Archived Reports

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It's been so long since I have updated you all I almost forgot how to do it. Oh, the wonders of computers.

So, we are still alive and kickin'. The Tuna Fever has a newly rebuilt motor - purrs like a CAT and as of yesterday she has all new bottom paint as well. She has been on the bank a couple different times this winter but when the paint dries and she goes back in the water that'll be it. Billy should be heading for the Inlet soon.

We are pleased that Dickerson will be running things in the pit again this year. Billy stuck with Billy throughout the winter and did a hell of a job over in the barn working as a carpenter on "Ya Mamma" - the boat the boys built in the offseason.

I have been fighting it out with the state to finally recieve a variance for our driveway to the new house which we will start construction on in about a month. In the meantime we moved this week back into our old house. As of now we will still be using the address on this site for deposits etc.

Busy, busy. And ready for tuna season! Mitch Roffer says this spring will not be like last - there hasn't been enough snow for the Labrador to give us much trouble this year. - Now you guys up north will probably argue with that!

Kate and I are heading out of town for spring break next week and trips are scheduled to start on the 19th of April - but I promise to start regular updates of the site as soon as I get home with a tan! Tight Lines!