Archived Reports

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Good day of fishing for Rusty and his crew today. I believe Billy said there were 12 yellowfin in the box - nice ones too. The bite turned on late and the morning was a little slow, but we usually get them in the end!!

I am out of town until Sunday so stand by for the reports and I will update you all then. Tight Lines!

Quick report as I am on the run - the boys got whammed with excellent fishing early and then the tuna took mid-day off..not much to do but wait until the afternoon bite. And an afternoon bite there was! In the end it was a limit of yellowfin in the Tuna Fever box, fine class of fish too! Tight Lines!


The Billies got the revenge today. Fishig turned on and the Tuna fever was in the meat!

A near limit of nice yellowfin in the 45 to 55 pound range, a big eye (I think Billy said it was around 80 pounds) and a fine catch of gaffers - Mike wanted a mixed bag and a mixed bag he got. Yes!

The boat ran fine today and while Billy was catching up on sitting to the dock for a week, Kate and I did just about everything. Movies, beach, boats riding, pool - you name first Memorial day weekend in 25 years that I wasn't at a marina pumping fuel or running a tournament. What a blessing! Tight Lines!


Well, I am looking out the window at the Tuna Fever, safely tied up over at Capt. BC's house. The boys from CAT out her back together and she purred like a kitten all the way home. Thank goodness!

So, it was clean up this afternoon - Kate and I got to clean the cushions in the salon while the Billies painted the new heads and cleaned all the grime out of the bilge. So much for all shiney and brand new, but my Billy looks a lot better than he has in five days.

Tomorrow they will head back to Bayliss' to get an up and down - that vibration Billy thought he felt has gotten a little worse - perhaps a cracked shaft...they will die test the shaft first thing and replace it or at least change the wheel while they are in the slings - then it's off to the Inlet, hopefully on Sunday. Back in business on Monday, bright and early.

Thanks to everyone for the emails and phone calls (and cards - Mike you're the coolest!) and to everyone who helped turn us around so quickly. Billy has some trust issues to work out in the next few weeks but I am confident everything will be okay.

I haven't heard about the fishing today - but I'll update that tomorrow. Tight Lines!


Okay back to diamonds, or at least rubies today. Scott and Dave pulled the other head this morning and inside the opposite piston to the one that failed there was a shard of metal about half as big as your pinkie nail. POW!

So today we got a new kit and a new head on the other side - she's torqued down and they will put the pan back on in the morning put the injectors back in and hopefully go for a successful sea trial by day's end.

About a 100 years ago I was a service writer for a diesel shop - and in all the time I did that and in all the time since I have never seen more people come together to get a boat back in the water so fast. From Dean and Rick at Gregory Poole, Beaufort who got to the warehouse at 11 last night and packed up our parts so they'd be on the way to us first thing this morning right down to Dave Starling, our salesman, who scraped gaskets with Billy today.

Fishing report: Robert Wong who was meant to fish with us today headed out with my buddy Vernon Gilbert on the Blue Devil and filled the box - tuna, dolphin and he went 2 for 4 on sailfish! Way To Go, Richard! Yesterday, Brett Thompson and his crew went out with Junior Baum on the Rebait and had 12 yellowfin and 9 nice gaffers. Told you, Brett! Billy is anxious to get out now especially with the yellowfin showing's definately time for the bodies to hit the floor! Tight Lines!


Some days are diamonds, and we thought today was going to be one but it turned out to be stone. It was a miracle that the Cat boys got the engine fixed so fast but when they fired her up she started banging and clanging. So, something else has to be wrong. Tomorrow we are pulling the other head and hopefully figuring it out. Stand by!


You might believe, with the two days we have had, that I just wrote the whole deal and got kicked off line and it didn't take! I am going to do it again but I bet the first time was better!

Okay, apologies first but Billy and the guys were turning and burning today and I just got the news myself. Second, many many thanks to John Teague and his crew from yesterday for their kindness and patience and much love to Tim Woods at Gregory Poole for the offshore tips on "how to diagnose an engine problem while you're being towed home from the Stream". It made all the difference in the world on having the right parts...right here, today. John and the boys caught a nice catch of gaffers on the Free Spool with Steve Budd today - love to Budd for the tow.

Heres how it went down...Billy stayed late on the boat after getting on the beach at Bayliss Boatworks and with the help of Scott Weaver from Gregory Poole they dropped the pan and determined that we could drop the sleeve instead of losing two days to jacking the engine up on A-Frames. That was hurdle number one.

This morning Scott brought Dave Crumm with him and the tear apart started early - more love to Tim and Dan Webb for driving the bus! Right now I am looking at a piece of the exhaust valve that one of the boys pried out of the cylinder, the intake valve is still logged in our old piston which is logged in our old head. B-A-D, as Kate would say. Anyway, it was a fluke, a pin or a bad valve right from the factory - who knows and really who cares - as they say "when your number comes up" and "if you haven't run aground you haven't run the inlet long enough". Funny now.

