Archived Reports

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So I have resigned myself to the fact that this is one of those years that a limit is fabulous and 10 tuna is a great catch. It happens...about every five years or so by te looks of it. Hey, they don't call the "highly migratory" for nothing.

We had a great catch today. Now Billy would have loved to have caught about 800 pounds for these guys - they are old friends from the hood - and you know how you feel about old friends from the hood. In the end it was 15 gaffers and 10 nice yellowfin - what a fabulous day!


And they are fishing today!!! Wooo weee. I will update you later on the catch. It was tuna if you do and tuna if you don't. The rest of the fleet ios trying out kite fishing - don't you know that salt water sportsman wrote and article about tuna fishing on the east coast last spring and put in there how kites are the staple of the Oregon Inlet Fleet? Well, I wrote a sharp letter to the Editor for misleading the public - little did I know that it was a preminishon.

Anyway, the boys had a good day with the yellowfin today 9 in the 25 to 65 pound range and an 80 pound big eye and, hang onto your hats, we have had a changing of the guard. Young Charlie has gone back to commercial fishing and we are truly blessed to have Billy Dickerson in the cockpit. Billy took a couple years off of party fishing to get married and raise a fine daughter - in the interum he has worked as a carpenter building carolina boats. And he's almost as good a carpenter as he is a fisherman...but not quite! Tight Lines!


The boys are blown out today - and tomorrow too from the looks of the wind (hehe). Anyway, billy is replacing the mainline on the stick and putting the old R&R on his spreader bars! He also has to change the oil - replace his primary and secondary fuel filters and he said something about somthing else that was time consuming but, of course, I wasn't listening!

What I did manage to hear was the fishing report from the weekend - it was rough as a cob yesterday and the boys had some nice big eye (100+ pound range) and a few yellowfin - a couple around 70 pounds.

Saturday was much nicer on the weather and the yellowfin were bigger - if you can believe that - a couple reached 80 pounds and a few smaller ones. MMMMMM! I love summer! I am off to Raleigh today for some marine fisheries stuff but I will be back with the report as soon as the boys get out in the blue! Tight Lines!


Better fishing today! Billy and Stephen headed out and whalloped the tunas! It was big yellowfin today and you gotta love that!! Tight Lines!

Now today was much better - lots of action with a 156 pound big eye to kick things off this morning. You gotta love that! In the end it was 6 yellowfin in the box - a 76 pounder and a 70 pounder and 4 more between 25 and 50 pounds. MMMM! Tight Lines!

Nothing in the box until Happy Hour - that's 2:30PM! But the Boys perservered and pulled it off! 10 Nice yellowfin on the stick while fishing from the northeast to the 630..and everyone was late for dinner! Tight Lines!


Back in the world - I have been locked in sorry. But now I have my new update site and passwords and all that cool stuff and if you are reading this I actually know how to use it!

So, heres the skinny. The boys ended up with the second place dolphin at the Big Rock - not shabby when you consider the top dolphin came in at 78 pounds!! Can you believe that! What a phenominal catch...only 3/4 pound off the state record.

And since the boys got home it's been tuna tuna tuna and dolphin dolphin dolphin! They missed a massive big eye bite while they were gone but got a nice 125 pounder yesterday - over the past few days they have had a couple pink slips on yellowfin and then some 35 pounders - dolphin fishing has been pretty good and everyone seems happy although the fishing overall is a little slower than it was last year. Tight Lines!

And we're leading the Big Rock!!!! In the Dolphin category that is...53 pounds and that is a great fat fish - keep your fingers crossed - I actually pulled up to see if they had weighed yet and the Tuna Fever was in the weigh slip on the webcam! So I can't say I haven't seen my husband today:-)Tight Lines!

A limit of yellowfin! Finally! Julian and his crew drove the Luck 10 hours in the car to get here and man did they have a fine day!!! Okay, sorry if I confused anyone - The Big Rock tournament allows fishing from Hatteras - which is easier for Billy and Charlie - and Billy Thayer and his crew - rather than finding a dock etc in Morehead City. You may not fish the Big Rock from Oregon Inlet though. So, Billy would never move the Tuna Fever permanently away from the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center unless Kate and I (and maybe Charlie) agree to a nice dock in Kona. Tight Lines!!!

Fishing picked up some today with a very nice catch of dolphin and a few yellowfin on top - pups to 45 pounds. Tight Lines!

Dolphin if you do, Dolphin if you don't. Dolphin and some tuna on top but the boys had a fine day offshore! You know Billy leaves on Saturday to head back to Hatteras - he'll be fishing the Big Rock this year out of Oden's docks and you guys can watch all the action at Tight Lines!

So who says you always get a turn? Fishing has slowed down a bit for the Tuna Fever crew. Now, I am not going to say that every boat in the inlet is getting their limits and we have some sort of plague or somthing - but it almost feels that way. Billy ran this way, then he ran that way, then he ran back the other way (I think, by the look on his face last night he did the same thing yesterday!) and my boys have come up a little short. Now, I am no philosopher or anything but I believe that every dog has his day and ours will be coming along soon. Or maybe Billy needs to hit a turtle (did I just say that out loud?) and get that special hum back in his wheels!!!! Tight Lines!

Fishing slowed a little over the weekend but my tournament went off without a hitch. Billy and Charlie had a pretty good weekend - making up in size what they didn't do in limits. You gotta love that!! Tight Lines!

Great fishing today for yellowfin - fat ones, skinny ones, ones that like to eat plankton on rocks...sorry. Anyway, theres some eighty pounders out there in the blue and everyone wants a share! I will be out of touch for a few days running the inagural Oregon Inlet Tuna Roundup - two day fishing tournament...should be fun! Tight Lines!