light of Richard's full box I asked oh Captain, my Captain just if this streak would ever end and he said...

"It'll end tomorrow."

Now, I love the man but he ain't no psychic, so I asked him to elaborate and this is what he said.

He went to the northeast some days ago because there was pressure east of the inlet and to the south and when you're desperate you either go way north or way south. Russian roulette he called it and explained that each time, on each trip, when they caught a nice fish it was one bullet he could take out of the gun. "I am just going to go to the casino until it bites me back, and tomorrow I have a dear (he didn't actually say "dear" but this is a PG site) old friend and when you take old friends or family the winning streak ends.

So the good Lord bless you, John Queensberry and I hope the well doesn't dry up for you tomorrow. Tight Lines!


Fabulous weekend offshore - sick house on Gilbert street. I'd rather be offshore. Anyway, today it was tuna tuna tuna for Mickey Costen and his kids - extra love to Lauren whose fat yellowfin swam right for the boat and the bow in her line allowed him to spit the hook. In the end it was four yellowfin - 2 over 60 pounds and one at 72, a big eye at 96 and fine gaffer and lots of sharks around a cool stuff to see all day!

Yesterday Wayne Kinnemon got his and there were 10 nice yellowfin in the box - lots of meat with the fish averaging over 50 pounds each - fine class of fish...but the weird thing...their stomachs are empty. The scientists say a yellowfin will eat 20% of its body weight per day and Billy just can't figure how they get by on empty stomachs but the ballyhoo are working fine in the spread so we aren't complaining. Tight Lines!


Great fishing today for our buddy Jeff Farlow and his the meantime Kate and I got struck down by the summer stomach flu. Billy may just move onto the boat for a while!

Not a limit but filled the box again today! Big fat boscoes to the north east...thirteeen yellowfin the largets tipped the scales at 78 pounds and a big eye at 88 pounds. If you're planning on fishing soon a few extra bicep curls may be in order! Tight Lines!


And what a difference a day makes! It was ugly early today for Kim Sessa and her group. Wham, wham, wham!!! 13 fat yellowfin - not a limit but they did fill the box...boscoes averaging over 60 pounds again today! wooweeee!!!

An update on trips as they are running low....July is just about done, we have the 16th, 26th, 30th and 31st still open. August is tight but we have some days open at the end of the month including the full moon (big blue marlin fishing) on the 28th - and if you don't want it I am booking it for myself! September and November have some open days and October is almost full so call 252-473-1097 for days or log onto to check the calendar. Tight Lines!

Another slow one getting out of the gate this morning - wierd!! Anyway, Derek Teague and his boys had their first bite at 11:04 this morning and it was whammo - big fat yellowfin. 5 in all over 60 pounds each and then...the fantastic storm that dropped over 4 inches of rain inshore came their way. The fleet packed it up and went home - lightning and fishing don't mix! Tight Lines!

East of the Inlet today and it turned out to be a slow one for Rex Regan and his crew - but a huge day on the meat. Four yellowfin sounds like not much but when you take into account they were all in the 60 pound class except for the one that tipped the scales at 98 POUNDS!!!! On top of that there was a big eye at 88 POUNDS and three gaffers between 28 and 32 pounds...Love it, LOVE IT!! Tight Lines!

It was a slow pick today - one here and one there. Dragging ballyhoo and that was the best trick - the fish were eating small fish you know. Anyway - one wham late in the day and in the end it was 13 yellowfin in the box. Nice fish again today - averaging over 45 pounds each. Tight Lines!


Well, I can say we had fun down in Hatteras. Kate and I are home safe and sound, Billy brought the Tuna Fever home last night and we all had a good time - but just like 181 other crews...we didn't win. Oh well, theres always next year. Big thanks to Billy Thayer and his crew for believeing in us enough to give us a shot and special thanks to Jason Sadler for working the pit with Dickerson this week..I love ya, Baby!

Billy Thayer was kind enough to give Maxwell the day off today - Happy Father's Day by the way - but our dockpartner Dickie Harris was struck down with a dropped valve late yesterday and the Tuna Fever was the only boat taking the day off - so we took Dickie's party.

It was yellowfin in the box and a very nice class of fish too. Big uns. You gotta love that! Tight Lines!


A near limit of yellowfin for the crew today and even though I got the the Fishing Center by 4 this afternoon I didn't get to see the fish - the boys unloaded at the Fuel Dock so the Billies could head for Hatteras as soon as they finished fueling. I didn't even get to see Toby Jones and his crew - they were off to the fish house, but you know Toby rarely comes up with a bad catch of fish.

So I dropped off all the 180's and the big rigs and lures (as well as clean underwear for my man) and the last time I saw the Tuna fever she was headed down the Sound for Odens Docks in Hatteras Village.

Billy Thayer and the TEAM will be fun fishing tomorrow and then it's Big Rock time for the rest of the week - I'll be off-line (no phone lines on the beach in Hatteras) but you can watch all the action at

Tight Lines and take good care this week!

Tuna fishing ws slower today on the 650 but Julian Snow and his group had a great day anyway. Billy was a little unhappy when I talked to him mid-day but turned out to catch 12 nice yellowfin and a few gaffers. The boys even ran into some kings - unexpectedly - before days end and it was awl good! Tight Lines!


Tuna, tuna, tuna for Robert and his crew today. The boys were fishing on the 650 most of the day and along with 3 gaffers it was a limit of yellowfin. Just like yesterday the fish were running from 25 to 62 pounds. I love it!

Heres the schedule for the next week or so - Billy is running down to Hatteras on Saturday after fishing with Toby Jones and his buddies and it'll be "get it straight fun fishing day" on Sunday - The Big Rock starts on Monday and the boys will have two lay days out of five available fish days (I think thats right). I will be happy to get these massive big blue marlin double-hook rigs off my living room floor soon. Kate and I are heading down on Monday so there will be no reports from me until we get home next Saturday.

Stay on top of the action at The really cool thing about the BR is that Tournament Headquarters can actually hear the boats on the radio (I think they hijack a cell tower or something) anyway, landings and ETA's to the scale are posted on line during the day. Cool. Tight Lines!


Great fishing again today although it was a full day offshore. Hey, found out tonight that Kevin and his gang released a sailfish yesterday as well as putting 6 or 7 gaffers in the box. I think - but cannot be sure - that the sail was our first release of the season!

Today it was tuna, tuna, tuna. 10 nice gaffers too. The yellowfin ran in a myriad of sizes today - anywhere from 25 to 55 pounds...interesting. We'll take 'em! Thanks to David and his crew for fishing today and enjoy the meat! Tight Lines!


Well, Maxwell is on the couch rigging lures for the Big Rock next week and Dickerson is over at the shop putting new line on the big rigs and Jared Fryer and his crew...I suspect they are eating greasy cheesburgers in some choke and puke on the way home. Yep, it finally happened...the boys got their limit early and were almost home by 11:30 this morning!!!!

And after getting blown out about 5 times in a row, Jared, you gotta love that! Tight Lines!


No fishing today - or tomorrow. We are having some kind of a storm and while it is suppose to get on out of here the current observations offshore are not favorable to fishing tomorrow - sorry Scott!

Anyway, Billy and Billy pulled it out in the end yesterday for Scott Brown and his crew and Friday for my buddy Kevin Benson. Hey, they were both slow days after full moon nights but Happy Hour was just that and the tunas were fat and happy in the fish box!

We've got very few days open still in July and the fall tuna season is filling up so if you haven't booked your day call us at home Tuna Fever 252-473-1097. Tight Lines!