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Its turning out to be a long winter - especially with this cold weather that has set in! Heres whats happening

Word on the docks is that the boys had a great couple of days offshore last week - there are only a few boats running for tuna but when they can get to them I understand the bites are pretty good.

Billy and I headed down to the Jarrett Bay industrial park last week to check out our motor which has been successfully rebuilt by the Gregory Poole Caterpillar team. Their facility is the bomb by the way, but they need a radio inside the offices. Anyway, many thanks go out to the team - Tim Woods especially and to Greg who took her apart and put her back together piece by piece. The boys forklifed the motor out to the parking lot and fired her up right there so Billy could get a good look. Turns out we had a couple bad bearings and four cracked pistons so the decision to rebuild this winter was the right one.

The crew at the boat shop are jamming away on Ya Mamma and she is beautiful. She'll be chartering out of Pirate's Cove with Capt Butch Monds and BC is really proud to be adding another boat to the Oregon Inlet fleet.

All of our days are on-line now at and you can book through them in the middle of the night (might help you sleep). May and June are tight but the rest of the season looks pretty good for when you'd like to go.

Hope your winter is going well - I'll try to get back on with updates and maybe some pictures of the new boat in a week or so. Tight Lines!