Archived Reports

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Slow fishing today. Sam and the Fight N Lady were the high liners with about seven yellowfin. It was hit and miss with no real conditions to work and the Tuna Fever had, not a skunk, but one sad lonely tuna in the box. Have you been to church yet? She's gonna blow tomorrow so maybe she'll blow in some fish for Thursday! Tight Lines!

Blow out. Blown out. Ain't goin' Breakfast in Bed. Whatever you want to call it thats what we have had since Saturday. Between you and me, Billy is going a little nuts! In the meantime (of fishing of course) the boys have gotten to work on ordering wood and setting up the keel for the new boat they will build this winter (not for us!). I stopped by the barn this afternoon to see the Captain and was amazed...she is 58 feet of framed boat - sisters in the bottom, battens all placed and she is well on her way to being planked soon! The only thing I can say is I feel sorry for the fish when they finally start biting! Tight Lines!

The ocean showed some signs of life today - but not much for the Tuna Fever...Church. Sunday. You and Me. Tight Lines.

Jumped off a sail and one dolphin in the box. Okay - who is going to church this weekend with me? Tight Lines!

Okay, you are probably never going to believe this. We gave up today. Seriously. Billy and Brian and the gang from Va Beach ran 58 miles this way and then that way and the boats to the southern couldn't even stay in the change because it was so rough and the change due east of the inlet (15 degrees - I can't believe that) showed zero signs of life. And we weren't the only ones to throw in the hat - it was a hat throwing day all the way around. I can't hardly believe it myslef but Billy was home by 6:30 last night which means it actually happened. But here's some good news - there is one hell of an eddy spinning off the Big Rock (yes, the namesake of the famed event) and it's heading our way - should be able to fish it by Friday before the wind picks up again and shuts out the weekend. What a start to a season and it's almost May already!!! Tight Lines!

Oh happy day...the boys have finally fished!!! First day of our season and the skunk is out of box!!!!! It was a slow start this morning - the boys headed out late (after sunrise) beacuase of the nor'easter last week and her effects on the inlet. And the fishing started out slow too - but round noon the first yellowfin succumbed to the Tuna Fever's siren call and landed in the box. Lots of looking was followed up by a grand total of seven fish in the 30 to 35 pound range...okay, so it wasn't a hog killing but it was a great start comparitively. Billy and Charlie are pretty much booked up (a few open days here and there) so I will be on-line every day...except we do have a front headed in our direction that may shoot the weekend all to you-know-where..I'll keep you posted. Tight Lines!

Theres not much to say in this update. The Tuna Fever is in her slip at the Fishing Center spit shined and ready to go - but weather has set in and the boys had to cancel their trips today, tomorrow and Sunday. So, we try again next week eh? Stay tuned for details - we'll have to find the tuna when we get out - that blow last weekend (for which we cancelled trips) did the water in! Tight Lines!