Archived Reports

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Congratulations to our good friend from the old Va Beach days, Rob Siebert who released his first blue one today after a clean fight. And what a birthday present! The boys managed a nice catch of yellowfin too with five (or did Billy say six?) 50 pounders in the box. Congrats again - I love it! Tight Lines!

Well, Saturday's fishing was phenominal (as compared to Friday's) Jeff Farlow (my favorite butcher) and his kids had a great day - excellent catches of yellowfin - found in the shallows while searching for - an excellent catch of dolphin! Mixed Bag, September - you gotta love it! What I don't love is the fact that it blew it's..well you know..on Sunday and the boys opted out - the ones that fished had good catched of yellowfin fast so they didn't get pounded, slammed, beat up, and the pukes for too terribly long. Today was a blow out for us - our boy Mike and friends were coming down from Ohio and the forecast was too bad to ask them to make travel. Inshore it doesn't look that bad to me today but I am sitting at my computer - not out on the rip! Tight Lines!

Fished on the 650 this morning in a lot of pressure - the whales fell out eventually and we ended up with five yellowfin in the box and a very nice 115 pound +/- (the boys are still on their way in) big eye. The bonita were snappin' all day though and I do have a fish story even though it was relatively slow - The first Blue Marlin (400+) crashed a bonita (hooked) and swallowed it right down - she chaffed through the line inside of five minutes - no blue one, no bonita. The second blue one crashed the stick and while Charlie was getting a pitch bait to throw back she went after another bonita (at least we know they are good eating to someone!) and while Billy was trying to get it away from her he pulled the hook. (Okay it is Tuna Fever, not Marlin Fever!). And speaking of Marlins - my friends at Marlin magazine are holding an on-line auction to benefit fishing guides and related businesses that were devistated by Katrina. Theres some cool stuff on there and it's all tax deductible - go check it out Tight Lines!

Slow fishing this morning gave way to a great afternoon. Billy ran here and there (mostly between the 650 and the Point) and had five scattered bites all morning. Between 1 and 2:30 all hell broke loose and the boys added another 13 to the catch. In all the fish ranged from 25 to 50+. Here's one for you - we have been having a moon phase in the past few - the moon has been rising over Nags Head, huge and red and Kate and I have watched it every night. But the boys have been waiting for it to set in the morning before the bites come. The big ole flashy moon is great to eat by - especially romantic for yellowfin! The phase is over for us now. Thank goodness!

Tuna, Tuna, Tuna and plenty of them for the crew today. You gotta love it. Mixed catch in sizes but the high liner on the Tuna Fever today was Chuck's 113 pound Big Eye. Tight Lines!

Beautiful day to be on shore! Billy actually headed to the chiropractor today to try and get rid of a pinch thats been bothering him. He did and it still is but that doesn't mean he'll stop fishing (ever). Anyway, what I hear is that it was a slow day today until about 2 this afternoon and then all hell broke loose! The big ones - the boscoes that fat daddys showed up in a fury! WoooWoooo! Most of the boats had nice catches of 70 pounders before heading home around 3 - I am surprised they came home at all actually. Well see what Charlie, Billy, Chuck and Lorraine can pull of tomorrow. Tight Lines!

Phenominal fishing today for Jared Fryer and his crew. A box full of yellowfins - one at 80 pounds - and two nice big eyes at 120-ish (I think one was 127 and I swear I can't remember what the onther one was) and all I can say is WOW! and maybe WOOOWEEE also. You just gotta love it - tuna season is here!

The boys that went out yesterday had any early and quick bite on the 630 - Smoker whamed them fast and limit of yellowfin and then he got whammed by the big eyes and had six of them too!! They say the yellowfin are on the small size but a tuna is a tuna... And we got them today - worried about that short lived and maybe it was a small pod of fish yesterday - but NOT! Tuna Fever had a great catch today, jig the spoon baby and they weren't that small at all! Tight Lines!

Through the storm unscathed. Actually it wasn't even as bad as the firsth nor'easter that we had a couple weeks ago. The question is really: will the marriages of all these boat captains survivie if they don't get back in the ocean soon? Things around the Maxwell House, on the contrary, have been rather enjoyable - we managed a huge box for a fort in the dining room, the new scooter works fine on the kitchen floor and there is always coloring! But then again, as domestc as Billy has been I know in my heart that he is anxious to go fishing - he's taking the Tuna Fever back to the Inlet today and hopefully will head out in search of those elusive pelagics tomorrow. Cross your fingers! Tight Lines!

So we are battened down and waiting. You wouldn't believe what a beautiful day it is today and the Tuna Fever is floating high and dry behind our house. The only thing left to do now is wait and maybe start drinking. Perhaps I will be the next Hemmingway when all this is over! Tight Lines and I'll be in touch!

Much love goes out to our friend Robert who was worried enough to check on us. Take a nap now Robert after you have a stiff drink of course. Everything is good here except for the wind. The Tuna Fever actually sailed this morning and hopefully they will come up with something good before the second nor'easter of the season sets in on Saturday. It's been blowing a gail and then a bit and then enough to keep the seas up since last Sunday night and my boy has cut the grass, spent the night with me in Virginia Beach,, gone shopping, and done about every honey-do on the list. Charlie spent a couple nights in Ocracoke with (I assume) a new love and now it's back to business for at least today. I'll let you know how it goes! Tight Lines!