Archived Reports

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Slower fishing today for the Tuna Fever. Some of the boats that stayed inside of 30 fathoms had a great day on the yellowfin - Billy and Charlie went in search of the whales and came up short - three nice tuna in the box and a fair catch of dolphin too. Tight Lines!

Billy is suppose to take Kate and I fishing tommorrow but the forecast isn't looking too sporty for a four year old's first trip so it may be a day by the pool. But today was a good day of fishing for the boys - nice fat yellowfin and plenty of 'em. MMMMMM you gotta love it! Tight Lines!

Yellowfin for the Fever today but the big news is the crew on the Rebait and their phenominal catch yesterday - a Big Eye that weighed in just shy of 300 pounds!!! And on top of that Capt. Junior Baum (my close personal tuna killing machine friend) claims that they broke off the fish's brother just close to the boat! 300 pounds - wow! And thats about all I have to say about that:-) Tight Lines!

Early day today - the yellowfin were nibblin according to Oh Captain my Captain. It's 11:20 and the boys are five miles from the Inlet (it was also pretty rough out there) but you gotta love it! Tight Lines!

Phenominal catch of yellowfin today - go figure! They were definately snappin!! Tight Lines!

So we should have gone billfishing with everyone else - the bite is still red hot but the tuna pulled a no show today. 3 Bailers in the box - see I always tell the truth - and that just stinks! Maybe they'll come back tomorrow..Tight Lines!

5 for 7 on whites yesterday! Woowee! And the boys were back in the whales this morning...nice catch of tuna for the Fever but the whales were hightainling (excuse the pun) it outta here by the looks of 'em this afternoon. Tight Lines!

Well, we all survived the Pirate's Cove Billfish Tournament. Billy included. While I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off I got reports of good fishing from Billy (when I saw him!). The past week has seen very few slow days although they do and have happened. But the whales moved in, a huge body of yellowfin moved down from the northeast and muy boys caught their fair share of billfish too - including a nice 400 pound (est) blue one yesterday - on the spreader bar no doubt! The past few days have seen some fabulous big eye bites as well and a few pink slips on the yellowfin. Should have my head screwed on as straight as I can by Tuesday so we'll be back to regular updates then. Sorry for dissapointing anyone since Tournament Week preparations started but one can only do so much:-) Tight Lines!

Good fishing today and early too! Lots of yellowfin - we found the whales! Tight Lines!

Slow on everything all over the place today. Much love to John Queensbury and his buddies from playing fat dolphin and a handful of bailers:-( Tight Lines!

We caught the big ones today - found em in the porpoise chasing fliers...lots of action quick and Billy and Charlie were hiliners with 5 yellowfin in the 45 to 50 pound class. mmmmm! Tight Lines!

We lost the big one today...a nice big eye and fought it for an hour and a half before it broke off - what a heartbreaker! But it was exciting. Limit of dolphin yesterday and you got to love that! Tight Lines!

A nice catch of yellowfin on the stick today - average 45 pounds each and a ton on the dock! Taking the day off tomorrow and a big date (husband and wife that is) tonight! Tight Lines!

Hey Guys, apologies again - everything just seems to be getting away from me with Tournament Week right around the corner! Anyway, they didn't get away from the Tuna Fever today - the boys had 9 nice boscoes in the box and it's tuna, tuna, tuna! The marlin bite is still good to the southern and we are waiting for the coming front to bring the dolphin back around again. Tight Lines!