Archived Reports

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Five nice yellowfin in the 30 to 40 pound range on the planers today. And congrats to the boys on a 120 pound big eye - she was tail wrapped and took over 2 hours to get to the boat! Tight Lines!

Danglers today and a hell of a catch - 14 nice yellowfin in the 25 to 45 pound range. Tight Lines!

So I called Billy mid-morning to see what was going on and for some really important thing which I can't remember now and all I got was... "IM KILLING SOMETHING!!!" Apparently the boys had been on a little spree with some nice gaffers in the box and at the time they had yellowfin in the box and a few on the line. I hung up quick. This evening I saw Billy and Charlie and they were spattered with blood - Charlie a little more than the captain - and as happy as they have been all season. You just gotta love that! Tight Lines!

Danny Moon and his crew came, we fished and we conquered - but only about 8 gaffers, a bonita and a houndfish (okay so does anyone know a good receipe for houndfish?). The water was pretty cool and conditions everywhere were poor. Our buddy Backlash on the Havin' a Ball ran all the way to the southern rock pile and came home up the Sound. The Tuna Fever found herself on the 100 line to the southern and, well, you know what happened. I am starting to think that some serious sacrafices to the fish gods are in order. Anybody got a chicken they truly dislike and would love to do away with? Tight Lines!

Thar she blows (again)!

Good catch of dolphin a few tuna and a Pink Slip - 70 pounds baby! Tight Lines!

Pretty good days yesterday and today considering. Who would have ever thought that we'd be woweing the fishing this close to June. The old timers would venture a guess that the billfish season will be phenominal this year but that won't help our poor guys oday who just wanted a bunch of yellowfin and got - a bunch of nice gaffers instead. Yesterday it was seven yellowfin in the box and a few gaffers as well. Tight Lines!

Blown out today and slept late! You gotta love that - occasionally!

Almost a limit today - weird huh! We're waiting for the "great body of yellowfin" to move in - and most of you know that this is not a mythical yarn...most of you - at least the ones that fish with us - know that the "great body of yellowfin" is a real and true thing - to be respected and reviered....and this year to be sorely missed! Tight Lines!

1 for 2 on sails today and the gaffer fishing was pretty good. few yellowfin in the box but the bite just really hasn't turned on yet. Oh, and don't forget the paddywhackin - lots of grass near the tower! Tight Lines!

From a hero to a zero. We were a highliner today as luck would have it. The gras is still thick and the right water hasn't pushed in yet but we have a nice gaffer in the box plus five really nice yellowfin - 40 pounders - they are starting to get bigger. Tight Lines!

Slow fishing for the boys today - paddywhackin grass and we weren't very luck on the hit or miss bite. Some of the boats had excellent gaffer fishing but when it was our turn to hit the weed line most of the fish were gone. A few gaffers in the box and that was about it. Tight Lines!

Well, yesterday was great! A very near limit with 17 yellowfin in the box - you gotts love it! Today on the other hand was - well we can certainly call it a mixed bag! Billy and the crew ran from here to there - 125 fathoms to 25 fathoms and back out again chasin' the was a couple gaffers in the morning and then not much a do about nothing! The crew released afive Houndfish - which looks a lot like a white marlin but the bottom jaw is also extended the length of the bill - and the thing has teeth the length of it's bill as well. FUNKY but fun. (makes me think about the first person that ever ate an oyster!) anyway, then it was in to the tower for itty bitty spanish and then out again to wait for the afternoon yellowfin bite which did finally occur. In the end there were houndfish, spanish, dolphin and 3 yellowfin! Tight Lines!

For a day that was rougher than you-know-what the boys had a great time today. Many thanks to Waleter and the gang for the entertainment - in the box it was a couple fat gaffers and 8 yellowfin. Tight Lines!

Well, we had a slow day today...the grass moved in and the water moved out and apparently the fish with it. We got blessed with a couple whacks. And spent a lot of time pluckin' grass. Oh well - it's the good with the bad! Tight Lines!!

Good fishing today for a late start. We had somenice gaffers (yes, the dolphin have arrived) and five yellowfin including our first pink slip of the year!! 91 pounds!! Tight Lines!

The boys made it out today - hard to believe after that short (but sweet) nor'easter we just had - but the wind came around out of the west last night and flattened things out a bit. Nice catch of yellowfin today and many thanks to Stevie for filling in! Tight Lines!

Thar she blows!!!!

Great fishing again today but the boys had to totally hang on! Rough as a cob - mostly really rough all this week now that I think of it - and it's gonna get worse tomorrow - may be a blow out and the weekend looks worse. Limits on yellowfin baby!! 530 line. Tight Lines!

Yesterday turned out to be phenominal - things are looking goood. Today they headed out with Steve Sorenson for some early morning swordfishing - the swords have been putting the bite on the commercial boys so Billy and Charlie got a fast education and gave it a bite and then the yellowfin started snappin to the southern and the boys couldn't handle it so they had to get themselves a near limit!! Tight Lines!

Computer problems - so I am sorry this is late - but hey, I finally have some good news! The boys were blow out yesterday and they took a true beating on Saturday but they caught some fish - a lot of fish for these days - 15 fish and a big fat (well, 80 pounds) mako that tried to eat the boat apparently. Much love to Chuck and Lorraine for fishing the end of last week - not much ado about that. Lets hope Billy didn't get lucky on Saturday - we'll see tonight! Tight Lines!