Archived Reports

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Hey everyone! Just got this email from Joe Zimmer III whose father has been fly fishing for sails out of Isla Mujeres for the past couple weeks on the Prime Time. I thought it may aleviate the winter time blues for just a minute at least! Tight Lines! My father returned home last night and the trip was a phenomenal success. They caught 38 sails for the trip (dad caught 36 and a videographer from the BBC in England rode along with him and caught 2 on his last day). He had one day of ten and two days of seven each day. I think they only had three days when they were skunked and they were blown out a couple of days. I don’t think that a better opportunity exists to catch an Atlantic sail on a fly than in Cancun in February.

Hey everyone! It's cold and it's been blowing Northeast since Christmas it seems! The boys have been having a hey day over in the barn and the new boat has been painted and they are starting the process of hook-ups this week. She is beautiful...makes me want one for myself! The only fishing news I have comes from our buddies in Mexico. Sailfishing has exploded in Isla Mujares...Arch Bracher on the Pelican released 74 last Tuesday and it's only gotten better since then! Congratulations go out to my friend Joe Zimmer who broke the Atlantic Sailfish fly release record with 10 sails in a day! I am off to look for my ruby shoes...theres no place like Mexico, theres no place like Mexico, theres no place like Mexico!!!!Tight Lines!