Archived Reports

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Our last weekend of the season turned out to be more than we could ask for!

Saturday I got our phone fixed:-) And Al Wong and his crew took a chance on the forecast and met the Billies at the boat anyway - a rough start to the day but turns out a fine - and interesting one indeed. After putting four yellowfin in the box the crew hooked up with a white one that would have taken a million $ plus in Ocean City - estimated at 90 pounds the white was released in good condition. After that the crew battled dusky sharks for their catch! In the end there were 9 tuna in the box and 10 more eaten by sharks...Billy lost a lot of rigs but the pictures are fantastic!

Today it was tuna, tuna, tuna! A great last day fishing between the 615 and 630 and a limit in the box. 15 yellowfin and a smattering of bluefin - nice sized yellowfins too - 50 pounders all!

Tight Lines and thanks to all of you for a glorious season. We are taking bookings fast for '08 so call the house 252-473-1097 or email me. I will update the site with anything I hear on the streets!


Beautiful day today! 10 yellowfin in the box and oh boy, you gotta love that!!! Talk about Thanksgiving! MMMM.

May the holiday be lovely for you and yours and may the phone fairy come down and fix our home phone which is still on the outs. Taking charters via email staring Friday Am. Tight Lines!


Trolling and other things and Chris Jones and his boys filled the box today - to Maxwell's surprize 3 of the 6 blackfins where big for blackfins - 22 to 30 pounds. Round that out with 14 yellowfin between 58 and 25 pounds. Much love to Chris and his crew - tenacious as they are - they spent two days trying to get to the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center from the Cowboy - Redskins game in Dallas. They saw Cinicinatti and Ricmond among other spots on the way and the backs of their eyelids until lines out this morning...a short limit was enough to send them home early today.

Toby - we know you've got a lot going on - just handle it, Baby! Tight Lines!


Somedays are diamonds and some just aren't.

Thats what happened this weekend - Saturday was a great day for Dick and his crew - half and half in the box - yellowfin and blackfin and the fishing was fine - 17 to be exact.

Sunday was a different story all together. Nary a bite. nada. zippo. Billy called me around 2 to say that he was skunked. Urgh! Anyway, I think he did end up with a couple tuna but fishing was not on the list of pillow talk last night. All me love to Bill Hartwell and his gang for taking it on the chin like a bunch of true sportsmen!

Today it was meant to blow - which it didn't. Figures. So the Tuna Fever is to the dock today and it looks like the weather will hold for the rest of the week - I think Billy even booked Thanksgiving but he hasn't told me so yet. Pitiful but it won't keep me from having some great eats!! Tight Lines!


Not so great fishing for the boys today - new ones too and Billy was terribly dissapointed. He called late to say that he left before sunrise and now it was sunset and he was still five miles from the bar.

So the whole crew put in the time but it just never happened. Five strikes and they lost one at the stern I think - or it may have been four and three. Interestingly enough - from gutting one as many of you have seen done in the past, the Billies found crab and hermit tuna are bottom feeders after all! At least they were last night and a ballyhoo just wasn't going to do it for them.

Weather tomorrow - tight Lines!


A great tuna day today on the Tuna Fever - 13 big ones, 1 little one and a dolphin. Billy is thrilled and the weather is actually going to hold for another day...who would have thought.

Oh, I completely forgot to jazz Carl Bandy and the boys for fall ing in love with the gentle but all too powerful hummmm of our 1000 HP CAT. She's the bomb and many thanks to Nancy for the great pictures!!

Tight Lines!


Great fishing on Friday - 10 fat yellowfin and you gotta love that!

No fishing over the weekend - she was honkin' again offshore and Billy Thayer and Jimmie Anderson took a pass...Jimmie also kept my homemade cinnamon cake in Roanoke but cest la vie.

Today looked pretty darn good by the picture Bill sent me from the Fishing Center. I aven't spoke to Billy because our home phone is broken but it looked to me that Paul Geswino, his kids and friends had a limit (or real close to) and some fat ones to - 45 pounders if the picture was in focus!

Oh, speaking of phones - someone called mid-afternoon last week about rescheduling - it was a pretty long message, filled with info on family etc. so I know it's a "regular" - anyway I saved the message for Billy to listen to and before the phone broke he erased it by accident - I think it was last Thursday. Send me an email if you know who you are. Tight Lines!


Limmed Em! Limmed Em! LIMMED EM!!!!!! Say it again as we haven't said it in so long and it feels so goood...LIMMED EM!

Wow what a day - Billy was questioning the forecast and John Briggs and his crew decided to drive down and meet the crew as it wasn't blowing in Moyock last night...and man, did they make the right decision. Not to say it wasn't rough but with a limit of very nice yellowfin - some boscoes too - it was a pleasure for everyone!!!

Love it! And thank-you, Lord!!! Tight Lines!


Out in the blue - finally - the water shoved out and the fishing was less than expected, unfortunately. One bluefin and two nice gaffers for Brad and his gang.

There is alreaddy a gale warning for offshore tomnorrow and Billy has slipped into the tenth level of hell (I think).

Lisa Diess asked about the house and the puppy and since theres nothing to talk about other than the Billies' dispair, I can talk about that. Shooting for a pre-final on the house Thursday and that will be the begining of week 15 - not too bad for a first timer I think. Unfortunately the market is pretty bad here right now and my dreams of building (and I really liked it) may be put on hold. Thinking about starting a fishing blog but right now I would just talk about the puppy - who is doing fine, completely nuts but hasn't eaten the house or car or anything more precious than a Hannah Montana toothbrush. The new boat the boys are building this winter is coming along well...and if the weather continues to not be cooperative they may have it finished and delivered to the new owner by Christmas. Hehehe. Tight Lines!

We made it through the blow just fine. There won't be any fishing tomorrow though - ocean overwash at Jeanette's at noon and the DOT didn't get Highway 12 open until about 3 this afternoon...she's talkin'! Tight Lines!

Tuna, Tuna, Tuna!!! Finally and wouldn't you know it's suppose to hit 50 mph inshore overnight tonight. No fishing tomorrow or Saturday by the looks of it but there was a nice catch of yellowfin (I think 6) and two fat bluefin. MMMMMM!!!! And its about time! Tight Lines!