Anyway - the old crap is gone and we got a new kit installed today...sleeve, piston, valves and head. Rocker arms are in place and we're waiting on a couple parts to put the injectors back in tomorrow - boat ride for lunch? Perhaps - but it never could have been done without the boys from CAT.

More good news - Billy's got photos - lets see if we can get some captions and we'll get them up in the morning. Tight Lines and thanks for the calls and concern - you guys rock too!


Its a sad day for the Tuna Fever crew - and perhaps sadder still for John Teague and his friends. It is about 2:30 right now and the boat is not back to the dock yet - being towed as she is by Capt. Steve Budd and the Free Spool.

Billy called this morning to say that he was 200 yards from the grass line when all hell broke loose and that little vibration he thought he felt yesterday but may have been a figment of his imagination - was shaking the whole boat when he shut her down. After a little assessment while waiting for Budd, Maxwell called to scare the pants off me with the idea that he may have dropped a valve. Half an hour later ( and a couple hail Marys on my part) he called again to say that it may not be that bad. Regardless, we won't know until the CAT mechanic jumps on board when she gets back to the Inlet. If you're prone to prayer try rocker arm, or maybe just injector...

Thankfully for John and crew, he is booked again tomorrow - now on the Free Spool. I'll try to update you tonight on the diagnosis and the prognosis for that matter, but I suspect that all hell will break loose around here next. Tight Lines and crossed fingers!


Our party for today had a ton of boats booked and a whole bunch of friends to place on those boats, so we got out a little late for "leave behind, stay behind" the Billy's took a shot in the dark and ran for the 280 rock instead of jumping in line, on the weed to speak.

Anyway, the gamble paid off pretty good although it was rough down there and the grass was scattered so there was a lot of pickin. Limit of gaffers in the box and the boys were pretty darn happy about that! Tight Lines!


The wind fell out just like it was suppose to - the sound was slick as glass when Billy got up to head to the Fishing Center. But that doesn't meana it wasn't rougher than rough offshore and it was. Congrats to Mike Padula and his vikings for taking it all in like a bunch of Bearing Sea crab fishermen (we are totally addicted to Deadliest Catch!).

A beautiful catch of gaffers today - minus the ones that got beat off at the back of the boat - did I mention it was rough? Billy didn't even mention the word "tuna" so I am assuming that it was dolphin if you do and not much else. MMMMM! Tight Lines!


Action on the dolphin heated up today even though Billy's alarm didn't go off and Dickerson called to wake us up at 5:15 with a fire drill!

Dan Tillery and his crew think it was a good stradegy as the crew jumped in the middle of the weed line and filled the box with beautiful gaffers bright and early! Gotta love that!

Jeff James' blue one is holding top spot in Hatteras today so far - although it was not as big as my prediction - the overall length I was given had to be bad as she tipped the scales at just over 450. Anyway, conditions are heating up for (finally) some great fishing - Rom says the ocean to the southern is filled with eddys and dolphin and the action is headed our way.

In  the meantime theres another blow headed our way as well. Peter Freedman and his buddies will have to come back later in the summer as we won't get out tomorrow - but it's calling to fall out overnight on Friday. Tight Lines!


Dolphin if you do - dolphin if you don't. Dolphin. It is the other, other white meat you know. 5 dolphin in the box between the 540 and the 500 and a run to the southern produced some more nice dolphin on a Hatteras weed line - 17 more gaffers in the box. And one lonely tuna to go with them. Thanks to Capt. Rom on the Release who took time out of the Hatteras Village tournament to lead us to the fish - 17 blue ones released out of 48 boats today and the 18th one was boated by the Reel Deal - don't know how big but she had to be over 600 by the calculations.

Many thanks to Rich and the boys for playing...and by the way - out of nine tunas yesterday 3 were smallish and 6 in to 40 to 50 pound range (I was RIGHT!) but I was wrong about the wahoo - there were three actually. So the crew didn't get 800 pounds a day but I'd say they had some nice action and a good mixed bag!

It's going to blow on Friday but Saturday is still looking good. It's blowing right now a bit but it has been picking up every evening and blowing out overnight. Billy calls it "land breeze" I never heard of that before. Anyway, maybe Friday's blow will bring some pods of fish in:-) Tight Lines!

Well Billy would have liked to have caught more for Rich Dudash and his crew but perhaps on their second trip tomorrow. Kate and I headed for the Fishing Center and we thought the catch was pretty good - now the boys stayed out a might bit late and brought in a nice wahoo, some gaffers and I think it was about 8 or 10 yellowfin a few on the small side and four that looked in the 45 pound range to me. I will try to come up with some real nimbers in tomorrow's report (but I bet I am right!). Tight Lines!


Smart enough to run south today - and smarter still to stop about 6 miles short of the sweet spot from yesterday - the water was crowded and everyone was after yesterday's fish!

