Archived Reports

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Thanks for the email wishes of luck on the DC went very well and Senator Dole's Legislative Aide was very responsive to the short version of whats happening with the Inlet, so many thanks to Kent for his time and consideration!

Meanwhile the boys had some fabulous fishing! Fall is here - at least offshore! Wednesday it was Rob Seibert's birthday so fishing was great (of course) - 15 yellowfin in the box averaging 53.5 pounds each! Phew - and special thanks to Melvin for the t-shirt!

Thursday the boys caught 17 yellowfin ranging between 30 and 60 pounds and a fine catch it was.

And today? Well, the day got off to a slow start - it was a little rough and it's hard to catch fish when you can't keep your baits in the water! But it calmed down for David Thompson and his crew from Wachovia Securities and in the end the box was near full - 11 yellowfin in the 20 to 50 pound range! Tight Lines!


So I checked in with my boys after lunch and guess where they were? At the fuel dock! Billy Dickerson told me they had a fabulous day - a couple big eye and a nice catch of very fat yellowfin. I doesn't feel like Fall but it sure acts like it!

Had a cancellation for October 10 last night - so if you want to get in on the action and not wait until mid-November call Billy at home tonight to book THE day. 252-473-1097 Tight Lines!

PS: Heading to DC in the morning to fight for Oregon Inlet dredging - so the Wednesday and Thursday reports will go up Friday AM.


Boy, it's been busy - and a little rough.

So on Saturday we had a crew of all new guys - never been offshore before - and nobody puked (and it was a bit on the choppy side) probably because they were SO BUSY CATCHING FISH! You gotta love it when your very first trip bags you a couple big eye (89 and 112 pounds respectively) and 13 nice fat yellowfin! MMMM! They are hooked!

Sunday it was yellowfi, yellowfin - no big eyes for the Tuna Fever but 12 tuna in the box ain't bad.

And today? Well, today it was fat fish - anywhere from 25 to 60 pounds but Billy (and Billy) says they averaged out around 45 pounds a piece...the boys got home early today about 2:30 crossing the bar. Tight Lines!

Yellowfin, Yellowfin, yellowfin - I love it! You love it! Everybody love it! Tight Lines!

Great fishing today for Eddie and the boys from the Martinsville PD. Nice yellowfin in the box and they were thick today - 14 pretty ones baby! Tight Lines!

A poor forecast and Rich and his crew driving down from PA prompted us to call the day. Not a bad idea although about 5 boats did make it out and the fishing is slower than yesterday (boy, I did screw up) the fleet was in early with nice yellowfin and a big eye bite to boot! Oh well. Tight Lines!

Okay - I admit it - I screwed up. But then again I got the wake up call at 5:30 AM and so I believe that I have paid the price. Heres how it goes - I booked a guy for today but he booked for October 19, so needless to say Billy and Billy are to the dock, and everyone else was up before dawn with them! But I do have good news - October 19 was one of only two days still available in the whole month - the gods can be kind. Anyway, I hope everyone has a nice the way, November is filling up so if you want some tuna in your freezer this winter give us a call and rserve your trip! 252-473-1097 Tight Lines!

And the witch was right - at least for a day. Phenominal yellowfin fishing today and the boys were home early (like noonish) with their limit. Yeeehaaa! Anyway, it was 25 to 35 pounders mostly but there were a couple bigger ones thrown in - one 40 and one 50 pounder. You gotta love that! Tight Lines!

So we didn't get out on Saturday and today it was tuna and dolphin - don't get excited...A tuna and two dolphin to be exact but the ocean is steady righting herself and conditions are starting to look pretty darn good for the fall tuna season. In case you didn't know my great aunt Catherine is actually a witch and she let me use her crystal ball! Tight Lines!

Back in business and what a good business it is. Peanut and the boys had a fabulous day of dolphin fishing today - nice bailers in the 7 pound range and plenty of them - actually a limit today! Woowee!

Thar she blows! Still. Hopefully we will get out tomorrow and see what we can's been on the almost cool side here since Sunday although the temps are meant to climb back up by the weekend - should be an interesting ocean out there! Tight Lines!

Okay - I just updated all of this for the past threee days and it disappeared. So heres the short the dock today due to swell and nor east wind. To the dock yesterday as it was Kate's birthday and Jimmie Anderson and his crew had a great time on saturday - chasing a white, chasing a shark and catching dolphin and some yellowfin! Tight Lines!


No fishing today - or yesterday either. Billy took a couple days off to set up the boat they'll be building this winter with all the fellas at the boat shop. We'll also be keeping an eye on the swell from Florence early ext week but the Tuna Fever will be back out in the ocean tomorrow for sure! Tight Lines!

Great day on the water!!! Tuna, Tuna, Tuna....the winds of change are shifting - it may be the firat sign of TUNA SEASON!!!! Tight Lines!


It was a great day on the water but I have to admit that it was kinda slow - until this afternoon when WHAM! Dolphin if you do, Dolphin if you don't. Dolphin!! Tight Lines!

Yesterday it was 5 tuna for Gary Fitzgerald and the crew - I think they had some nice dolphin as well. UPDATE - NO DOLPHIN - IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL 68 POUND WAHOO CAUGHT BY GARY'S DAUGHTER APRIL - CONGRATULATIONS! Congrats Gary on bein the first trip out since Ernesto came by for a visit! Tight Lines!