Archived Reports

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Another fast and furious tuna day. The boys were home early again today and everyone is loving that!

Finally got the question over email today - why book a day fishing when you are geting your limit and coming home by 11 AM? Well, its fall - and being fall there just not much else to go fishing for - after tuna limits in the box it's time to come home - unlike summer time when there are dolphin and billfish to chase!

Some would also add that battling a limit of fat yellowfin in a matter of a few hours is harder than your toughest day in the gym! Tight Lines!


Hey everyone! Sorry I forgot to let you know I was heading out of town last week for the Ft Lauderdale boat show.

The boys had a great week - some weather days but when they got out the fishing was great even if it was a little sloppy. I will try to get the full day - by - day out of Capt. Billy when I can but in the meantime you'll have to settle for today's report...

Billy called at about 10 this morning to say they were five miles from the bar! The "Christmas" boys finally got out after being blown out once before and they had their limit so early they could have fit in 18 holes this afternoon. A beautiful class of fish and if you want some for yourself you better call me soon - days in November are few and far between! Tight Lines!


East of the Inlet today. On the Point yesterday and on the 650 Friday. Limit.Limit. Limit. And back to the dock early each day too. You gotta love it!

And you gotta expect this - it's going to blow tomorrow and Tuesday at least. Tight Lines!


Oh, Bob! Many thanks for all the Rolls Royce wear - Love (and I mean LOVE) the hat but I would look much better in it if I was in my new car!!!

A limit of yellowfin today and the boys came home a little early. 28 to 40 pounders on the 650 up to the 700. Tight Lines!


Limit of yellowfin in the rough today. Many thanks to Charlie and David and Woody!

We still have some days open in November and all you guys who promised to email me pictures...well?? Tight Lines!

Back out in the blue and the Billys had a fabuolous day! Home early with a box full - plus some. TUNA, TUNA, TUNA!!!! Tight Lines!


To the dock today but the boys had a fabulous weekend!

A little slow on Friday but things turned on Saturday with 14 yellowfin in the box - 9 of them in big, fat, boscoe range!

On Sunday it was more of the same (Ahhhh!) with a box full of yellowfin in the 25 on the small side to 60 on the big size pouind range. The boys also managed to get eaten up by the 'hoos but boxed one around 35 pounds and a horsed one big eye to the deck - he tipped the scales at 170 pounds! Oh, man, you gotta love that! Tight Lines!

From the 900 to the 650 and it's 3:30 and the boys are still fishing. Conditions were beautiful up to the north but produced only 4 tunas for the box. Some days are diamonds and some day just aren't. But at least we got out there! Tight Lines!

Just checking in - we didn't blow off the face of the Earth! It's finally starting to fall out a little this morning - steady 17 right now but we topped 39 last night. Pew! Anyway, booked out for tomorrow and we still have Wednesday and Thursday open...expect the fishing to be phenominal now that the harvest moon will be gone! Tight Lines!


The boys had a great day todat and got home early. Special congrats to Herb Klein from Baltimore for his white marlin release - and Billy said it was a wierd one - broken bill. Anyway, also a special thanks to George Galanti for fishing with us the past four days.

It was 10'6" every 8 seconds this afternoon late accoring to the buoy report - and the bar was closed out as the wind picked up and the swell rolled in - looks like we'll be sleepin in tomorrow! Tight Lines!


And just that fast he's back to a Hero!

9 nice yellowfin in the 45 to 55 pound range for Bert and the boys today. Plus a 111 pound big eye! You gotta love that and I bet they did - the moon was getting bigger and pretty bright last night - no bites today until afet 11 am...what a nail biter! Tight Lines!


Its amazing how fast one man (or two Billies if you wish) can go from Hero to Zero. Billy headed to the southern this morning, where nothing was happening. He got sucker up North, where it turns out nothing was happening. And just about that time the fish popped up to the southern and something happened. But the Tuna Fever missed it today.

Well, Bert and his boys are heading out again tomorrow and, hopefully will have a better day.

Hey, you gotta love it that you know I never lie to ya! And this may not be a great time to tell you but we had another cancellation next week - right now we have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday open. I can't promise the Hero but the odds are the Zero is back in the closet for a while! Tight Lines!


Happy October! And a happy one it has been so far!

Saturday we had a great day with Jeff Farlow and his crew - and lots of fish too! There are plenty of pictures in the gallery!

Sunday it was 14 yellowfin which actually mad a box full.

And today? Well, today the boys were home early with a limit of yellowfin in the box. Fish ranged between 25 and 50 pounds today. Ahhhh! Tight Lines!