Archived Reports

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Twas a nice day today! 2 yellowfin in the 40 pound range and some dolphin. The elusive blue marlin that we were after got himself hooked! And then he got himself jumped off or broke off or something!

And how did I tell such a lie? It was yesterday and I really got my days confused - or is that dazed and confused?

The boys were on a mission yesterday for white marlin - 2 for 3 ain't bad at all! and there were plenty of dolphin in the box. The tuna I mentioned were caught over the weekend! Tight Lines!

Found the tuna today! Gotta love it! Yellowfin, yellowfin, yellowfin and some dolphin too - no limits on the tuna yet but they are still planty big like they have been all year! Tight Lines!


Dolphin dolphin and a stop at the tile hole - mmmm!

Keeping an eye on Ernesto - may be a wash out for me (I have a trip scheduled for big blue marlin hunting on Thursday and perhaps for the weekend). Cross your fingers! Tight Lines!


Okay, I got behind again - good thing I am leaving my post in November, at least I know I will keep the fishing catches straight this fall!

So the dolphin fishing has been great and the tile fishing has been phenominal when the dolphin fishing hasn't and the boys have been catching this week..I just can't remember what. Don't tell the Billys! Tight Lines!

It was a slow day for tuna fishing today - we ran here, we ran there we..well, not exactly we, ended up tile fishing and had a fabulous catch! MMMM!

Pulled out the big guns today and came up with a great catch of dolphin and two beautiful yellowfin - 67 and 71 I think is how it went - they were big anyway and you gotta love that!! Tight Lines!


Okay - this is going to be a long one! The boys did not fish today - a little on the rough side - but here's a recap of the past week and I appreciate you guys giving me a break so I could run my tournament!

8/11 - a limit of bailers for Frank and the gang

8/12 - weathered out

8/13 - a great day for Harriett and the ladies fishing the Alice Kelly - one for two on whites and 25 nice dolphin in the box!

8/14 - Elle Klien had a blue one today - stand up on a TLD (not bad for a girlie!) her dad Keith had a white one and they both caught up on some dolphin!

8/15 - to the Point with the Kleins who released a sail and put six nice yellowfin in the box

8/16 - a limit of dolphin at the 102 tower with John and the boys - also some fat yellowfin: 62, 63, 68 and 77 pounds respectively!

8/17 - a limit of dolphin at the 102 and a 71 pound yellowfin for Elle (her dad had the 94 pounder!)

8/18 - Scott Williams and his crew caught a limit of dolphin today!

8/19 - Billy Thayer and the boys enjoyed a limit of dolphin and one fat 60 pound yellowfin - and the weather was fitting!

8/20 - an 8 mile streach of grass in 700 fathoms was holding dolphin and the boys had 9 fat yellowfin and went home early too! Gotta love that! Tight Lines!


25 dolphin in the box today! Along with 3 yellowfin in the 45 pound range and one that may go for the 70 pounder pink slip...oh, oh and a white one! woo hooo!

Yesterday it was dolphin too - a near limit and the boys pulled off a blue one and jumped off a sailfish. The blue one was Billy 's fault and the second one was Billy's fault! You figure it out.

The moon has got to us a bit this week but at least the dolphin are snappin - the big eyes must have moved up the road...they should be back soon though.

I am slammed with Pirate's Cove Tournament Week begining on Saturday - if I go off the grid...which I must say is entirely possible...keep an eye on the tournament at First results star on Sunday with the ladies tournament and the Tuna Fever will be fishing that but not the 23rd Annual.


An excellent day today for everyone. Not to say the fishing was red-hot - which it really wasn't...we are cycling into the full moon right now and you all know that can have some affect on th appetites of our pelagic pursuits! Anyway, the boys had Ellen Sharkey and her family today - 51 family members down from NY for a reunion - and they planned to have baked ziti for dinner tonight so as not to jinx their fishing. Anyway - it was 21 dolphin found under two sea turtles in the box and a run all over the ocean - but the company was not to be beat!

Sunday my baby came home early for swimming  - the moon set in and long time fisherman Mickey Costen had enough at noon with 2 fat yellowfin and a gaffer in the box.

Saturday, on the other hand, was fantastic - and fun. Brooks came in with his family and he was a chartacter - spent a lot of time in the '80's fishing with Bobby Sullivan - anyway, there were four boscoes in the box - yellowfin ranging from 62 to 91 pounds! There ain't many but mna, are they big this year! Tight Lines!


It was big eyes on the troll today and it's awl good! Billy missed a white (three times) and the boys chaffed off a blue one but it was big eyes in the box - 112, 112, 110 and 90 pounds respectively!!! On the top throw one fat yellowfin and you gotta love it! 70 pounder.

Oh, yesterday the big eyes weighed in at 115, 103, 96, 92 and 90! We are totally in the groove! Tight Lines!

Two in a row and the count on Big Eye in the last 60 days just jumped up over 40! (I think). We added five - count 'em again 1-2-3-4-5 - to the running totals today and the boys were too happy! If we can't have limits of yellowfin we'll take the lunkers! It's been an interesting summer to be sure but big fat fish are always welcome! Tight Lines!

And it was another fabulous day on the ocean today!!! The boys got on the Big Eyes early and followed that catch up with a couple yellowfin and a nice catch of dolphin. And on top of all that my baby came home early! Ahhhhh! Tight Lines!

Slow fishing today and who would have ever thunk it? Got out a little late and missed a big eye bite early then Billy & Billy ran for the whales - from the 750 to the 840 then for the porpoise from the 840 to the 720 and followed them from 270 fathoms down to 60 fathoms - where they marked some tiles and eneded up bottom bouncing for three nice ones. Oh, they also caught a barracuda! Tight Lines!