Archived Reports

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LIMITS OF YELLOWFIN!!!!!!! And away we go! The weather is starting to calm down around here - at least a little - and when the boys have gotten out in the past week it's been limits of they're not big yet but you gotta love it anyway! Billy has been busy fixing up the Tuna Fever with the help of his friends - poor Charlie has been down with a combo of Step throat and stomache flu for a week! Anyway, she's got a brand new paint job inside and some spit shine on the outside. Hey heres one for you - the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center has gone 22nd century!! You can check available days on-line at Fun! Tight Lines!

And down the road she goes! As I type the 56 foot "Aggressor" is heading down to Wanchese on Lish's trailer, blocking traffic to be sure! Just to set the record straight the new boat is not for me (I mean Billy) she was sold and will be taking charters down south. In the meantime the boys are all getting ready for the coming season - Billy promises to take Kate and I fishing out of south Florida for a few days - chartering the "Qualifier" before he heads off to the Stream for the next 8 months:-) Hope you have a great day! Tight Lines! Heather

Okay who has seen the new Marlin Magazine? Congratulations to Billy and BC for making Dean Travis Clark's "Boats of Interest"! The new boat is due to come out of the barn on Friday and head for the water on Monday...the finish line is in sight! And fishing is in sight too - the commercial boys are catching swords right on the backside of the Point again and the charter boats that get out (the weather and wind have been ferocious this winter) have been catching nice 35 pound yellowfin - I can almost smell spring!!! Tight Lines!