Archived Reports

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It has been a slow week for the boys - rough on some days and the "puddle of life" we found to the northeast has all but dried up. Few tuna and some dolphin for the crew - tight lines!

Slow fishing over the weekend and rougher and wetter than H%$! yesterday. A few yellowfin on Saturday were backed up with 3 yellowfin and 5 dolphin Sunday - paddywhackin in the grass. Today turned out to be the diamond with a limit of dolphin and total wipe out by the yellowfin - Billy says they crashed everything in the spread and a nice blue one released from a spreader bar no doubt! Tight Lines!

SLOW was the word for the day - the grass moved in and Charlie was pickin all day. Not much to do about it and when I saw Billy tonight he was just happy to be off the boat. That is a rarity but some days are stone. Tight Lines!

Another exotic day for the Tuna Fever. Charlie hooked a blue while the boys were fighting two yellowfin - the tuna went in the box and the blue one got released. Along with them a nice catch of tuna and a few dolphin in the box Tight Lines!

SHARK!!!!! Mako in the box, baby - mmmmmm! Plus a few huge yellowfin and some nice dolphin. It's summer!!! Tight Lines!

It was a great weekend but it's blowing today. Fathers Day was the best for Trey Byrum and his dad - a nice catch of yellowfin and a couple dolphin too. Same catch, about, on Saturday and each day there were some big ones thrown in - 60 to 70 pounders and you gotta love that! Don't know what this blow will do for the fishing - hope it doesn't bring the grass back though!! Tight Lines!

Senator Richard Burr is heading to town tonight to discuss our concerns with the Inlet and unfortunately (and I apologise) I have been so caught up in all of the plans that I haven't even talked to Billy about his catches for the past couple days (sorry, Honey). But he has been in the best of moods so I assume he has been catching the yellowfin and some dolphin, perhaps, on the side! Tight Lines!

A limit of dolphin - big uns and little uns (no bailers year) and a near limit of ywllofin - the gras has moved out and the boys aren't paddwhackin anymore!! Oh hey, October and November trips are starting to fill up so give us a call at home in the evenings between 7 and 9 pm to check availability. Tight Lines!

Excellent fishing today - limits on yellowfin and a couple big eye bites too! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Don't forget if you are going to be on the Outer Banks on Friday - come to the Richard Burr rally - at Pirate's Cove Marine from 5 to 7 PM. There's free eats but more importantly, Senator Burr is here to listen to our concerns over Oregon Inlet and the budget proposed for dredging in 2006 (it's not enough by the way)! Tight Lines!

Not too bad today considering some of our catches this year. 5 nice yellowfin in the box (35 to 45 pounders) and 9 gaffers to boot! Tight Lines!

Great fishing yesterday - Billy and Charlie and the crew practiced their dangling and rigged up a pretty ingenious (if I do say so myself) "green stick" kinda operation from their outrigger using a spreader bar for the bird. Worked out well with 15 nice yellowfin in the box until their last bite - they got whammed by three fish and lost Billy's favorite spreader bar too. Yesterday was a totally different turn of events and the dangler rig didn't pay off. Slow fishing for the boys and even with three yellowfin in the box we were damn near a highliner for the day. Pew! Anyway, outta the three two were over 60 pounds so there was plenty of meat. Go boys, Go! Pullin out the big guns! Tight Lines!

Billy, Randy and the boys from Bayer headed off into the northeast today on the advice of a couple commercial boats - unfortunately the grass was too thicvk to do much and our fishing, for the most part, was slow. The commercial guys got in the big eye and some nice fat bluefin. Down to the southern there were some dolphin and a few yellowfin bites. Tight Lines!

Oh well, that was short lived. Slow fishing today and I am not even sure how slow, Billy sounded so sad I didn't even ask. I'll update you guys tomorrow:-)

Go Billy, Go Charlie, Go tuna - Go go go - it's your birthday! I was dancing - could you tell? Our first limit of the season on yellowfin, nice ones too and a passel of gaffers and a wahoo to top it all off - top water bites on the spreader bar but I have been swore to secrecy on the colors! Tight Lines!

So I was wrong - top water bites mixed with about half the tuna on planers. 25 to 40 pound range and some nice gaffers 22 of 'em between 8 and 28 pounds each. Tight Lines!

Well it blew for long enough! A couple of the boats headed out yesterday and had a rough one but caught up on the yellowfin. Today it was a good day for the Tuna Fever - 13 yellowfin in the box running between 25 and 45 pounds. It was all planer bites which means we probably ought to switch to spreader bars tomorrow:-) Tight Lines!

Spreader Bars today! And the water was cold - 56.7 to 59.7 degrees but we put four nice yellowfin in the box plus another 9 big gaffers for keith Klien, Elle and he r girlfriends! We are looking at another blow tomorrow - hopefully not for long. Tight Lines!