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Actually have something to report! Amazing!

The boys have been jamming in the boat barn - and the other boys have been getting out when they can and finding the yellowfin...some days faster than others. Word on the docks is that there are bluefins off Avon and the stripers are running as well.

The Tuna Fever is out my window - over at Capt BC's. Shes still sans outriggers and sitting a little low in the stern - Billy and the crew with the help of a crane pulled the motor out last week and its sitting in the cockpit where your fighting chair used to be. Gregory Poole CAT will be delivering the engines for the boat the boys are building next week and taking our motor back to New Bern on the same truck. With about 19,000 hours its about time for a rebuild and everyone will be fishing on new power in 2007! I'll keep you posted.

As for us - we're getting ready for Christmas. Charlie has kinda come home - he's out of the cockpit but working as a carpenter in the barn this year. Our unofficial BBBoats Christmas Party is coming up and the captains held their annual meeting last week, voting to increase the price of trips by $50 for next year. May and June are already looking slim so don't forget to discuss trip dates with your family over the egg nog (Yuck!) during the Holidays. We're standing by!

Merry Christmas, everyone!