Archived Reports

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Good night - I rolled over this morning and looked out the window and BLAM! October! Seriously - 37 steady out of the northeast, raining sideways and 53 degrees. The kinda day that makes you want to roll back over and got to sleep! So I got up - slipped into my woobies and headed for work by way of Manteo Elementary! Haven't seen the Captain all day! Tight Lines!

No fishing yesterday, like I said. Today I got the knitty gritty and it ain't pretty! Billy and Charlie ran my poor Tuna Fever all the way to the 806 & 208 before they found a break. Thats 61 miles souht of the Inlet...anyway, it was a nice break - 58 to 74 degrees and the ocean showed a little sign of life - they found a pod of porpoise but no tuna in there. In the end it was two very nice gaffer dolphin in the box and thats about it. I am calling a prayer session. She's gonna blow again tomorrow (see one answered already!) maybe that'll help. Tight Lines!

Shes starting to blow! Hats off to the family today - bunch of troopers! I think Billy said they ended up with 6 yellowfin in the box and lost at least one really nice one at the back of the boat (Charlie's still a little rusty from the winter!). No fishing tomorrow - unless the vikings come to town! Tight Lines!

Well, we got rid of the skunk today - Billy and the boys ran down out of Hatteras and ended up down there where they fish that other tournament, you know the one I mean. Anyway, it was 12 in the box and it made for a great day - who would have thought! Tight Lines!

First trip of the season, and boy was it a stinker! Bad water, worse fishing and the skunk is still in the box. See you people never believe me when I say we didn't catch anything - until it happens to you. Oh well, hopefully we'll get some warm water in here a bit - bring it on! Tight Lines!

Checking in again. Not much to report - I think it actually hit 80 today and now the wind is screamin' (I'd say at least 35 here at the Cove) and I cracked the window in my office and the trash blew right out of my trashcan. So I think I am going to bail - but this wind may put a damper on the boys that are booked for this weekend. At the same time the boys that fished yesterday didn't do much with it. Ah, you gotta love April! New bottom paint, cockpit, covering boards, stern, new letters - Billy actually painted his helm chair and replaced the cushions! - Charlie has been fast and furious getting all his tackle together (when he's not chasing girls!) And Dr. Mtch Roffer says things are getting ready to pop. POP!! We are all ready for that! I'll keep you posted and if anyne out there has got the nerve - Mothers Day is still open. Heading to the Inlet on Tuesday and then Let the bodies hit the floor! Tight Lines!