Archived Reports

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I don't have a fishing report for you today because THE BOATS ARE OUT AND I HAVEN'T HEARD ANYTHING YET!!!! But the fact that the boats that could actually did is exciting in and of itself. I will be back on Monday with the details. Tight Lines!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! And it is getting off to a great start... Last week the fleet enjoyed a run on small yellowfin and a few fat big eye. Striper fishing is gearing up and everyone has been enjoying big ocean rock when they can find them. Meanwhile, Billy, Charlie and the whole crew have been whooping it up in the boat barn. The "Aggressor II" is coming along at the usual fast pace and she is beautiful! I should be able to get some photos up for you guys soon. Bookings for weekends and Spring fishing are filling up fast. The Fishing Center has gotten Billy's dates in the computer so you can check availability at or do it the old fashion way by calling us at home 252-473-1097. Tight Lines!