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Happy Halloween! And a happy one it was today - Brad Whaley and the boys from Granite Contracting - they don't do countertops by the way, headed out today after the Tuna Fever sat to the dock in weather for a week...and it was dolphin if you do, dolphin if you don't, Dolphin.

Weird but good. Tight Lines!


Looks like we won't be going out until Wednesday but I have an email here from our last charter you might enjoy...

Hi Billy & Billy the Captain & Mate of "Tuna Fever",


Ken decided to go Tuna fishing off-shore at the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  After researching web-sites and questioning people who had previously fished the Outer Banks, the "Tuna Fever" was highly recommended.  That tells me that the word is out that Caption Billy is one of the best!


We were very pleased with the 270+ pounds of Yellow Fin Tuna that we caught October 23, 2007.  It was exciting to reel in such big fish.  Our Caption and Mate did an excellent job!  It took three coolers to get the fish home (137 pounds of vacuum packed fillets). 


We knew before leaving the dock that the fishing was slow.  However, Ken & I wanted to go Tuna fishing even if we only caught one.  So we left the dock with that in mind.  The Caption attributes our catch to luck, but what an enjoyable day!   


On our way back to the dock, we saw a school of Porpoises traveling by the boat.  There must have been 50 or more.  What a view!


Caption Billy told us that he and several others build a boat every year (just like "Tuna Fever") when not fishing.  What a talented crew!  Caption Billy likes his present boat "Tuna Fever" of nine years so well that he does not want to change anything right now.  Caption Billy invited us to check out the boat being built this year, but time did not allow us to see it.  What a disappointment!  Maybe the next time we will get to see it.


Lake Erie fishing is fun, but Tuna fishing is fun on the "Tuna Fever", too! 


Gail & Ken Moder from Ohio


Fabulous fishing for revered Lake Eerie charter captain Ken Moder and his wife. 8 fat yellow fins and we headed for the barn. That’s not to say that fishing has turned around, I think we just got lucky. The weather is setting in so we will be off perhaps for the weekend. Tight Lines.


Tuna fishing tuned up for the Billies yesterday - the morning bite proved to be the highliner for the fleet...8 nice yellowfin in all the biggest topping 70 pounds. The bad news is that it was luck, no marks, no whales, no bait but the 650 did the trick for whatevere reason - and we're not asking!

Today it was nice gaffers this morning - three between 12 and 19 pounds and on top of that it was bailers in the afternoon...nice ones as well. Later on there was a 45, a 50 and a 71 pound pink slip for CC Vaughn and his crew. Again no rhyme or reason and no questions asked by the Tuna Fever gang.

On an exciting note the Hatteras fleet experienced a billfish bite that would rival August's best. Who would have thought - and the boys to the southern are looking forward to a nice bite at the Big Rock soon! Tight Lines!


It has been a strange week - Billy was off on the 17th and blown out on the 19th and 20th.

Kevin Dudley and the crew came through for us with venison bologna and some delicious jerkey on Thursday the 18th. I can't say the same for the fishing though - Maxwell and Dickerson were wearing bathing suits and flip flops again and the water was hot - the fishing was slow. The boys tried it all and in the end came up with a few tuna.

Today things are looking up (knock wood now). Reyn Smith and his family enjoyed a nice yellowfin bite early this morning. Billy called in the repost at about 11:00 - I haven't heard anything since but I will keep up the good thoughts! Maybe the blow turned things around a little. Tight Lines! 


It looked more like mid-September when the lid dropped on the fish box today but at least the thing wasn't empty! And Jay Bushell and his boys had a little excitement today - especially when a sailfish went after the kite for a while!

In the end it was a tuna hunt at the Point for kite fishing in hot water tuna missed and then the sail and then slow going to the north. The boys hit the 615 and the longriggers and planer popped - 3 nice bailers in the box. Thats when the crew found some rope and 16 more went in the box. The change loomed about 500 yards away - and more dolphin...a limit to be exact.

