Archived Reports

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Hope everyoe had a great Thanksgiving! It has been one heck of a week for Capt Billy and the Tuna Fever...took a trip early in the week - rougher than you know what and the boys got their limit then the weather really set in and the mini hurricane we had Tusday and Wednesday did a number on most of us.

It blew 78 here at the house overnight on Tuesday and in the end the Tuna Fever must have been hit by a micro burst or something because Snap Snap - when Billy got to the Fishing Center our outriggers had broken off and were actually laying on the Haphazard!

So when the wind switched and the water came back in Billy brought the boat home and we are officially finished with our season. Kinda a stinky way to close out the year but it has been a fabulous season and we thank everyone that fished with us this year!

The book is open for 2007 so give us a call to set you date for next year 252-473-1097. Tight Lines!

Hey everyone! The boys are out this morning and haven't caught their limit yet but they are working on it. The weather is moving back in again tomorrow and perhaps for a couple days. Urgh! What are you gonna do? Anyway, weather permitting it's the best yellowfin fishing we have seen in years - and you gotta love that! Tight Lines!


So today was the first day out since Saturday - boy what a weekend! The wind went northwest and the Sound went right up our driveway - the trash can actually floated away and Billy spent this afternoon picking up all the trash that floated out but not away..phew!

Anyway, it was a phenominal morning for Sonny and his crew - almost broke our record of a limit in an hour but not quite. Fat yellowfin and plenty of them!

Just a reminder - we will start taking bookings for next season on Thanksgiving so check you calendar and get ready to give us a call! Tight Lines!


Great fishing but a might bit rough today. Many thanks to Billy Thayer and the boys for fishing and for the extra fish they gave us (me) after they got their limit cleaned!

Yesterday it was yellowfin, yellowfin, yellowfin for Allen and his crew. Love it! Love it! Love it! Tight Lines!


Remember that perfect forecast for yesterday? Wel, HA! it is blowing, still. Looks like we will get out tomorrow - special thanks to Mike Easton and his crew for running down from Richmond on the iffy forecast this morning - we'll get you out next time! Promise. Tight Lines!


The best day ever! So says Capt. Bill - it was a limit of yellowfin in less than an hour! And congrats (and thanks) the Randy and his crew - he's a lucky one - and they can crank!

You know this is the best yellowfin fishing we have seen in about two years. We are making history, boy. History! Tight Lines!


The boys finally got back out yesterday and it was a longer day than normal...but when that blue water moved in it was WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! and home they came with a limit of beautiful tuna.

I haven't spoken to Billy today but I see his truck over at the boat barn, so you know he was in by at least 1 PM today. And you know he wouldn't have come home without his limit. WoooWeee!

Had a cancellation for Wednesday and the forecast promises a beautiful day (even warm out in 79 degree gulfstream waters!). Call us at home if you would like to go 252-473-1097. Tight Lines!

Thar she blows!!! The front came through yesterday mid-morning and it is peelin the green today. And tomorrow. And who knows about Sunday yet. Stand by and have a nice weekend, Tight Lines!

Slow fishing for the Tuna fever today. Who would have ever thunk it!! We hooked two - broke one off and went home early with one yellowfin in the box. It was rougher than a cob and Ray and the boys had enough when they landed that one. But who would have ever thunk it! Tight Lines!

Phenominal fishing again today. Home early with a limit of beuatiful yellowfin in the 40 pound range. Love it! Love it! Tight Lines!