Archived Reports

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hey everyone...just checking in! The weather is starting to warm up and life is glorious! The boys are still working on the new Blue Devil and she is looking good. The tuna are starting to snap and you can feel the excitement! Big news for you. We had a May cancellation!!! The good news is that it is a Sunday. The bad news is that it's Mothers Day the 14th. So before you call to book the day talk to your wife, talk to your friends' wives and then call us. Tight Lines!

The boat floats - and she is heading to her new home in Charleston any day now. So the boys are fast to work on the new Blue Devil. Capt Vernon's new boat is being sanded in this beautiful weather now that Vernon has completed most of the restoration. Those of you that fished on the old red Tuna Fever (formerly the Renegade) know her well - she's been in the Keys, Cuba and Southport and has made it back - full circle to the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center. The Tuna Fever will not be getting a paint job this year - she looks okay to me but Billy would like to do her up - as there is no room down at Spencer's Paint booths. But Billy and Charlie will put some fine touches on her before she heads to the inlet sometime in the next few weeks. Billy, Kate and I were meant to spend a couple weeks in Hawaii in April and that looks like it won't happen...but we are planning to try to get down and see some friends in Costa Rica...charters will start for us on April 17. I haven't heard a fishing report lately but hope that the boys will stay in touch - I know you all are anxious to hear some news. Tight Lines!