Archived Reports

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Beautiful day on the water and the boys got in the yellowfin early - 40 to 60 pound range. Subsequently the bite turned off in the afternoon - now we have hot water pushin' in and the fish didn't like it much...never satisfied! Anyway, it was an excellent catch! Tight Lines!

Fat Fat Fat TUNA!!!!! Woohooo! It was 60 pounders on the 650 today. No dolphin at all but I don't think anyone cared! Tight Lines!

So I got the call about 3 on Sunday - actually took some time to go swimming with Kate who was not inclined to leave the pool and go see what Billy called "the largest catch he has had in years". I have a picture - just got to get it out of the camera...anyway two footballs and 12 nice yellowfin and they filled the box....fat fish! Monday's fish weren't quite as big but thankfully (and knock wood) it looks like the tuna starvation is over! Tight Lines!

Billy and Charlie headed south to the blue water today - which could have turned out to be a bad call as the boys fished the day in the "himilayas" - know I spelled that wrong but you got the picture - most of the fleet headed east to the Point to stay out of the rough - but the Tuna Fever Vikings had a nice catch albeit a rough one. Cancelled for tomorrow - bad forecast. Tight Lines!

Dolphin and yellowfin today and big ones too. You gotta love that! Tight Lines!

We got our limit. We got our limit. Oh, yes...we got our limit and it is 1:12 and the Tuna Fever is home!!!!! Wooowhooooo! It's about time, baby!!! Tight Lines!

Slow day, lots of life, lots of dolphin in the morning. And then it happened. Who would have ever thought it...right coming up on the end of the day, right on top of the 750, right before Billy's eyes. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Yellowfin from BLT's to 60+ pounders! Tight Lines and Hallelujah!

First liar, liar, pants on fire. Okay so it wasn't a lie until I found out that I didn't tell the truth - remember that limit of tuna last Wednesday...well all Billy said was big ones and I assumed he meant tuna but no - it was dolphin - 21 of them. Working backwards there just ain't much to tell. Right now the boys are in 120 fathoms moving up the hill, marking bait and dodging feeding porpoise and pilot whales and the ocean is totally alive like it hasn't been all year and nobody has had a bite! Billy is pulling out whats left of his hair - there one yellowfin in the box, pulled off a second and broke off a third. John Teague and his buddies are sure to have a better day tomorrow!!! Yesterday it was six yellowfin for Danny Moon and the gang fishing the cold water. Saturday I think it was five or six but seem to remember 1 in the 60 pound range and the Good Lord knows my brains are fried and I can't even recall what Happened on Friday but apparently it wasn't worth remembering - sorry fishing!!! I vote for church on Sunday! Tight Lines!

Figures. So Billy's party today was his dear darlin' wife and some high school buddies and my favorite Bacardi reps - Bill and Will. Wouldn't you know that today turned out to be ones of the slowest so far this season. We headed south to the 250 rock and met the Hatteras fleet fishing up he change in no more than five minutes. Ah, one dolphin in the box and we finally bagged it and came home early. Personally I was just happy to be there! Tight Lines!

Back in the ocean and got in 'em early this morning - a limit of yellowfin in the box and nothing - and I mean nothing - else happened for the rest of the day. Makes me nervous about tomorrow! Tight Lines!

Broke down. Now thats something you don't hear everyday on this site. Actually I can't remember the last time we were broke down. 16,000 hours later on our trusty - too good to be true - 1000HP mechanical CAT and we're broke down. Some may say it's about time. hehe. Anyway, the new heat exchanger got welded in place yesterday and overnight it leaked again - so Billy has got it in the truck and he is on his way to Culpeppers in Portsmouth to get it fixed - it's actually just the flange around the doohickey and I suspect that they will replace that whole part. I hope the Tuna Fever is back up and running tomorrow as I am scheduled to fish on Thursday with some old classmates from high school and my favorite Bacardi rep. In the meantime the conditions went to you-know-where yesterday and a couple boats dipped their bows (bad) but then a couple boats spotted schooling bluefin in the 400 pound range close to the beach on their way in and hooked up right (good). Sorry we missed that but most everyone else did too. I hope you have a glorious day and any doohickey prayers you can throw our way will be much appreciated! Tight Lines!

