Archived Reports

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Excellent fishing today!!!! Big eyes and fat yellowfin (singular). Many congrats to Tom Brown on his 87 pounder and to Phil on the fatest BE of the day - a whopping 100 pounds! Two more in the box around 85 pounds a piece. Love it. Love it!!!

A mistake on my part left us without party on Sunday and it was slow fishing for Billy Thayer and his crew on Saturday - but you know they had a fabulous time anyway! Tight Lines!

Limit of dolphin today and a nice fat 65 pound yellowfin. Billfishing is totally going off but the boys are running upwards of 60 miles to the southern. It's summertime!!! Tight Lines!


Heres the update - fishing was slow on Friday...actually Billy didn't really even want to talk about it so I might go so far as to put "Bad" on it.

We attempted to fish the 3rd Annual Dare County Boat Builders Challenge (go to for final standings) but decided not to go out at the dock Sat and Sun morning as it was blowing pretty darn good and I just didn't feel like getting my butt kicked!

Today the boys have got a limit of dolphin so far and are off now looking for the whales. Tight Lines!


No fishing yesterday - got about 17 miles out and turned aroune..tropical storm something or other.

Today was a banner day of fishing! One yellowfin, a coupel dolphin and we waylayed the big eyes! 100, 95, 95,95,101, 118 and another 100 - who would have ever thought! Love It! Tight Lines!

PS: We are fishing the Dare County Boat Builders Challenge this weekend so cross your fingers for us!

Luck and Opportunity met today and the boys had a fabulous catch. A limit of dolphin in the box a few miles out and 3 Eyes that tipped the scales at 100, 109 and 145 respectively! Woowooo...and would you believe that Billy and Billy were fishing in the same spot on the 650 as yesterday?? Not sure I do (hehe). Bullwinkle, Baby, Bullwinkle. Tight Lines!

Slow fishing today...and when I say slow I mean S-L-O-W. But you know, David, thats fishing and he and the crew from Conbraco know that as good as anyone! One yellowfin, one dolphin and tight lines to ya!


Hey Guys - so sorry about the report - Billy Kate and I ran out of town for a couple days and I forgot to let you know I was leaving!

Anyway, the report from Bermuda is blue marlin - Billy went fishing with Capt. Bull and crew aboard the Sea Toy and had a great day...a double header of blues (one release) plus an additional blue one!

The boys are fishing tomorrow so I will check in with the report! Tight Lines!


Exciting day today - heres a whopper of a story (and it's all true).

Two ladies in the party today - caught some gaffers and a couple yellowfin (can't remember how many because I was listening too closely to the following!)...

Okay, so Billy picks up a pharmacy bag at the Fishing Center this morning - to deliver to one of the commercial boats that has been out in the ocean for a week or so and one of the crew needs to refill his epilepsy medication. Of course.

Overnight the boat in question got their long line (yes, down here they are our friends too) tangled and full of fish. Apparently the dobs were touching and theres about 300 yards of line between dobs. So during the night and the impending tangle the boat drifted about 50 miles outside of the Tuna Fever's far east position. Billy's run to the boat would have been about 75 miles from the Inlet and with the price of fuel that was a tough one to swallow.

But, one of the ladies Joyce Falba, is a nurse and understood how important it was to get the meds to the boat. In the end Billy tie the bag to a polyball, anchored it in the tide, and set it off into the ocean. The commercial boat got untangled, boxed their fish and performed your basic USCG grid pattern to find the polyball taking into account the tide and wind etc.

Thats my story and I am sticking to it! Tight Lines! 

one yellowfin a couple dolphin - it was slow today but we got our white one - clean release! Tight Lines!


A limit of dolphin and missed a white today. Poo!

Yellowfin yesterday and nice fat ones too!

Blown out on Saturday and thats the roll call.

Tight Lines!

A limit of dolphin right out the gate this morning then the boys headed for the 650 and fished down to the Point. They are on the way home now and in the box theres a 65 pound yellowfin, a 35 pound yellowfin. a 28 pound wahoo and a fat dusky shark. What do you do with that?? Tight Lines!

Remember all that #%&*$ I said about the yellowfin yesterday...well, forget all that. Slow fishing for the Tuna Fever today and who would have thought it. Our crew had so much dolphin two years ago that they didn't even fish (at least not with us!) last season and this year - all they wanted was tuna, tuna, tuna. Well, around 1:30 old Captain Bill threw in the towel and the group went - you guessed it - dolphin fishing! Hey, its awl good. Tight Lines!

Fishing in the pack wasn't too bad today for Eric Tate and his crew. A little jiggle and a snap and there you have it. Yellowfin for the boys and some nice fat ones too. I tell you what - when you consider the size of the fish this season, the fact that we aren't catching that many just doesn't seem that bad. Tight Lines!


Slow fishing yesterday, phenominal fishing today...goes to show you just never know.

May thanks to Jeff Farlow and his family for playing yesterday - the boys caught a couple yellowfin, some bonitas a few gaffers and a white marlin. And they had a great time!

Today it was a great catch of yellowfin - fat ones too. Darn near filled the box and came home a little gotta love that! Tight Lines!