Archived Reports

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Hey eveeryone - I'm back and finally out of the weeds. Fishing over the past two weeks has been - well, lets say interesting. Billy and Charlie have done well on the billfish and Dolphin limits or near to when the boys can find them. While I was away fishing was up to the northeast and in the past week the billfish and dolphin have turned on to the southern...mostly way south. I am pleased to report that the yellowfin - although we haven't been catching limits and some days they are truly scarce - have been running big. One day last week there were 3 fishing over 70 pounds and just yesterday Billy Thayer and his crew managed 10 boscoes over 50 pounds a piece. Not bad at all. Well I hope to have my you-know-what together for you tomorrow and get back on-line daily. Thanks to everyone for the new pictures! Tight Lines! Heather

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Billy has sent Kate and I to Bermuda for the Big Game Classic Tournament and a little R&R before all tournament hell breaks loose around Pirate's Cove. The bad news is that you will miss my whitty reparte this week. Back in the saddle on the 19th and in the meantime check out the Fishing Center's report at! Tight Lines and have a great week. Heather

Beautiful day in the bay. Manta rays, grass line, crystal blue water...everything you want, except Charlie is there. Poor Charlie, I love him and I don't talk about his greatness near enough, but today I have got to tell you that my boy missed a white and jumped off a blue one. But he did manage 3 yellowfin in the box (30 to 20 pounds) and a limit of dolphin if you do. Tight Lines!

Blah Blah Blah dolphin. or in other words "Honey, I see your lips moving but I can't hear anything you say." Billy did get his stiches out today and unlike me he went to a real doctor (I went to our local vet!). The scar looks pretty good. Tuna are still evading us but I swear Billy did say he had a blue one today - or I might be making that up. Sorry, I am trying! Tight Lines!

Well we had a good time today! Dolphin if you do, Dolphin if you don't. Dolphin and some fat kings too! One tuna I think in the box but boy, oh boy, those guys are killing us! Tight Lines!

Okay we are going to change the name of the boat to Marlin Fever - caught another blue one today - Billy wouldn't say what he caught it on so I suspect that he may be getting into this marlin thing! Anyway, the meat was slow - good on the dolphin and one (yep, I said one) yellowfin in the box. Tight Lines!

18 dolphin and a few tuna in the box today, I hate to say it but maybe a blow is in order. Good news - the knot on Billy's forehead has gone away - he looks much better! We'll be opening up the phone lines soon for the "STORY OF THE SCAR" contest. Any and all suggestions will be considered and the winner of the impending lie (you know fishermen can only lie on dry ground and not about fishing) will win a vintage, only worn three hundred times, Tuna Fever T-Shirt! Tight Lines!

Happy Fourth of July!!!! It was a big day around these parts, firworks, family fun, 11 stitches and danglers! You gotta love it - the boys headed out with Billy's head crashing (more on that later) and went for the southern bite - they picked out the day with yellowfin on the dangler bites and you gotta love that! The night before Billy got clocked with a bottle (we still love you Kenneth) when he wasn't ready to catch it except perhaps with his forhead...five hours and eleven stiches later my boy comes through the door looking a little frankenstienish to say the least. Happy Fourth! and Tight Lines!

It was a slow start to the day for David Wilson and his crew - three in the box when the boys picked up and ran for a temp. change courtesy of Mith Roffer's satellite forecast. Trolling for a good hour before...WHAM! All hell broke loose and the boys ended up catching 600 pounds of tuna in about a hour!!! Now thats fishing!! Congratulations to Charlie for keeping everything straight in the pit. Happy Fourth of July to all and I will do my best to fill in the holes in the report this week. Tight Lines!

Honey dos today - the boys got the ole' stood up! In the meantime the fleet had a good day of fishing to the southern - looks like there some action coming back up the line! Tight Lines!