This is the Morning Report. Gives you the Long and the Short. Now you have a song in your head and thankfully it is out of mine. Here's whats been happening - Fishing Thursday and Friday was pretty good - gaffers and yellowfin and the boys fished the Tuna Fever home to her dock at the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center on Friday. Kate and I are very pleased to have Billy home again although he wasn't there for was slow on Saturday - couple tuna, couple dolphin and the boys caught a little of something else to ease their pain. Cryptic huh - but I am not suppose to advertise if the conditions are perfect for it - there could be some bottom droppin for tiles. Anyway, as the fishing was slow on Saturday and Billy and Charlie had Melvin and Rob booked for Sunday - they decided to take the day off and replace our heat exchanger. Things never work out as planned and the new heat exchanger leaked too. So, the boys are to the dock today - John Kasper and his buddies are fishing abord the Haphazard and my Mother's Day dinner got shot to you-know-what. But it's awl good. Ain't nothin' but a thing and we'll be back on track tomorrow:-) Tight Lines!

I forgot to ask. I swear. Billy is headed home from Hatteras tomorrow - bringing the Tuna Fever back to her dock at the Fishing Center and I say it's not a day too soon. Its been so nuts around the Maxwell house that I completely forgot to ask what the fishbox held in the past two days...not that Billy Up At Four AM And Home At Eight PM (long name huh?) is a whole lot of help with t-ball and the like but it sure is nice to have him around. Anyway, I certainly would have heard if the past two days were bad...right? Tight Lines!

Who said blackfin? The boys cleaned up on the tuna today - of variated types no doubt. Dolphin too - gotta love it! Tight Lines!

Long weekend but the fishing for Billy and Charlie was pretty good. I expected the boys to be blown out on Sunday but they made their way and got in the dolphin. Gaffer bite has been pretty good each day and - let me see if I can remeber - the boys had a few tuna and a king on Friday and a few tuna and a pink slip on Saturday. Steve Sorenson on his boys headed down to Hatteras on Sunday to start a week-long adventure which has gotten off slow with no red meat to speak of. Plenty of gaffers but these boys want tuna and Billy and Charlie better deliver! Tight Lines!

So I am beiging to feel a slight twinge of guilt for fishing out of Hatteras. I certainly miss my husband and it just feels funny not being at the Fishing Center but for now we are going to stay put. The word on the radio is that the fish are moving up the coast but as for today they were pretty far south of Hatteras to begin with. Many thanks to Dan and his boys for traveling the extra hour - it paid off with about 5 yellowfin in the 35 to 50 pound range, the rest BLT's and 5 nice gaffers. A great day for everyone and Billy and Charlie came home for a shower last night! Tight Lines!

A great day today for Glenn and the boys. Many thanks to Andy for the referral! Fishing the 880, about 37 miles to the south of Hatteras, the boys had a slow morning but a great day overall...13 yellowfin - the biggest tipped 82 pounds on the scale and thats our first pink slip of the season! 5 or so weighed in between 35 and 50 pounds and the rest were BLT's - the boys also had some action on throwbacks and four gaffers in the box! WOOOOWEEEE! Tight Lines!

A lot has happened in the past couple days. It's finally gotten warmer and the wind began to die down this morning. Billy took the Tuna Fever to Hatteras yesterday - in hopes of getting out in the ocean this morning which would have been impossible from Oregon Inlet. So, Charlie called to tell me that they got out the inlet and they were hanging on for dear life! Turned out to be a good idea - let me see if I can remember this right...12 tuna (did not get an average weight), a couple kings, a wahoo and something else - could be a dolphin. (Just so you know I am not crazy or just not listening to Billy we has t-ball and homework and bath night last night.) Billy and Charlie will hopefully run the boat home tomorrow and the fishing should be good after the blow. I'll do my best to hit you with a dueling inlet fishing report Wednesday. Tight Lines!

Thought I would drop a note and let you all know that we have not (yet) been blown off the face of the Earth. This Nor'Easter is hanging in - though it would blow itself out on Friday and then she came around from the north and picked up speed. I actually took a few minutes off to stand in front of the fireplace this weekend. Unbelievable! So we have cancelled trips right through today and waiting to see what will happen tomorrow - keep your fingers crossed that at least this wind will stir up the fish! Tight Lines!