But then again it didn't turn out to be the smartest move in the book - fishing north the Tuna Fever didn't have a tuna bite until noon. Oh well - we had a fine catch of dolphin early on a grass line 13 fat ones and a 35 pounder (that one being a citation). Then the Billy's, Graham and his crew were off - planers, spreader bars - the works and no bites...except that one.

Than WHAM!! Between 2:50 and 3:30 it was happy hour, baby! Couple doubles, couple singles - nice yellowfin up to 52 pounds and a fine mixed bag for the boys. And to top it all off - Grahams two sons - chefs they are - got to clean some fish! Tight Lines!

PS: We'll be blown out for the next couple days. Happy Mother's Day and call us for a trip...252-473-1097


Oh, Walter. You've had good days...and bad days - and today was a good day. You wanted a mixed bag and what Walter wants, Walter gets (sometimes)!

So it was out through the fog and down to the 400 in search of some dolphin and tuna and mostly to get away from the crowd. In the end it was a wahoo, 5 yellowfin in the 25 to 45 pound range and a phenominal catch of dolphin in the box. Yep - dolphin if you do... 18 between 18 and 28 pounds (MMMM) and another 15 fat ones but a little smaller.

Tight Lines!!


After the touture of vacationing in a classic Outer Banks Nor'Easter and missing their first tip on Tuesday I am proud to say that the McWilliams crew came, saw, caught and went home with the booty!

A limit of yellowfin at the Point today - five or six in the 50 to 62 pound range and two nice gaffers. You gotta love that! The ocean looked good but I am not going to jinx anything by saying anything - about anything! Tight Lines!


Well, she blew. And blew. And blew some of the siding off the side of the house. And blew the doors in on the barn. And blew my tomato plant right out of its bucket. And today they named her - Andrea I think.

Anyway, tonight I cannot hear the ocean from my porch - last night I could and I'd say we are about 2 miles as the crow flies.

Tomorrow morning the Viking will try the bar...I'll let you know how it goes:-) Tight Lines!


We managed to get David and his crew out today before the wind picks up tonight. The forecast is calling for 40 MPH winds through Monday night so I may be bidding you all a fine farewell for a couple days!

Headed out a little north of the Point on the 650 and it turned out to be a decent day - 7 yellowfin in the box and a gaffer! 4 in the 50 pound range - nice ones! Lots of boats out there today.

Still have no details on Steve Sorenson's last day of fishing - our pillow talk lately mostly concentrates on our new driveway which we started this week - only 1125 more feet to go! Tight Lines!


This is going to be a short one  - I have no details for today's fishing. All I know is the boys hung around the Point - and put 10 tuna in the box.

Boring, I know. But you are up to date! Its going to blow tomorrow so look for more info on Saturday. Tight Lines!


Desperate times call for desperate measures. So Billy took a page out of Deepwater's playbook (an infamous captain long gone) and headed south shooting the gap between the beach and the Boiler (a skinny little slot south of the Inlet between the breakers and a wreck) and headed for the Hatteras grounds.

The plan paid off and the 250 rock produced. Four tuna on as soon as the boys put lines in and in the end it was a little like this:

A wahoo, 10 gaffers, 2 blackfin, 8 nice yellowfin ( 2 - 40's and 6 in the 50 to 60 range) and one San Cocho - that being a yellowfin head, the rest of him was eaten by a dusky.

Billy and I say Deepwater was smiling on us but the rest of the crew says otherwise. Unfortunately for Mike AKA "Banana Man" the boys are on day 4 of 6 without much caught - until today when Mike (and his bananas) spent the day on the beach with his son. Now the Banana Man is the lone un believer amongt a crew of superstitious fishermen...maybe he will change his thinking after today. Besides everyone, needs a higherpower, Mike!

Billy kisses me three times on the cheek every morning before he leaves  and, as for me, well I never go in and out through different doors..which just so happens to be one of Deepwater's strongest superstitions - coincidence? Well, we don't believe in coincidence anymore do we, Mike? Tight Lines!


All hail the webmaster! Our computer guru, Ryder Haggard, was so freaked out by last night's report (mubling somthing about The Shining this afternoon) that he came by and replaced the keyboard in my lap top before I got fed up and ran it over with the car!

And that was about the best thing that happened to the Tuna Fever crew today - fishing was once again beyond slow. You know sometimes I swear on here - using dashes and dots and pound signs and it's usually in joyous descriptions of great catches. Well, fishing right now isn't even worth the effort of finding the pound sign.

Sorry to sound so cynical but it is May 1st and I want to see some real catching going on! I am ready! How about you? The fleets highliner today was Kennith Brown on the Trophy Hunter (his wife Liz is Kate's t-ball coach) - Kennith found some float and put a nice catch of dolphin in the box but there wasn't quite enough for the rest of the boats.

So, Steve Sorenson and his gang aren't having any trouble keeping score this week - add one more tuna to the tally, thats all we had today. Maybe tomorrow I should send myself some flowers....Oh, don't forget Mother's Day is coming up fast:-) Tight Lines!