The Billies pulled out the stick in the green water, fishing back south to the Bay and then they pulled off a wahoo - one more wahoo on the planer made it in the box and another right behind on a hawaiian eye - a blackfin just a short time later and another dolphin on the long rigger. One more 40 pounder on the stick and then...nothing.

The tuna and wahoo puked minnows and after Dickerson scooped the ice out of the box the dolphin had hacked up some themselves. So we are competeing with minnows...which must be some kind of delicacy because we are losing. Tight Lines!


Okay, Dave says I am scaring the people with no report update - I wish I had more to say...

The Fever laid to the dock today - and somewhere theres a real estate agent closing a deal (thats 1 I know of lately!). The fleet didn't do much of anything.

Yesterday it was a limit of kings and a nice catch of triggers. Sunday, Bobby Knotts boys enjoyed a beautiful day of bottom bouncing after a few usless attempts at catching the tunas. And on Saturday it was slow going for yellowfin for Billy Thayer's boys.

Thursday and Friday Billy cancelled - given the forecast and the "Oh not so October" fishing.

See. Anyway, yesterday the tuna did show up and jump around the boat - they didn't eat and Billy says they are eating some weird minnow like thing. Tiny like krill but not. Maybe things will change a bit - indian summer offshore this year for certain.

I hope you feel better, Dave. At least you know we didn't stink, I mean SINK! Tight Lines!


Seven bites on the kite today and only two of the tuna got hooked. So two yellowfin in the box and Billy didn't mention anything else on the phone - he'll be late again tonight, fishing as long as he dared...unless, of course, he truly does slip into the pit of depair (which I assume is somewhere between the Fishing Center parking lot and Manteo) and we never see him again. "That's fishin'!" really looses some of it's umph after a week.

I don't know, guys. The moon is gone, the commercial fleet is way far up to the north and the fish just haven't showed. I will think on it but it may be time for everyone to go to church and do some serious praying. Tight Lines!


What a weekend and what a day today - a scattered blackfin bite and some of the boats went north to catch the dolphin we all found Friday - but the Billies decided to stick it out in some of their favorite tuna holes. Theres not much to those dolphin anyway.

So between Saturday, Sunday and today - they tried the stick, the kite, the spreader bars, planers and chunking. All the tricks and not much to show for any of it.

Today being the worst with a blackfin and a couple yellowfin and working backwards, Saturday's fishing with a half dozen yellowfin being as good as it got. I am pulling out the Ouiji board and I think Billy is planning on putting his socks on inside out or something. Its getting so bad I wish it would start blowing again (well, not really). Tight Lines!


And it keeps getting a little better. Now let me see if I can get this right...2 blackfins, 4 yellowfins, one wahoo (seventh this season - Billy says he trolls too slow and they bite him off usually, its a tuna thing) and a handful of king mackerel.

I promise I was listening to Billy when he told me - I know this becasue I wasn't listening the first time and he had to repeat himself...but due to my insane lack of sleep (Shadow is still getting up at 5:30 each day) and perhaps a smidge of stress related to coming down the home stretch of the new house...I can't for the life of me remember if the tuna count is right - 6 total or 6 yellowfin and 8 total.

It was better than yesterday though! Tight Lines!

Better fishing today and some news - 2 blackfins and 6 yellowfin from a pup to a 60 pounder and everything in between. The news - well, the yellowfin are feeding a night, this is to be sure. So we wait our turn and it will come. Some of the boats got on the dolphin today, small ones like ours yesterday, but it's nice to see a little mixed bag. Tight Lines!


Billy just called and they made it out the inlet this morning. Thank goodness...its been blowing and blowing for days (again) and it looks like another front is headed this way for the weekend.

Stay tuned for the report tonight - hopefully this nor'easter will bring better fishing than the last one! Tight Lines!

So far the blow didn't do much to help us was two blackfin and two yellowfin and a nice catch of vinegar dipper dolphin for Bert Schaffner and his crew - but they admit they had a good time watchiung the wind blow and waiting to go fishing this week!! Tight Lines!